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Question about furries - do they just fap to this cute furry pictures or do they really want to have a sexual intercourse with animals?
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Both I think. Probably mostly just casual 2d pic fappers.

Doubt most of them are actual zoophiles
I'm trying to think about this the logical way. You fap to women, you want to fuck woman. You fap to men, you want to fuck men. If you fap to cutely drawn animals then...?
i have no intention of fucking any animal

t. clubstripes subscriber

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itt: the autism that brought you to where you are now

>be internet addict since middle school
>have seen pretty much all the shocker sites
>normie group laughing because they just discovered lemonparty
>fucking shit-tier entry-level shocker site
>proceed to tell them about all the really fucked up shocker sites
>dicks with nails through them, people eating shit, lastmeasure
>wtf anon what weird ass shit do you look at on the internet
>become "that weird guy that looks at poopoo porn"

you know the old question "is this really the hill you want to die on?"

well i chose to die on the hill of "being the most well-experienced in fucked up websites of people eating their own poopoo and mutilating their genitals

why did i ever think this was a good idea
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bumping my own thread because i want to feel like im not the biggest autistic loser on the board right now
gotta keep the story alive for the little niggas
Honestly anon why were you looking at something like lemonparty?

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what women deserve.jpg
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Why do more women divorce men? They just shouldn't have said yes in the first place.
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Because they want to have their cake and eat it too.
They want to change you, and divorce you because you're not the same man they married.
most people for some reason havent realized yet that the nature of women is to constantly change their minds , theyre slaves to "cravings"
so one day they want marriage because of an ideal they have on their minds from a movie or social media and they convince themselves thats what they want . Months or even days later they want something else so theyll cheat or divorce , a man cheats because he sees a girl whos hot and wants to bang her , a woman cheats because she thinks its the right thing to do at the time.
if they ever come across something they cant have ( being creatures used to getting served everything in a platter ) they obsess over it
ie: women who cant get marriage obsess over getting a ring , women who can only get fucked obsess over a relationship etc etc

basically women are cunts by nature OP
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This is very well said and true.

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>15 years old
>after divorcing my dad, my mom needs someone else to pay her bills.
>finds a dude on the other side of the country.
>meets, dates, get engaged, married within 3 months.
>I've never met him in person.
>day I first meet him I'm moving boxes into my new room at his house.
>also the day of the wedding.
>opt not to attend the my mother's wedding to man neither of us really know
>knock on bedroom door.
>it's new stepdad
>assume its gonna be some heart to heart about attending the wedding.
>hey anon, do you know how to tie a necktie?
I do
>mfw I had to tie a stranger's tie for his wedding with my mother when I was a teenager.

Its been like 10 years now and I have to say he really is a nice guy, mom left him recently though...

Same reason as my dad: doesn't make enough money.
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You got off good
>don't remember anything about biological father but his face and 1 memory of him buying me sprite when i was 5
>am 9
>some guy moves in
>don't understand what's going on, whatever
>get married
>now step-father is much younger than my mother
>if he was my real father, i'd be born when he was 14~
>is not interested in raising a kid
>all my memories is him yelling at me for various shit
>himself has done nothing (no college too) in his life expect have a shitty paying job and terrible health
>decides to have a baby with mother
>quits his job and becomes a highly overpriced babysitter leeching off my mother
>is not interesting in raising the new kid either, just yells constantly
>have to move out to a nearby house to live alone when im 12 because there's no space for me anymore (they still fed me and stuff)
>spend the following years getting raised by internet

Grew to resent my parents and stepfather. No real parental figure to help me figure out shit. I blame them for my problems.
If I hadn't found a true friend who was like my sub-father in a game that still is my close friend now, i'd have probably killed myself already
Don't leave me hanging here OP

tell me more good stuff about your step father and i'll throw something bad back at you
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OP Here

> About a year later
> Had finally gotten the a computer with the internet in my room
> Probably also my step-dad's doing
> Catch is that it's the only pc in the house
> Get home from school one day and find him on the computer
> I had left limewire open
> All my gross porn laid bare
> Tells me that I should probably hide my material like a normal kid.
> And stop stealing music, anon.
> Really? What's the catch.
> tfw there was no catch
> few days later he bought a laptop for him and my mom to use.


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smoking some green lantern and boy is it good
who else /high/ here?
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I'm high on life.
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If you have a friend who gets you your weed, you're not a robot. Please Leave.

