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>tfw no jazz gf
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i ran
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https://youtu.be/ldsil7KfaLE Keep The Weeb Dream Alive

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I like some of them. I fucking hate some of them.
>fucking 12 year old talking shit
I would ragdoll this fool
Two murders

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Why have you not joined your nations military yet?
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Not interested in serving Israel.
Because I've got to take care of these dubs.
I'm waiting for it to get juicy

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Anon, please respond to this thread
Otherwise, your mother may soon be dead
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Oh fuck off you bloody cunt
My mother's already dead so your threat is uncalled for
open the door get on the floor everybody walk the dinosaur
This thread is fucking gay
but if it gets better, I might stay

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who /roblox/ here?? I used to be addicted to this game when I was younger
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The only experience is my girlfriend not shutting up for me to play it only for me to get bored of it in like 5 minutes and put it down.
I have never played it I'm only vaguely aware of what it even is
also nice dubs
I think one of the biggest reasons I liked it when I was younger was the social aspect. I didn't have many friends growing up and never went outside to meet up with friends so ROBLOX kind of filled that social part of my childhood I missed growing up. There were some really fun games though like build to survive and stuff like that.

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Diapers are comfy, why aren't you wearing them?
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Because I'm not a fetishfag.

diapers, and some crumbled weed in your crusher at left corner, wow anon, you reached the point of being only an shadow of an once human being.
nobody said anything about fetish, now take your primitive piss bottles and leave

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who /schizotypal/ here? anyone else, lads?
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/schizoid/ here. Life is hell.
Yay! I've found some more /schitzbros/
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what is being schizoid like, how is it different from any others? i only know about schizotypal because i fit all the descriptions of it
being schizotypal isn't too bad. i believe in elves, fairies, tree spirits, that i will become a god when I die, that i will also go to valhalla when i die, that i can communicate with nature beings, etc. the bad thing about it is the paranoia and anxiety.

what do you have?

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I'm so fucked up.jpg
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Would you rape an unconscious girl if you could get away with it?
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In other words
>would you masturbate with an unwieldy gient heavy fleshlight?
The answer is no, I'm not interested in sex that doesn't mean anything.
>Being interested in sex
Get the hell out failed normie.
Yes i would
Absolutely. My niece has been one drugging away from rape constantly.

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>get my first girlfriend
>didn't have sex yet but I can
>her ex sends me a video & pictures of him fucking her and cumming on her face

I'm so fucking pissed off, I knew she had sex with 1 guy before but I thought that's better than 20+ guys. but seeing this makes me feel like she's a still whore.

I don't even know if I want to lose my virginity to her anymore. Is this what normie life is supposed to be like? You willingly cuck yourself.
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Report it to the police as blackmail and or abusive harassment.
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>not getting turned on by the fact that she has had another man's cum on her face
What kind of psychopath would do that? Are you baiting, anon?
Either way, the answer is to drop her completely. You can be with a girl that's not a virgin, but not one that you've watched get fucked by another guy.
Do the right thing, anon. Do the right thing for you.

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Can /r9k/ take this test and compare results?

My Results:
>tfw zero sympathy score, 1 trust
>tfw 97th percentile liberal (?)
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Holy shit dude. It looks like you've drowned your conscience. Wish I could. Hi-5!

Also, post link?

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Why do normies ruin everything they touch? Is it reddit? WTF is going on?

>/b/ is nothing but r8 my gf lmao
>/fit/ is filled with 'I'm so alpha' lookism shit
>/pol/ is full of I'm a based mexican AMA and clickbait threads
>/int/ is 100% generals
>half of /r9k/ threads are gay
>/mu/ actually considers Dadrock good now
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Get out you loser. But before you do, post some cool memes you nerds make, I know you have some. I'm going to show them to Stacy when she comes over.
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I do hope you're using some of that spicy

the only people left on 4chan are people who come here out of habit and perpetual retards

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Is depression even a real thing?
Every depressed person ive met turned out to be an asshole feeling sorry for himself for no reason at all.
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*real reason
It's down to personal opinions I guess.
If you believe in meme concepts such as love you probably think depression is real too.
depression turns you into an asshole because it completely erodes the person, all you have is pity for yourself and despair.

"no reason at all" what makes you think this? because they didn't tell you?

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>tfw no anon to rub our dicks together
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god I love cumming buckets like that pic
>avoid fapping for 2 weeks
>balls feel super heavy
>get my onahole
>fucked it with all my might
>get a body shaking life draining orgasm
>finger the cum out the onahole and lick it
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>tfw I can do that without waiting, almost daily
>still no one to fap with
>eating your own cum
I ktf, I like to bake mine into cakes and things like that. I feed them to my friends too, but they don't know my secret ingredient!

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Just swallowed 15 paracetamol, AMA
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not going to kill you, just going to make your piss burn

you know liver failure is like the worst way to die right?
have fun dying of internal bleeding i guess
but why did you do it?
Why did you take 15? Are you trying to "kill yourself," Stacie?

>Never had a girlfriend
>Sudden get confession
Wat do I do pls help
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Kill yourself or get out, normie. Robots do not have friends, male or female, nor do they have phones. Sounds like you need to get the fuck out.
I sugest getting out of my board, you fucking normie.

Nice digits, by the way.
How bout kys, jerk

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