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How the actual fuck do guys get girlfriends?

I'm turning 30 soon and it still boggles my mind

>inb4 lift

Been lifting for 7 years, didn't change shit

>inb4 just talk to them

Who/where/how/why? What do I even talk to a female about? How can you be with someone of the opposite sex, you have nothing in common at all. I have absolute no idea what men and women even socialise about.

When my parents have get-together s with their social group (they're in their late 50s and 60s) all the women and men are separated and barely interact with each other, it's mostly just the women talking amongst themselves, and the men talking amongst themselves.
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>been lifting for 7 years
Post body
Why is it so fucking hard to socialize with people? I am a person, right? Then why the fuck can't I figure out how to get a girl to like me?

I share your pain OP. I'm fucked like you. 27 right now, never kissed or even hugged or held hands with a girl. I'm not ugly (average or slightly below average looks), I'm /fit/, I have a good paying job, I have a degree, and I have a house of my own now. I can't make a friend though. I can't have a gf though.

I'm doomed to die alone.
through mutual friends is the best way

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>look at him lol, what a loser lol he smells like a kissless virgin
what do you do
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You are all uglier than the holocaust and potato famine, slityourwrists please
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pee on them
>You have been muted for 2 seconds, because your comment was not original.
I whip out a portable gas stove and make a kebab out of them by skewering them on my long cock.

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>failed driving exam

give me one reason why I should continue trying to do things
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because you have to retake your driving test.
Is it your first try? That's pretty normal.
You will succeed eventually

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What went wrong with our women? How do we fix them?

>inb4 white sharia

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Literally only white shariah.
In describing her old boyfriend, the term douche comes to mind here.
Would sooner nuke Europe but let's start by nuking the middle east.

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Why are you still a virgin?
Why not pay for it at least?
You fags act like women outnumber men 5:1 or someshit. You can literally pay for it so once you experience you can stop worrying about it and care about yourself.
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Losing it to a prostitute doesn't count.
That picture is so beautiful. I can't begin to comprehend how much I love that thing.
Being upset about being a virgin has almost nothing to do with being upset about not having had sex.
I know that sounds ridiculous when said like that, but it's true and it's why the normalfag """""advice""""" of just hiring a prostitute is fucking useless

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Why aren't you planting your seed in the most dark, fertile soil?
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The white race is dying son, you can't just ego out and fail your ancestors.
Thomas Jefferson is my ancestor.
Why would you want to curse the Earth with another generation of black baboons?

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>be NEET
>be at night time
>feel there's so much stuff I want to read, watch, learn and write
>stay awake on the computer or reading books until I'm so exhausted I plop into bed and go right to sleep
>go to bed between 3-5 AM
>wake up 11AM-1PM
>eat, shit, shower, watch the news'
>feel eager to go outside and spend the rest of the day outdoors
>just go for long walks alone doing nothing in particular
>go home
>eat whatever food my mom left me
>go back to browsing 4chan and listening to music
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>be wagie
>wake up at 6 am
>resist urge to kms
>make hearty breakfast and coffee
>feel better ONCE I'VE HAD MY COFFEE
>go to the bus stop
>talk to the black people who are there
>go to work and write shit, talk with clients, eat lunch, zone out or read news for like five hours
>go home
>lay down for "just a minute"
>one hour later groggily cook dinner
>play vidya or go to band practice
>collapse in bed

I'm secretly jealous of your life, NEET
>wake up around 8-9
>eat light breakfast
>go run 45-60 minutes
>play vidya/shitpost
>eat lunch while watching some TV show or anime
>go walk or bike for an hour or two
>play vidya/shitpost
>eat dinner
>more vidya/shitpost
>go sleep around midnight

>be a NEET
>shitpost all night or lately ive been watching brittany venti streams.
>go to bed at 2.30am or later
>sleep 12ish hours, wake up around 2pm
>have lunch with parents
>come home and go on the computer
>walk to the mall and have a coffee at 4.30
>back home, back on the computer, have a break for dinner

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Really. You all need to.