If you have enough balls to go out & buy weed, you're not a robot. Please Leave.

If you're industrious enough to grow weed, you're not a robot. Please Leave.
i have a dealer that i knew since primary school deliver to my doorstep

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Is there actually anything wrong with living vicariously through escapism?

The real world doesn't even come close to what fiction offers, it's bland and uninteresting in comparison.
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I'm gonna tell you something that every true alpha knows - all forms of fiction (escapism) is for girls or betas.
Alright, but why does that matter?
The 'real' life itself, is a kind of fiction. All the drama of the world is invented and perpetrated by willing participants. Nothing is so easy as not taking part in it, yet nothing is so hard as not wanting to.

anime characters you relate to
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le perfect grill

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Originally this guy.
Watching him is like looking to a mirror.

You have a choice to go back to a single year in the 2000s. You can also be any age you want, regardless of your actual age from that year.

What year? How old would you choose to be?
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Do i get to keep all of my memories? If thats the case, 2000, 1 day newborn.
I guess I'd like to turn 17 on January 1st 2000
primed for war
Does it really even matter considering the world goes to shit in twelve years max anyway?

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How are your diets going, lads? Remember: nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels!
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I started two days ago and i kind of fucked up by eating almost 900 calories within an hour. I couldnt help it, i was starving so much. i hope i lose those 23 pounds by summer
>fell off the wagon
>been just eating whenever and smoking weed like a lazy piece of shit
>lost 2 more pounds

I think I've lost almost 40lbs now since I've started. Feels weird to see and touch my collarbones without a layer of fat above them. All my old highschool clothes fit me again, feels good man
I'm down 30 pounds today, from 250 to 220 at 5'10. feels good man, still have 40 pounds to go but I'm confident.

The sugar addiction is the worst part if you have one, I'm still weaning myself off with two pieces of fruit a day, i'd like that to be one in a couple of weeks.

Can robots ever become normies?
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The fucks on this board won't tell you this, But yes it's 100% possible.

The very first thing you have to do is start to value yourself. Nobody else will do it for you untill you start doing it yourself.

Spend time caring for yourself. Make connections, Face your fears. Go places in life

You are under no obligation to keep being the same person that you were
This anon is correct, it is certainly possible.

Probably not for every robot here; I am sure there are some that due to legitimate issues are never going to be what you are picturing as normies, but a lot of them? Yes, they could be as regular and normal as you're average man on the street.

This doesn't necessarily mean you'll be happy as a normie. But you might be happier than you are as a robot at least.
The idea of a "normie" is inherently false and flawed.

Nobody is a normie, Nobody is a robot, We're all people on an individual journey. Everything is nicer and looks better from the outside

People on this board don't show themselves the same compassion they show other people by assuming they're "normies"

Reality is much more shades of gray than normies vs robots

Once you get into the mindset of a labal. And that you're a robot and that's just who you are, You've already lost.

Normies don't think their "normies" they think that they're just people trying to just life. You should too.

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>tfw you can literally feel the depression and isolation rotting your brain
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>tfw you just want someone to care about you but no one will
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I can relate to this. For quite some time I've been having difficulties finding motivation, memorizing stuff and staying concentrated.
Same here OP. My "intelligence" was the only thing I had, now I'm nothing.

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>tfw dad's a NEET and i have to work

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That's oddly reversed from the typical situation here
me and my dad are both NEETs. Only my mother and sister work. It's pretty great. Feels like feminism finally got us equality.

>leftists are already normalising it
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Never. Men are the nyggers of sex.
The fuck? Consent between who and whom?
Between adult and child

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Why would you drag a man before throwing him out of an airplane?
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Why would an airline ever think that's okay to throw someone out?
United is really trying to damage their reputation as much as possible. Blaming Dao for 'planning' this is so fucking retarded. Even if he did plan it, it doesn't matter because it in no way excuses what they did.
whats the next step of Dao's masterplan?

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My therapist says that I was just "born" with my temperament. what does that even mean?
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medfag here, it means you where born with higher test or lower test depending on what kind of temperment we are talking here or that you have a physical ailment with the chemicals you have in your head
maybe that sometimes you have to accept your flaws and learn to live a happy life with them as opposed to always change, change, change and always hunting the next perceived improvement to yourself.
it means your therapist doesn't want to do anything and just wants your shekkels

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