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>family visits
>everyone is eating dinner
>finish food
>go to wash fork
>qt step cousin standing in front of dishrack with utensils
>wash fork
>awkwardly reach over her drink
>knock over plastic strainer
>"heh, s-sorry"
>she never breaks eye contact
>turn to my mother
>"I think I'm gonna go to sleep ok?"
>fastwalk to room and lock door

What is wrong with me anons? She's not even an adult and I fumbled all over myself.
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Wow that is quite a flop. how old is she? are you khv?
Yeas I'm a khv and she's 13
Hard life.
Even with 13 she can easily see the weirdness into you anon
There is no escape

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>tfw your ears hurt from having them on all day
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the what on? idiot
I'm guessing he means earphones
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OP is dum and stupid lol

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Are baths or showers the robot's choice?
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Yes they are pretty comfy
I piss in the shower and bathe in the toilet
Ice cold showers. No propane for hot water so I do t actually have a choice

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Who else who doesn't care about politics?
Hearing both extreme sides fight each other just annoys me, and I feel like they want everyone to pick a side.
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>mfw I'm too dumb to understand politics

it's fun watching people getting pissed off at each other
>kawaii animu stirner

Interesting part is watching them kill each other over things that wont be noticed the next week.

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I want to kill Asuka and rape the corpse.
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Asuka is pure! Pure!
Fuck off autistic permavirgin reifag
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tfw just want to make love to any corpse at this point

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Give me some ideas for a short film.
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minecraft but real
You get butt fucked by the bbc
Stinky neet puss, an imageboard fabrication or brutal reality?

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How would your parents feel if you brought this girl home?
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Yell at me for being a "dyke".
They'd probably be very surprised considering I'm a introverted fat lazy slob that has given up on life. They'd ask me who she is, how we met and probably bother me with questions like "have you spoken to x lately?". The chance of me brining a female home to my parents apartment would probably be less than 0.01%.

was about to post the same basic situation, my parents would be astounded and love this person. They would be so relieved, because I'm guessing they think I'm gay.

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Hey there shy autistic quiet guy
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hello beautiful golden haired goddess
Hello makeup slathered mindless drone of propaganda
Hello you bitch

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Stop being so mean to black people!
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Boy that's one ugly ass haircut
>black guy runs at cop
>gets btfo'ed
>the entire city is burned in an act of vengeance
>"Black people are treated poorly in crime "
The point is to show the the daughters and remind you how terrible of a price was paid for their deaths. Maybe that is kind of brutal but I mean it isn't a double standard.

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Ultimate Tip.jpg
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The only ideal I uphold and especially care about is antinatalism. How can I dedicate my life to this most noble of virtues? Totally willing to fuck with people's reproductive "rights" btw.
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Go about town stuffing mailboxes with contraceptives
Stockpile ricin or abrin extracted from castor beans and poison your whole neighborhood before killing yourself
Dont forget to leave behind an edgy manifesto
I don't believe death is an escape. The reason I don't kill myself is that I'm in no hurry to find out what happens after I do. In fact I don't understand why antinatalism has been taken on as an entirely materialist position. If I were a materialist I might find conscious experience significantly less terrifying.

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Why are people on /pol/ always so angry ?
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Stupid people get angry over their lack of power

It's the same reason why children cry, because they want the world to be different but can't really do anything about it except cry
Simple answer, they're angry bitter virgins who blame the Jews for their problems
We're talking about /pol/, not /r9k/.

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Spot the robot(s)
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The fat kid on the right who's the only one not wearing a hat.

But there's more!
guy with big black&red diamond hat in the back

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>go to bar
>decide to be confident and assertive
>notice a lady all by herself sitting at the bar
>i walk up to her and say hello
>she ignores me and keeps looking away
>i ask if i can buy her a drink
>she continues ignoring me
>i apologize for wasting her time
>5 minutes later the bouncers walk up to me and say LOOK MAN YOU'RE BOTHERING OTHER CUSTOMERS WE'RE GONNA HAVE TO ASK YOU TO LEAVE

Life sucks when you're an ugly virgin. No amount of haircuts, confidence, seduction classes, working out, or showering can fix it.
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Tell the bouncer to fuck off you just asked a girl if she wanted to talk and have a drink.
I really dont believe this is true.
No bouncer can be this retarded.
Women sure men no.
i congratulate you for having the balls to do that but clearly something about you is extremely off putting. figure out what that is. get someone who is socially savvy to give you honest feedback. you're not going to like the answer, i'm sure.

this literally happened to me last week

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Why is /v/ such a terrible board and why can't I stop going on it?
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I use it occasionally just because I like when people talk about games I like
It's kind of disappointing that they only talk bad about them though
Although /v/ is terrible, I find them endearing in a Stockholm Syndrome kind of way.
Their threads that lead to non-vidya discussion can be interesting if it doesn't involve e-celeb/"muh waifu" shit.

Almost all of thei threads aren't related to vidya, it's all bait shit like you would find here like "why do women pretend to like games" and "what does /v/ think of my gaming keyboard?" with a black person's hand sticking into the picture.

What was she thinking right at this moment?
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can i get a link?

Yes, sauce is girlsdoporn, but i aint paying. Where else do i watch it?
Chads dick is so big omg.

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