Being on /r9k/ everyday isn't healthy and won't improve your life at all. Many post about Women-Hate, Femnazi, Manlet, BBC bullshit is to keep you all within your comfort zone because you don't want to challenge yourself to anything useful. That's why I say all of just have to put down your laptop/cell phone for a while and just...get out. Go get a job. Find any job that's at least min wage. If you already have one, treat yourself by doing something fun or constructive. Can't be here all day then hit work. Your lifestyle isn't healthy.
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yes, that's it goyim... go get a job. it'll fix everything right up! i promise.
I've had a job for a decade

Nothing has improved

Being employed doesn't fix aspergers
How does mooching off of our taxes helps your problems?
I get that. But has NOT doing anything solve your problems? If you need good help, you do kinda have to go beyond you length to find the best hep you need to improve your social skills. Search up support groups within your area, go see therapy or a free Councillor at college. Take medication for it if you have to. Hell, maybe talk to some nice stranger once in a while.
Don't be afraid to look dumb either

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Is a life without love worth living?
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Love is overrated, you just need companionship
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It's possible if you discover love for other things.
Life is inherently not worth living. Love just makes it more pathetic. Unrequited love makes it even more so.

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So i think its time i grow up and start being more presentable. I need r9k to tell me what you think of this jacket. Is it trying too hard? I just want something normie so i dont feel like an autist when i go outside.

Im not asking /fa/ because from what I've seen its full of people at a normie level too high for me. Everyone on /fa/ looks like they're trying too hard to look a certain way. I just want to be anle to blend in when i go outside

Link to jacket: http://www.frenchconnection.com.au/p/canon-melange-bomber-jacket/511027-2542-XL-fc.html#start=1
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Holy shit it's a plain gray jacket, man.
Clothes aren't going to make you feel any less autistic. Where whatever you want.
looks great anon

you should get it!

-cis femanon
Does it look autistic though? I just want to blend in.

Ask a guy who is currently experiencing severe amphetamine withdrawal anything.

Pic related, it's a selfie I took about 5 minutes ago. The look you see in this pic is how I look all the time. I have no idea when I will be back to normal. All I want is death.
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I don't care faggoy go die already. Nobody will give a shit if you kill yourself.
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coffee amusement.jpg
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YOU can beat this man, I believe in you
I remember when I quit heroin and couldn't stop cumming. Every little tiny thing gave me an orgasm; getting up too quickly, bumping against something, dick rubbing on clothing, etc. It was weird and exhausting.
In what strange, unexpected ways has addiction and withdrawal affected your body?

Be as specific as possible.

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Post your landlord hate

>Renting a room from this russian cunt
>She just texted me saying she's bringing a new headboard for the bed
>I never asked for one
>There's nothing wrong with the one I have

Just leave me alone woman.
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Tfw no sexy Russian landlord gf

Ask her out for a drink
She obviously wants to break it in.
Go for it, dude.

She's practically yours.
>shower/bath is completely fucked and leaking horribly
>been waiting over 4 months for landlord to hire a plumber
>he just keeps coming here himself and tightening the fittings
>it's literally worse off every time he "fixes" it
>won't reply to my texts asking him to hire a plumber
god i wish murder was legal

> add some robot to play games together
> talk about our life
> he talks about how lonely he is and how ugly he is
> ask him to post a photo
> he's a complete fucking Chad with messy hair that still looks 50x better than me
> "yeah, i'm so ugly as you can see. Anyways, gonna go and prepare to meet my friends at a bar to drink and hang out tonight. Later dude"
> remove him from friends
> mfw

So how many of you """"robots"""" are actually just pathetic normalfags that pretend, but in the end are handsome, have no physical abnormalities, have real life friends, an education and a job you love?
I fucking hate it when someone says they're a robot, but when they post a picture they look like those fucking piece of shit super models with an amazing facial structure and eyes that say "i'm so lonely, but my dick is 12 inches".
I'm fucking triggered and upset right now. Every single ""robot"" I meet has a good life, good health, good body, has dreams, real life friends, future prospects. Some even have a gf. Why do you people even come and post on r9k?
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Shouldn't you actually feel validated, knowing that you are the one true robot?
No. I want to talk with people who are the same. I want to feel that i'm not the only failure, but it seems everyone pretends to be failures for whatever reason. I don't understand why people would even want to act like one and yet they do.
This place is a nu-b just deal with it.

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Eggman made it, what's your excuse?

>inb4 comment on what she looks like
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this thread AGAIN? 500 replies werent enough?
What's your excuse anon?

I'd love to hear it.
no, fuck off. you already got hundreds of excuses, enough is enough.

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Image lost and found

Wanting to find a specific meme?
Ask for it in this thread and let other anons post it.
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Can someone post the picture of the small Wojak inside the larger Wojak's head, and he's operating the larger Wojak as if he were a mecha?
i know it's not that rare but i can't find it, can anyone post the picture of the thicc thinking emoji?
It's a war thunder / war hammer 40k meme of either two FW190s looking up to a TA152C-3 or the same thing but with mk108s

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