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Why haven't you killed yourself yet?

By the way, this is an original comment.
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I gotta play video games, the video games don't stop getting made, so i keep living, its that simple
That's rather pathetic, anon.
I am currently pooping so we will just have to see what happens next

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"It's time you got a job, Champ. You've been spending too much time at home, and you ought to go outside, meet people, and become more independent while you're at it. When you arrive there, ask for the manager. Speak with him, look him in the eye, address him as 'sir,' and give him a firm handshake. It's that simple, Champ."
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Daddy, I already have a job, and it pays well, I just don't want to move out because I love you and mommy so much.
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I'm starting my new job as a serial killer today and you have been selected to be my first victim. Bye, daddy.
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"Wrong move, Champ. If you had just listened and shook the manager's hand, maybe I wouldn't have to drive you down there myself and make sure you do it."

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How do I make friends? I'm tired of being a lonely bastard. It's fucking my whole life up. I wish I could meet up with someone in real life and hang out and watch anime or something, or go to a bar and grab a drink and just talk. I'm a huge fucking loser though, so I just can't get along with normies.

I wish I could hang out with other robots on /r9k/. I'll be honest, when I moved to Seattle I thought that I would find at least one person to hang out with since it's a city but I haven't found anyone. I know a few people from here that live in the city or nearby but they don't want to hang out with me either, which I guess is fine since we're just internet acquaintances and not actual friends.

general /lonely/ thread, other robots please post your lonely feels so that we can at least be lonely and miserable together.
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Where do you live? Do you like vidya?
I live in Seattle, robot-central. Yes, I play video games. Maybe I should try to find some kind of video game related meet up or something. Finding people like me to socialize with is so hard though, and group socializing is even worse.
I feel that feel mang. I'm pretty lonely mostly because my anxiety, have trouble even making online friends. Over time you get used to it more.

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> get two hamsters at pet store
> both are female and we're from the same litter
> I introduce them to cage
> ff 2 months
> they've grown a lot
> darker one is more friendly while the lighter one is very aggressive
> the lighter one hoards all the food and attacks the other when it drinks
> buy another cage and attach it bc maybe they don't have enough space
> ff two days
> only one cage has food, and the little asshole regularly fights the darker one
> it gets to the point where it's almost constantly in shock
> The light one is still aggressive towards its benefactor
> one day I give both of them treats I ordered online
> although they're both in different cages the asshole immediately invades
> the poor darkie drops the food and retreats to upper level of cage
> I attempt to redistribute food and lighter one draws blood on my finger
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What should I do? For real here.
You should eat the asshole one.
No. I want the fucker alive.

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I need to do drugs because nothing else makes me even remotely happy, and I suffer greatly without them to distract me from the realities of my life. However, I'd really like it if I didn't have to use alcohol. Death by alcohol is extremely painful, and the only reason I even use it is because it's the most available thing for an autist who has no drug connections. Can any well-connected anons give me advice on how to get some better stuff that won't make me suffer horrible organ failure, but let me drift away from life in a peaceful manner?
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pls respond, originalelly
Go on the dark web, you can order pretty much any drug you can imagine
I found that Xanax is the best drug for depression, but you have to be VERY careful, disciplined and smart to use it only when is needed and for a short while, also never ever quit cold turkey

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>first time on a date with a girl
>have a raging erection the whole time
>she might've saw it
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Hahaha you're a boner faggot hahaha

I'll laugh too because it's embarrassing, but I'm trying to not be a robot anymore
>first time on a date with a girl
>have a raging erection the whole time
>dick so small there's no chance she saw it

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>no gf

Like cockwork
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You are not 9/10 you fat balding paki
why must you do this to poor stanley
Every single time someone falls for the bait. So amusing.

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Post sad/depressing/dark/edgy pictures edition 2.
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dinner for one.png
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text is required apparently
1 2 3 i want to kill myself tonight
miles is a friend of mine

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>You know, /r9k , the ocean called, they're running out of shrimp?

How do you respond?
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Yeah, better tell um your here turbo shrimp
Do exactly what George did
replace it with this good stuff

Why isn't she wearing any underwear in this picture? Is Cara a whore? I thought she was the /r9k/ recommended waifu.
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There's cuter streamers

Female celebrities are finished
> /r9k/ recommended
Why the fuck are you taking recommendations from this place?

How do I improve my fashion sense?

I usually just wear jeans and a random t-shirt, and when it gets colder I wear a light jacket. Nobody has really commented on it, but I can tell I look worse than everyone else.
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Ive recently gone through a fashion redo and theres a few steps that ive come across to look good, skinny jeans are really in right now and if your not fat go for them. if your going to stick with tshirts try and go branded if you can afford it, if not get a tshirt that has no culture references on it and go a blandish colour but with maybe some small symbol or something on it to stand out. light jackets are great. And getting a good hair cut is one of if not the most important thing. try going to the gym aswel since a good body compliments an outfit
this motherfucker doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about. skinny jeans haven't been 'in' in years.
Really simple ones here:
Wear a henley or a polo
Wear chinos or slacks
Consider a jacket with buttons (they do look better)
Light or neutral tops
Neutral or dark bottoms
Wear a belt that isn't beat to shit
I consider shoes a personal taste thing but sneakers really only look good in the gym imo

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I'm enjoying right now good anime together with good liquor. What are you doing now fellow robots?
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Enjoying a subwoofer I got. The bass doesn't feel as smooth as I'd like. Hopefully it'll loosen up and sound better.
Gonna get some alcohol later. Thinking of getting Mike's Harder. Wut drink u got, bitch? can't quite read it
>go to trash talk you for drinking on a weekday
>it's friday

n-nvm anon, enjoy your friday
i don't have any alcolol
so i am drinking coffee instead
i'm a better shitposter with beer

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It's just a dick that shoots messy white fluids


i could jerk off a guy if I wanted to, gays are not that picky
Good. It's a turnoff when people spit on my dick.

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How does it feel to know that she can do shit like this and she won't be labeled as an autist because she is a cute, pretty girl. And if anyone of us would do this, it would be our social suicide back in school.

How does such injustice make you feel, anons?
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When you're born as a male you're playing life with a different set of rules. You can either cry about it or accept this, and in turn never take anything women say or do seriously.
Shawty got moves
With a little training, she could be the next Grimes alright

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what is this thing that i am looking at and why did it happen
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Looks like a hot dog split open

my wee wee right now
A dick AND a vagine?
I'm in!

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