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The only good thing about this game is arcade mode.
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>Not playing UT4
The ONLY good game mode is lucio ball
Unfortunately can only play it in the summer
>Not playing Rocket League

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>be me, 8th grade
>alone during recess
>girl walks up to me
>starts talking me and acting nice
>think to myself "shit, this is a prank isn't it. Stacy and Chad are gonna pop from that corner and mock me, aren't they?"
>say "w-well, it's been nice talking, b-but I have to go"
>girl follows me and asks if she can come up
>put up with her for a few minutes
>eventually just get paranoid enough and literally scream "JUST LEAVE ME ALONE" at her
>she starts crying and never talked to me again

Kinda regret it, but at the same time I don't
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>8th grade
Wouldn't all the chads and roasties be fucking?
it probably was a prank, she was just insisting a lot because they wanted a payout for all their work.
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smug wojak.jpg
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>16 or 17, something like that
>walk down the street from school
>a group of girls tells me to go up to them
>"w-well, ok"
>they just giggle like fucking retards and i'm just standing, looking in the blank space because i don't even know how to talk to girls
>one walks up to me
>screeches, no, but seriously, fucking SCREECHES
>"because that's how i am"
>go home and never speak to them again

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strongbow tred
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stroing bow
Cider is not my type of drink. I don't think alcohol should be sweet or fruity, with the exception of liquors like Amarito or something like Kahlua. I it should taste like alcohol, not a regular drink that happens to get you buzzed.

But to each their own
Cider is for homosexuals and retarded Bongistanis. Whisky is the choice of alcohol for real men, no fruity fucking sparkling cider with 6% alcohol

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School shoting.jpg
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>you aren't entitled to ANYHING! Do you understand you disgusting piece of shit?
You are not entitled to walking or even living
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Does anybody have the files to this mod? SJWs took down all the official downloads
that's actually true. no one is entitled to anything
yeah but we rely on the good will of other people to survive so mistreating people knowing anybody could hurt or kill you if they wanted to is a bad idea.

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>be female
>have unprotected anal sex with gay male
>proceed to find and have unprotected sex daily with new boyfriend before knowing you have HIV
>not get called out on irresponsibility
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>teehee I'm a girl
>even when it's about HIV
I fucking hate women
She still has a boyfriend that knows he was put at risk as most of /r9k/ can't get a first date
>boyfriend that knows he was put at risk
... it's like a propaganda piece for MGTOW

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britfeel august 3.jpg
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Only one week until S E P T E M B E R edition
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britfeel times.png
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first for britfeel times
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Your waifu looks yummy hehehe
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Lads just heard Jeremy Kyle died.

I'm not even a /pol/tard and I'm legitimately not racist against any race, but I've been reading through Mein Kampf recently and I'm starting to think he was right about honestly everything.

He wasn't some raving madman lunatic like everyone wants us to think; he was an ordinary man from a middle-class upbringing with a loving mother and a stern father. He lived as a homeless man, he fought as a soldier in the war, he saw his country defeated.

He doesn't bring up his hatred or anger against his enemies or the countries that defeated him in the war. He talks about nations, and histories, and the forces which drive the creation of wars and the development of nations. He talks about how peoples have grappled with identity, and how ordinary young boys, who emigrate either to the other countries, or from villages to the city, come to live experiences that make them into men, and thus into driving factors of their nation. He talks about the goals and aspirations of individual young peoples, as well as families, societies and countries as a whole; and how these many mundane facets of everyday life are exploited by international cliques who seek to maintain power.

He was a very intelligent and insightful person. Remember that millions of people voted for him and willingly followed him; he inspired and led an entire nation that loved him. That's not something that happens just like that.
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Redpill: The 4chan Post
triggered Jews/Germans incoming
>I'm starting to think he was right about honestly everything.
This his propaganda was effective.

Should I hire this escort? Haven't had sex since February of 2016, have 600 dollars saved up for fuckaround money, will make 300 dollars tomorrow from work and will get 450 dollar check the first of September for disability. Only thing I'm worried about is family asking where my money went or how much money I have left and then getting in an Xbox huge argument over me hiring a prostitute and wasting money
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jesus christ seriously ?
these pictures dont show SHIT. that's probably for a reason don't you think ??? spend your caps wisely dammit
Her or another one. You deserve a good shag anon.
Wait you would really tell your family that you hired a prostitute? Can't you come up with any kind of lie?

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Anybody else here just annoyed by the fact that women exist?

I fucking hate it when every time I see a good looking girl I get a sense of guilt because I'm not even worthy enough of talking to her. I'm suppose to prove myself and be better than someone else to even get their attention. They are nothing but sex objects, a walking trophy to reward a man's masculinity and his self worth.
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Sounds like you have a strong case of melodram patheticism .
>They are nothing but sex objects
>annoyed by the fact that women exist?
I mean if they didn't exist, who would you fuck?
I'm more annoyed their standings if anything. Seems like it was easily plausible for an average guy to get a attractive loyal woman in the 50's Those days are long gone now though

I can relate to a degree. I never give in to my emotions much but instead just think through my thouhts to death instead and come to the realization that i rather just wait and do nothing, hope for the best, dream about one day that unicorn may show up, rather than play the stupid game that most of this world is.

Create as little worry, pain, "let-down", guilt in the moment as possible. No holds bar. What ever it takes.

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>be me
>26yo gaybot
>love getting my ass pounded bareback by anonymous daddies in the bathhouse
>just found out I'm HIV+

why is life so unfair

if I were a straight robot I'd be a virgin and not have HIV. Straight robots have it so easy.

oh and the best part is I still have hep c from sharing a needle last year
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But don't you faggots consider HIV the greatest of gifts?
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Nice bait


honestly it's kind of hot when the guy breeding me is poz... but now that I actually have it I regret my actions

risky sex is so hot but now I have to deal with the consequences

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Have access to bank account with $30000
What do?
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Save the money and invest a portion of it, don't blow it all like some retarded normalfag.
Buy me a thinkpad X1 Carbon 5th gen for school please thanks
None of its mine, I don't care what I do with it

Do you have anybody in your life you can share your 4chan stuff with?
Who are they?
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My coworker who is sitting right next to me most of the day
Are you crazy? Nobody in my family knows I come to this pleb website, they already think I'm weird, I don't want them to think I'm a complete loser. I only cone here when I'm alone, I'll never browse this site when someone's around
Actually a big part of the people I've met so far irl do know about 4chan and kinda enjoy it, even tho most of them are mostly casually lurking
It may just be a local thing tho
Its kinda cool, but it also shows you again how many normies are here

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>tfw you had a vivid dream of having a gf
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iktf too well anon.
Too well.
File: 1449391200237.png (47KB, 650x773px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Iktf. It happens way too often for me. Please no more.
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feel cry bed.png
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>tfw you wake up alone
>tfw you try to make yourself go back to sleep, desperate to be there with her again

I wish I died in my sleep.

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On a scale of 1-10, how bad is Elon getting cucked right now?
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0 because they're split up
our boy got the most of her then got out of there before any cucking could occur
Not a whole lot. If anything she looks kind of desperate to prove something, to be honest familia.

File: 20170824_161130.png (832KB, 720x1112px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>pierced nipples
Is this legally okay to have done at this age?
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She's ugly as fuck. There is something wrong with her face.
Not on point.

Within the United States of America is it legally allowed to get your nipples pierced at the age of 16 or younger?
i want to divide her

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