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>leave room to get a snack to eat
>hear fireworks going off all over the place from my kitchen window
>go back to my dark room and watch anime to stop it from hurting

How is your 4th of July going anons
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>tfw only july 3 10:27 pm
true or false: the 4th of july is the most normie holiday
what is:

New years eve

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Whoever posted that thread of women getting abused earlier, fuck you. I hate that I'm so turned on by this degenerate shit.
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time to hit the archive
she looks like trailer trash

What was it called?

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>tfw you are too socially retarded to provide any kind of emotional support to any human being
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Other humans are just out to get you, having friends is just a meme. Take the alonepill, just be by yourself and be nasty to everyone you meet.
I hate this feel because I received emotional support before and understand how helpful it is.
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Honestly this.
Sounds memey but there's no such thing as pure genuinity. Everyone has ulterior motives is and trying to gain something out of everyone else.
And seeing as how you're a robot, people will only interact with you to hurt you and feed their sociopathic urges.
You're better off just being a lone wolf.

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Hey big brother, don't tell Mom but the basketball team will be in my room
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your wish is my command m'lady *wiggles trilby* i will be practicing square dancing in my room, if you need me... just knock!
I don't have a sister though
Me either. Can't relate. Fuck this thread.

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Is there a way to defeat tfw no gf without actually getting a gf?
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no. it's like trying to lose your virginity without having sex

You can relieve it by indulging in actually productive creative hobbies (so watching anime and shitposting do not count).
I just won't the pain, loneliness, bitterness etc. to go away.

>be born super handsome
>get into acting and end up on the biggest show of all time
>have the most beautiful romance on the show with hot redhead
>end up having irl romance with actress who plays your beautiful fantasy lover and move in together to live happily ever after

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>super handsome
he's ok but saying 'super handsome' is an exaggeration
dont sell yourself short. maybe it already happened and you didnt even notice.
Post the hot redhead

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Chingu changu chongu I ruv big howaito penisu!
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asian women are barely even human beings, I'd rather date an sjw white girl at least there's a person to communicate with
Cute. Asian girls are my favorite.
Moshi moshi
Peinusu desu~

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How fuct am I?
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Not much,you're young anon,relax.
Same here anon. I'm thinking of just getting a prostitute but I don't even know how to drive.
Not as fucked as a 22 yo virgin

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>forced to go to another family picnic
>food is nice, but boring as hell
>uncle arrives and brings little cousin over
>haven't seen her in a while
>talk, find out we like the same cartoons
>finally having fun getting to know family
>uncle suddenly punches me in the face
>calls me a pedo (even though I didn't even touch her we were just talking about cartoons) and says he'll kill me if he sees me again
>father tries to calm him down saying I have autism I didn't mean to do anything wrong but he's still mad
>tfw father won't press assault charges because "muh family, you don't press charges on muh family"
>tfw uncle is sending angry phone messages saying he'll sue me because his daughter is having nightmares about the incident

is there anything I can do to make this situation better?
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So obviously you're living out some details here. What exactly did you do to traumatize this poor girl?
You need to elaborate about the incident
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I literally did nothing other than talk to her about cartoons. Please believe me.

Son, the time has come for you to pursue a seasonal trade. Come hither, I shall escort you to the blacksmith to inquire about an apprenticeship under his wing. Remember to look him in his eyes, stand up tall, and bow in humble gratitude.
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Why do you roleplay on the internet?
Eat mineth arse yee scite eating child
>making nails for 3 years
No thanks.

should i start smoking? i have a fat and i've heard nicotine is an appetite suppressant. plus maybe i can swap one vice for another
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They took the appetite suppressants out before you were born.
First all smoking is a great feeling

Second i like unfiltered camels and after smoking one if i exhale out my nose and then eip after with a tissue my inside nose has anthin layer of yellow mucus so i imagine that has to be in my lungs

i only smoke 4 or 5 a day though and i probably shouldnt smoke that much. what do you think op?

all im gonna say is it feels great
Caffeine is a healthier appetite supressant. If you don't like coffee you could take caffeine pills. They're cheap on amazon . That way no lung cancer. The best option is to just eat healthy foods in bulk. Greens, beans, grains, and fruit are all low-calorie and healthy, full of vitamins and antioxidants. Improve your health and lose weight all at once. Boom

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My dad goes to Thailand and fucks ladyboys. What are some good insults I could use on him?
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sounds like youre just a jealous bitch

go with him and fuck a ladyboy
My dad was racist and hated liberals and thought all his children and my mom were garbage

I guess he was right
Tell him his handshakes are not firm

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What do normies say when you mention that you're going to kill yourself?
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Normie here, kys already
You never tell normies unless you want to get sent off to the lonely bin.
they laugh because casual suicide jokes are hip and fun

Is it possible to work full time while going to college full time? Fuck I wish I had rich parents that would support me reeee
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You can do it bro. I just registered for full-time classes and work 40hrs a week. 2 classes online 2 classes in the evenings.
yes it is possible
and expected
It's possible, but not easy and it will certainly cost you more money in the long run.

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The killer awoke before dawn...
He put his boots on...
He took a face from the ancient gallery and he...
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>tfw that one kid in school who found out you were really anxious around everyone and decided to egg it on

>tfw after doing this he would claim you're going to commit a shooting at school

>tfw years later he saw me after i quit school because i hated it and laughed at me with his dickhead friends about it

at least i didn't turn into a monster and kill anyone

at least i have a great RETAIL JOB now
What does this have to do with Jim Morrison?

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