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How does it feel to know that even ugly and autistic women live their lives in easy mode?
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That woman is actually pretty attractive by real-world standards.
I'm glad at least someone is happy. Jealousy is a useless emotion

She's a solid 8.

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>"Anon come eat me out."

What do you do?
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god her face is so cute
Dying between her thighs like that would be an honor.
Agree, and tell her to clamp those thicc thighs around my head to make sure I do a good job.

how does it feel knowing your bloodline ends with you? how does it feel to be a failure in life? how did you end up like this?
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I knew my loss before I even learned to speak
please share ur story
I have brothers who are carrying on the bloodline.

Ever feel like you have a "bubble" around your existence like a barrier that keeps you from achieving/doing what you'd like to do? It's see through so you can see the possibilities but can't reach them?

Pic unrelated, that's my city.
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Ye sure that "bubble" is your laziness lack of initiative.
Ask yourself what there is actually stopping you... make sure they arent just your own excuses
I have no idea what I want to do so no idea if there is a bubble stopping me.
Quite the opposite actually. Instead I just feel like things either aren't really real or that I have some fog in my head that just makes things seem surreal.

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ITT: what was the most embarrassing thing that you have ever done, seen or said anons?
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Was Denny gay?
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>be 14
>friend steals my tie
>chase after him
>running full pelt down the wheelchair ramp
>slip on bannana skin
>literally cartoon style head over heels, legs in the air
>land on squashed bannana
>get up
>pass out in own vomit
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i almost drowned a boy by swimming above him when he tried to get to the surface. his head rubbed my genitalia and everyone saw us. god, it was awkward. i cant remember much.

Are people born as Chads or did they become Chads?
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They become chads. You're the byproduct of their success. Don't let them get away with it.
You can only become a brad
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Felixposters begone!

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friendly reminder i genuinely love all of you retards very much. how are you doing today?
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dumb cat poster blox
I wish you were in your grave
Please, don't say things like that without thinking about what they really mean.

Dubs decide what I fap to. No anime or gay. Thread #4.
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Degenerate hardcore interracial cuckold porn.

Gay anime get
Gay you faggot.

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krautchan tier.jpg
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How many anons have you fucked thanks to this place? I think it actually might be easier than tinder for us lot
>2 sloots from /soc/
>1 fembot from r9k
>1 trap and 1 berndette from krautchan /int/
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none, really?
oblig leave normo roooo
>live in south america
>fuck no one
I'm even willing to suck cock for intimacy but it doesn't matter. No one lives here.

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fuck you.jpg
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Any other "chads" here just hanging to see the losers obsess about us?
It's kind of a thrill to me.
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chad doesn't do that
you're a brad
Some nice ears on that dumbo looking motherfucker
Hello fellow Chad, how are you this fine day? Are you eating your vegetables?

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>Dating a girl in her 30's
>Always says shit like "you are so sweet"
>Be sick
>"Awwe i wan to hug you because you are sick"

Whats wrong with older women? why do they mock you?
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posting because check em
Start teasing her back. Follow up any joke aimed at your youth with mocking her for being old. Go for the saggy tits anon. Also flirt with her at the same time you're teasing her because that's my fetish.
She desperately wants a child. So she's practicing motherly instincts on you.

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What's better for a khv schizo weeb that wants friends?
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You would probably like Discord. They're made specifically for memes, shitposting, and erp.
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On steam you have to put a bit of effort in, on discord just join a server and talk
or you can add me I'm quite lonely too

im too shy to message you

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You can have every characteristic a girl asks for, be as loving as a girl asks for, be a gentleman as much as a girl asks for, yet none of that would matter if you're not tall enough or attractive. Why does life have to be this way?
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Don't listen to women, they don't know what they want.
No, women know exactly what they want and that's either an Abercrombie and fitch model or a Nike endorsed super athlete Chad. A lot of them don't get that so they'll wait years while never giving any ugly guy a chance, unless the girl is that horny
Then they never tell you what they want. Simple.

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>Depressed because no friends
>No interests because depressed
>No friends because no interests (and depressed)
What am I even supposed to do?
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go outside and be yourself
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kill yourself yourself ironically
you first motherfucker

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ITT we post our irl gfs.

Pic related, my irl gf.
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thats not your gf thats my mommy!! you butt
This is her.
Say hi to my irl gf
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