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you aren't really turning into an interesting, funny or a chad person when you are on drugs, you just feel like you are while in the real world you are the same retard, that's why drugs are loved by so many pathetic people

it's probably not your fault though, our world is fucked
You aren't, they're laughing at you not with you.
Yeah, at least I have the confidence to be myself.
Just had a good tinder conversation, Can't even enjoy shit off of em

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Any robots play /comfy/ vanilla wow?
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i would if my ping wasn't so shit
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>tfw too noob for vanilla, tbc, wotlk
Hell yeah. Best! Game! Ever!

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How do I stop drinking?

I drink 20-40 beers a week. Not physically addicted or anything obviously, I just know its not healthy if I do this till I am 40.
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Think about all the estrogen you're ingesting. Also remember that fat cells turn your testosterone into estrogen, making you even fatter and more womanlike.
Beer bellies are a thing for a reason, the fat basically becomes an extra organ on your body, or more like a masculinity sucking parasite.
>tfw i drank 6 beer a night between the ages of 22ish up until about three weeks ago
->im 30 now
>only reason i stopped drinking as much was because i started working overnights and i don't drink during the daytime
->i still drink on the weekends

So uh start working overnights i guess?

Did >>38680387 effect you? I am 24 and I basically am falling into what you are saying. I have changed my diet to be healthy but worked out pretty quickly that the alcohol ruins your waist.

Is it too much to ask for a gf who squees when i ruffle her hair? thats literally all I want in life
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You havent really lived until you have surprised a cute girl and made her braapsquee
In the meantime OP should just buy one of those animal onesies. They are very comfy
Yes it is too much. Real life isn't your anime.

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>tfw spend all day browsing /r9k/
How do I stop procrastinating?
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>those trips
Now tell me champ, do you really think its a good idea to stop something thats going so well? Just look those digits in the eyes, give it a firm hand shake and ask for quads. Hey, it worked for me!
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You know there's only one way out.
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Think of something you like to do, anything your passionate about, and learn about it. If you end up procrastinating again you're just a lazy cuck. Stay consistent for once in your life OP

>scrolls through r9k
>reaches the bottom of the page
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Does anyone want to talk with me about something? Maybe some stories or experiences?
I do it all the time anon.
story of my life, cheers anon

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>wagies think they can 'have a day off'
>doesn't realise their work hours are my music time
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>Listen to anime music
Am I supposed to be jealous of that?
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>Doesn't listen to anime music

Are you bullied, mentally handicapped or both?

>b-but it's bad

And? Was life a contest about who has the best music taste?

>it's addicting!!!

It's not, as long as you're not under-aged and you listen in moderation

>it's....IT'S EXPENSIVE!!!

Who forces you to buy an album every day, fucking peat-gavel
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Did you remember to sell your daily quota of premium membership cards, wagie? I expect the usual of 21 -- and to show me that you're dedicated to the utmost customer service, I expect double that by the time I've consumed this caffeinated beverage.

Post /r9k/ music.

Bonus points for extra feels.

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>it's another "robots sharing their shitty taste in music" episode
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This one gets me every time.

You want robot music?

Here's robot music for ya!


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what was best in life so far for you
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A dream I had, where I had a comfy gf
that late Vanilla to early Burning Crusade era of World of Warcraft where I would come home to dozens of people who knew my name, treated me well, and let me know about the many worldly experience of different areas of my country and their lives. It was like I was part of a close knit community.
this one time in 7th grade i got a 3 pointer when no one else (including the minorities) did and the gym teacher said "wow who got that 3? nice shot anon" into the mic so everyone knew that i did it

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A literal robot story

>be me
>be a happy child with a lot of confidence
>be considered to be super smart
>love reading about philosophy and psychology
>one problem
>your social skills are below acceptable
School starts
>immediately fall in love with every boy you like even a bit
>ask a couple of them out and get rejected every single time
>being 13 stop falling for guys and fall in love with a girl
>she rejects you too
>cry over her for years
>try to move on and stop being gay
>meet a super talented artist guy and somehow manage to date him
>love him a lot
>the moment he touches your hand one day, you feel something really bad
>break up out of sudden fear and lose touch
>get sexually confused
>try to watch porn but the moment you see it, you vomit
>you get so alienated that even your friends can't touch you now
>consider yourself to be somewhat gay and asexual
>one day, come across some indie game r34
>discover one of the characters who's a robot
>wank to robots exclusively ever since that day
>unironically cry because you'll never bang a robot gf
>lose friends again for it
>only furries accept you now
>start reading philosophy books again since you don't go out anymore

Is there any lamer possible way to get into transhumanism?
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Are you a boy or a girl? Originallo
I wil b your friend anon you remind me of someone I'm already friends with so I think we can get along
euh..i was the same
>likes psychology alot
>couldn't handle people touching me not even my own mother
>prefer to be hit instead.not a maso
>asked alot of guys out. got rejected
>was hitting on a girl
>lived my whole life without beong able to be touched not even by my best friend
>met a guy
>still can't handle to be touched
>he tried to touch me more often and tells me before he touched me like'i'm going to touch your stomach now"
>eventually gets used to that ..but only when i'm horny
>still can't handle being touched

i guess it never fades away but you can escape it when you're horny
try that
also don't focus your sexuality on a gender
just try to approach a person for wh they are and talk to them the way you talk to yourself when you want to explain something to yourself or when you're alone....if they accepted you , it's a wiin win .
if not
well you rid yourself of a normie

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good morning wagies!
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Kek I work in the afternoon cunt
>tfw 4-6 hours of sleep every night this week
>working 10-11 hour days in the scorching sun
I'm fucking exhausted and I'm about to leave for another 10 hour shift.
Remind me what the rules are

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Does anyone know how to get YouTube views? I make music and I want people to see it but no one views it and I even post it all over Twitter.
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Make a reaction video or become an e-celeb and pander to the Alt-right or Alt-left.
what is your channel name?
Start making good music.

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I'm out of pot.
Give me a quick and easy way to commit suicide, /r9k/ I can't deal with this
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Just buy more bro
>pic related
you need a cpap mask too
>can't even take the initiative by researching online to ensure he doesn't fail his attempt
>would rather come ask a bunch of autistic retards online about the best way to kill himself

guess how i know you're just another attention-seeking whore who isn't serious about killing themselves?

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> start to notice the dynamics of /r9k/ changing over the past year.
> more and more normies seem to be aggregating here for whatever reason

Where will you go when R9K is no longer?
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we can retreat into our discords fwen

KYS normie cunt
To the other original side.

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