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>n-no I'm not really w-white power
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The sad thing is a lot of people on this site are probably like this
fucking gringos locos
Why is he following him around with a camera?

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Why do white people get so much hate when we're literally responsible for creating the modern world? Is it jealousy?

Here are some comments I quickly pulled off one youtube video about "native" americans
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Because hating white people is a trend, and so is the black humor on internet, even here with the BLACKED meme you contribute yourself to this.
Slavery, genocides of other races ect.
I never hated white people until recently

>You'll never have a gf who's breasts can't stop growing.

I just want to watch her size out of every bra she buys.
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so much fat
Does holding them like that not hurt?
Nah, it doesn't hurt at all. Maybe the first picture.

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>no pointless interactions with normies
>can wake up at 12 every single day
>no responsibilities
>comfy u2ube and anime all day
>dont have to worry about taxes
>only con is having no money, but what do u need money for anyways if your not a normie
Is this the end for all wagecucks? Are NEETs vastly superior in every way?
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How do you get on NEETbux OP? I don't need a very large amount to be comfy, I pay 800 dollars in rent currently.

I probably have mental issues and autism but I have also been working for a year and a half already, would that make it harder for me?

Pls explain how to get them tho
yep they will never recover
What about a gf?
It's the only reason I try. Also living with parents sucks major dick. I wanna be alone.

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Among these categories, which do you believe is the LEAST degenerate and which is the MOST degenerate?

>trap lovers
>girl butthole lickers
>sonic fans
>single mothers
>anime fans
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>Furries, Sonic, Feet

>Moms, feminists, girl butt love

Watching anime as I post this.
Ok, least to most.
>anime fans
usually pathetic but probably half of them rail against "degeneracy"
>sonic fans
not ALL of them are on DA
>single mothers
toss up, they could genuinely be taken advantage of/widows or they're sluts, so its averaged out
relatively "tame" fetish, tied with furries (could be switched)
see above
>trap lovers
High degeneracy level but usually limited to online
>girl butthole lickers
Top "most" degenerate
With the current "third wave" feminism, this is truly in a class by itself. While most of the list is mostly limited to the Internet, the feminists have truly wormed their way into society and have enabled such degeneracy to occur.
most degenerate = traps, moms, feminists, ass autists

least degenerate = feet

> start writing a feels post
> delete it all half way through because I know nobody will care or respond

I can't be happy and I can't be fucking sad either. I really need to man up and fucking kill myself already, it's the only solution.
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How could i make you to feel better
t. also want to kms
I don't think you can, and even if you somehow could, it would all be pointless and wasted effort anyway.
If you post your feels post, i'll respond to it. Just keep it under 250 words.

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dumb sand niggers don't even know how to properly suck on cow tits like these, why don't they just handover their nice hersheys to us
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Curry girls are okay. Here's the one that snapchats me.
File: 1502662909780.jpg (208KB, 1080x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I would literally do anything to have a brown qt
I like their noses. It's like the antithesis of a nigger nose.

File: 1475870096552.jpg (80KB, 597x589px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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who /dumbrobot/ here
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I'm not that dumb I just have no attention span
>tfw can't retain information very good
This. My boss at work will tell me over the phone to do something, like set up a display a certain way and i will immediately forget what he just said. I feel bad having to ask him again because he yells at me. I told him i have a problem with retaining information, just need to stay more focused i guess

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In 2017 50% of people have cheated at one point in their life. is it worth the cost and emotional toll of maintaining a girlfriend when she can be so temperamental and cheat on you. would you not rather be the guy she's cheating on her husband / boyfriend with. You don't have the emotional baggage, she costs you almost nothing and she's always happy to see you- she just calls you up when she wants to fuck.
I'm not really seeing the downside to being the second man in a woman's life.
inb4 moralfags
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The downside is that you never form a deep connection. Granted most people aren't anyways but that's the theory.
What's the story behind the image?
I'd love to tell you an elaborate story but in truth its just of google images

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Can anyone honestly find a flaw with this??
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i see a penis
and no happiness
it's depressing as hell.

Its a girl cock

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>talking to a girl
>doesn't matter if she is a love interest or not
>you ask tons of questions and she just answers them vaguely
>she doesn't ask how your day has been
>she doesn't want to know what bands you are currently listening to
>she doesn't care about what you are doing
>she doesn't care about how you feel

Why is it always like this?
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I know you already know.

I'm sorry anon.
Why are you so fucking needy? Faggot.

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Anyone deathly afraid of driving?
>self awareness of 2 ton death machine
>anxiety every time driving to uni
>have to wear helmet to calm nerves
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No, in fact, I barely pay attention to the fact I'm driving at all.

What kind of helmet do you wear? Like a bicycle helmet or a motorcycle helmet? If the former, you'll look less retarded if you switched to the latter. Also, you should install a race car seatbelt that has multiple straps across your whole body.
File: R14kkDj.png (13KB, 657x527px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Me too man, I've never even taken the theory test out of fear of driving. I'm terrified of being overwhelmed with information and getting into an accident.
At least we'll get self-driving card soon, right?
I don't drive I have a chauffeur. If I ever got my license I would drive off a cliff

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Oh God why have you cursed me with this?

>be autogenyfag
>akshuly hetero, attracted to traps (inb4 gay) and females
>fantasizing about being a female
>crossdressing is my fetish
>masturbate with dildo and lingerie
>instant regret everytime after cumming
>feel like a regular guy afterwards
>do it again the next time I get horny enough
>cycle repeats

Becoming a tranny is dangerous with my conservative family and it's a net loss in most ways thinkable (except for fetish/lust). Not even sure if I want to transition in the first place if given the choice.

Why do I have to be in constant gender limbo??? I just want to either be a boy or a tranny (I'd never cut muh dick), not have my gender correlate with how horny I am.

The shame, disgust, and confusion I feel afterwards... any1 else knows this feel? Thinking about throwing all the clothes and toys away.
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fuck it, just become an alcoholic like me.
if ur gonna ruin urself, may as well become a tranny.
I wish, but I would be a hon anyways so I won't.
I'll just end it when it gets bad enough.

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Why did God make me a nigger

I didn't want to be a nigger
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Shut up and post more lolis nigger.
File: 1502925762129.jpg (276KB, 800x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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But why did God make me a nigger

I want to be east Asian
That picture is lacking in dicks
Needs more dicks desu

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Supermarkets and movie theaters, you would have to be seriously retarded not to get hired there.
that depends, do you have any skills? past job experience?
Why don't you strap on your job helmet, get into a job cannon, and fire off to jobland where jobs grow on jobbies?

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