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>Remove film from brownie
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What is this meme? I do not understand.
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>Cut slit in film above chicken
Please explain it.

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The average erect penis is between 12.9 and 14.6 cm (5 to 5.7inch).

But everyone has atleast a 16cm dick. Why's that?

Do so many people lie, or just "add up a bit"? What's yours? Mine's 16 unironicly at best, 15 for average day fapping.
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i unironically dont know where to start the measurement from, bottom of the "hill" to tip or tip to where the shaft sinks into my body
People with big dicks are going to brag about their big dicks
I'm 5.5", but I don't think it matters if you're never gonna have sex.

What's for dinner robots 04/04
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How much do you fucking weigh man.
macaroni and hot dogs
Butthurt fatfag detected.

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>be me
>live in a third world country where confirmed faggots would get executed
>a gay trap sits next to me during my fleight
>we talk for hours about everthing
>zie complains about low-culture kebabs and how the will give zer looks all the time
> I be a KHV robot who girls other than family never ever talked to
>this was as far as i got with a low testosterone being in my 21 years of life
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Came here to post this

Literally lmao at your pronouns
Did you like them? Did you get their number?

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There is nothing more satisfying than seeing minorities attack other minorities to please whites.
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do i count as white if im 1/4th syrian?
absolutely fucking disgusting. fuck /pol/
Jesus is cool though. I wish I had a friend like him. I teared up when he said he loved us all. I cried when he told his party story. And I cried again when he wished we could all be there with him. I sincerely wish I had a friend like Jesus. And Jesus, if you read this, you're the coolest.

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>Lying in bed
>Suddenly master writes you on kik
>He shows me his superior dick
>Suddenly my mouth starts to get really wet and there is a lot more spit than usual
I-im not gay, r-right?
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It is soo thick
I just want to press my nose against it and lick it
>Superior dick

Why do you say things like this? It's just sad to see you think of yourself as inferior. I'm sure your dick is great too, even if it's just in a different way.
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C-Can you show me dicks that make you feel that way? Just so I know what you mean

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why do other people get sex for free just for waking up and having the right looks. they dont put any work in.
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>they dont put any work in.
Except the fucking part.
he's put some work into his musculature tho and if he's waking up with a sexual companion then he put the work in to getting one
>They don't put any work in
inb4 ultra chads like him go to the gym 5 times a week, shower and groom daily, keep a healty diet, sleep enough and expertly manoever around female bullshit so they can get laid every single day.

"no effort"
dude please

>"Come on anon, come hiking with us, instead of just sitting in your room all day!! Your girlfriend can come as well...if you have one"
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no im not a normie fag
wait isnt that dolyatov pass guys?

no thanks i'll stay here have fun.
Aren't those the guys who died? Out in the snow? And no one knows how they died?
I'mma pass man.

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if you don't have a foot fetish you're not a robot
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I showed my feet here a few days ago and people said they were ugly, I wish i had cute feet
>be footfag
>HATEHATEHATE painted toenails
>if ___ you're not a robot
so ?

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As a registered democrat, I don't quite get why democrats are trying so hard to block this guy.

Aside from his questionable views on worker's rights and conditions (none that are atypical for a republican), he appears to be the only bloke on Trump's cabinet who's a somewhat decent person.

>implying you don't want to make out with this guy
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Who the fuck cares go back to /pol/
dems are still butthurt about the election. they throw a tantrum over both real and imaginary enemies.
Its pretty disgusting that the GOP blocked Garland for a year and a half, didn't even get a fucking hearing, and now that the DNC is turning it around on them, its suddenly a gigantic sin.


Like, this is so fucking stupid, he's such a fucking liar.

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I was thinking about what things were like for me as a teenager and a early 20s person in the 2000s. And as a kid in the 90s.

I remember distinct fashion trends like glam, goth, emo, scene, etc over the years.

But the last few years in particular it seems like the 2010s haven't really produced a discernible "look" for young people.

The best I could come up with in my mind is the sterotypical "SJW" look with the purple/red/green hair and facial piercings. But I have hardly seen these types of people much out in public.

The other look that came to mind is the Kim Kardashian look which has a woman covering herself in a thick layer of bronzer makeup and dyeing her hair jet black. It looks pretty bad on white girls. But still, not that popular outside of instagram.

So what are young people really doing out there? And not just in looks either, what do they do for fun?

Years ago young people sat around and watch youtube together or marathoned television series. Skateboarding was very popular in some circles. Super Smash Bros will still a major social game. It seems to me that stuff might have faded a bit.
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Well Anon I have a perfect answer for you.

This is the special snowflake generation and the idea is to be unique and different hence no decernable style. Where I grew up was by the beach in an upper middle class area so major styles are like preppy or beach boy.

Girls just wear whatever gets them closest to naked they can get away with. Skin tight yoga pants, denim shorts so short they can only be called denim panties.
why is everyone using spaces between sentences? is this the so called /reddit spacing/?
Couple of factors:

A) Music:
Now that you don't actually have to spend money on music and everything is easily available to anyone at no cost. This means that conspicuous consumption of specific kinds of music has died out. This has also largely killed social signals around specific genres etc because everyone just streams whatever. It's also trivial to find new music so there is no kudos for being the guy that found "X band" (you probably haven't heard of them).

B) Social Media
Social media has totally flattened things like slang. Through social media, slang is no longer kept to one group or another and therefore no long can be used to earn cool points.

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How's that nofap going? Day 34 here
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>is able to have that image on his system without fapping furiously to it
how gay has nofap made you exactly?
My cock is fully under my control. It will only find release when I find another woman to fuck
how has nofap improve ur life op

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guys...im actually going to text my crush today ... what are some topics to talk about because i have no clue where to go with the conversation after "hi" and "what's up?" ...
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Don't do it, roastie bitch's gonna ask you why you texted her if you have nothing to say to her.
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Tell her a knock knock joke.
lol she is a jew

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Haters Gonna Hate
Fuck The Haters
Haters Gonna Hate
Fuck The Haters
Haters Gonna Hate
Fuck The Haters
Haters Gonna Hate
Fuck The Haters
Haters Gonna Hate
Fuck The Haters
Haters Gonna Hate
Fuck The Haters
Haters Gonna Hate
Fuck The Haters
Haters Gonna Hate
Fuck The Haters
Haters Gonna Hate
Fuck The Haters
Haters Gonna Hate
Fuck The Haters
Haters Gonna Hate
Fuck The Haters
Haters Gonna Hate
Fuck The Haters
Haters Gonna Hate
Fuck The Haters
Haters Gonna Hate
Fuck The Haters
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only fags and virgins bump their own thread

OP is both.

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Hey bro, you just need to be yourself, chicks dig that
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O'Pry is so overrated

He looks like an alien next to based Chico

I guess being a 5'7" white over 6'4" Brazilian
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