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I named my son Weedy because my wife and I are stoners. However, my in-laws are extremely pissed at us for this and demanding we change it. What do?
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I'm a stoner, have been for around 7 years, and I think it's fucking stupid. change the name unless you want your kid to be laughed at for the rest of his life
how is it even possible to be a stoner past the age of 16?
Throw your kid down a storm drain and pretend to be childless

give you 20$

Any other Trump supporters here that abandoned him after this Syria strike? I just can't believe it. He went against his promise completely. I don't think I'm ever going to vote in another election.
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I regret him every day, Hilldawg was our girl all along and could have saved us from disaster.
I blame berniebros for not towing the party line and supporting her in the end
what promise?
the US was already at war with syria and was bombing them regularly, nothing changed
what the fuck did you think was going to happen?

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Anyone else wonder how it is they exist? Just think about it, like you could have been anyone but you are you. You could have just not existed but instead you exist.
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...why does anything even exist at all?
What's weirder is when you stare in the mirror and feel that discpnnect between the voice in ypur head and voice that you hear.
Yeah and I wish I didn't.

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does anyone else feel like they just aren't meant for this world sometimes?

i grew up in a reasonably well-off family. my parents loved me. there were never any real problems in my life growing up.
though, i was homeschooled. i've never had a "real" friend. i don't know what that's like, going to their house and playing video games or something. i don't know what it's like to talk to someone. to connect. if that can even happen.

i don't know what working for things is like. my family has always provided for me, and given me everything a person could ever want or need. i don't have any reason to be like this. i could be anything, i have the support and funds to do it. but i don't.

i just don't feel any desire for anything. other than making other people happy, my existence is pointless. i don't want money. i don't want a job. i don't want kids. i don't know what i want really. i guess i just want nothing. i want to escape.

i don't like living in reality. it's scary, and cruel, and pointless, and absurd. i like fantasizing about living somewhere else. about stories i've read, and the fantastic universes inside of them. i just want to go there. i want to be with those people, not these "people" in the real world.

everyone's probably heard of the theory that everyone around you is an NPC and you're the only real person in the world, right? i know that theory is really stupid and is usually only used when people want to feel like they're smarter than everyone else, but i just can't shake that feeling. the feeling that i'm the only one who's "real". who can understand the things i understand.

i hate it. i don't want to feel this way. i don't like being "different", or "special", and i don't like thinking about myself in that way. i'm not better than anyone else. i'm not smarter than anyone else. i just feel different. and not in a good way.

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i've talked to people from r9k before, because they are the only people i can sort of relate to in some ways sometimes. i still do. but i still feel disconnected. i can relate with some things and i try to be there for them, but i've never really felt a true connection with anyone. i don't know if a "true connection" can even exist in reality. i've never felt it, at least.

i feel that i'm a very empathetic person. i don't have trouble feeling for people or trying to provide them with emotional support, but sometimes it just feels like i can't understand them, and they can't understand me. it's frustrating.

sometimes i just feel like talking to someone, but then i realize i don't have anyone who i can truly "talk to". i'm stuck in my own head. the only way i really feel like i can express myself is through writing or drawing, and even then i usually just end up destroying my creations because i'm not satisfied with them.

i just don't want to exist anymore. i wish i could just leave this world without a trace, without anyone remembering me or caring about me. so i could finally be at peace without hurting anyone. the last thing i want to do is hurt someone.

i like to think that maybe there is something better after this. maybe we'll all have a personal heaven according to our deepest desires. maybe we'll go to a peaceful fantasy land where we're free to do whatever we please. maybe it'll just be nothing. i'd be fine with nothing, at this point.

i wish i could love someone who loves me as much as i do them. i wish i was important. i wish i was useful. i wish i had purpose. i wish i could go on an adventure. i wish i could do something besides sit and waste my life in front of a computer screen like how i've been doing for the past 15 or so years.

i just want to belong somewhere. i want to belong with someone. i want someone to belong with me.

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i'm so pathetic. why am i even writing this? no one cares. this is just a useless, shitty post that will be completely ignored.

there's just this tiny sliver of hope that i have left that there might be someone out there like me. i've had dreams like that. i woke up crying after every single one of them. even if we're both hopeless, at least we can be hopeless together, right?

but that will never happen. it's just a fantasy, just like everything else i've ever wanted.

just go ahead and call me a faggot or something. i doubt anyone will even read this whole post. i just needed to get this out somewhere.
i know what you mean
however, my favorite color is fuchsia, and yours is not
thus we can never be friends

but really, the kind of trust and camaraderie you desire isn't quick - it develops slowly with time and contact and mutual experience - that's the rub for longing outcasts

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>jerk off for five hours
>ow mine testicsl
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Why does everyone on /r9k/ seem to have such a low sex drive? I'm beginning to think I'm some sort of fucking sexual superhero, I can jerk off and repeated cum all fucking day and never get any sort of discomfort but everyone around here seems to be spent after a few hours
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some people are older than 16
maybe instead of everyone having low sex drive, it could be you that has very high?

i never jerked off more than once in the morning and once at night when I was 16

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The guy on the right has hundreds of thousands of bitches who want to fuck him, even after he allegedly beat a woman.

Do you still feel superior, lanklets?
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I'm laughing my ass off. Look at that fucking midget
l mean he's famous so
nice man purse

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>21 almost 22
>barely any armpit hair
>no adam's apple
>dicklet (5'3)
What the fuck is wrong with me? Am I still in development or did something go wrong with my growth?
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Sounds like low testosterone. You need to exercise more.
You have low testosterone. That's all there is to it.

Go to a doctor they'll give you testosterone injections and shit.
Probably something wrong with you like Klinefelter's or testosterone deficiency.

See a doctor/endocrinologist.

Why haven't you turned gay and got some sugar daddy to let you live the NEET life but with luxury instead?
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Why would you paint a plane that way. Do you want people to think the edgiest middle schooler is in the sky
Rich kids literally never grow up mentally, it's fucking disturbing how they act exactly like children.
Source: Been around them and friends with a few
>Why haven't you turned gay and got some sugar daddy to let you live the NEET life but with luxury instead?
how do I find a gay sugar daddy

how come white women prefer black men?
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They are more masculine, alpha, and genetically superior.
Because women have naturally evolved to seek out the strongest alpha males as breeding partners. white men have gotten weak after so many years of complacency that when they see black and muslim immigrants beating their chests, destroying white men in fights, rioting, etc, they get fucking wet and desire to breed with them. It's just natural selection.
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They don't black-bots.

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>normies more afraid of you than you are of them

Is this true?
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there's always the possibility of you going on a shooting spree, so I guess that some normies would be a little cautious on bullying your autistic ass.
nah they dont anxieties

Normies are a bit scared of older robots and robots who seem intense. But otherwise, no, this isn't true.

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I hate disabled people so much
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>OP hates himself, in a poetic way
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>Its an OP hates his disabled, no working legs, diaper filling life episode
I feel yah dog
Do you wear a natural selection shirt and listen to bad metal by any chance?

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How do I know if a dildo is safe to use?
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if its not sharp, wipe it down with some disinfectant, and since im assuming you're a guy, make sure it has something that it can get stuck on if you shove it in your ass so it doesn't get stuck up there.
I read stuff about toxic dildos how do I know if it's safe?
put a condom on it


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Why do men just use women for sex? You get what you want and throw us away like we're nothing. How can you live with yourselves?
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>why does [person] use [other person] for [thing valued by other person]
women don't offer anything non-physical that is positive

only annoyance, moaning, nagging etc
Bitch my last gf tried to use me for a baby

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If /r9k/ was a drug what would its affects be and what form would it take?
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Weed but as expensive and addictive as heroin
>what form what it take
from the little Ive seen it would be a 25-75 mixture of alcohol and skunk piss that did nothing but send you into a vegetative coma for about an hour, longer if you consider yourself lonely
Drug? It's not a drug, it's a debilitating lifelong illness.

Mental effects include severe depression, constant anxiety, and suicidal ideation.

Physical effects include being either Auschwitz-mode skelly or hamplanet-tier obese.

Repercussions of these effects include never being able to hold down a job for more than a week or so, and virtually no positive interactions from the opposite sex.

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>ywn be a young female in her prime having orgasms whenever you want
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post more

how the fuck is this not original
m-more please sir

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