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i want to give it one last go before i end it all, but i have no idea where to start. i would really would appreciate some tips. thanks in advance
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Yoga does wonders for the mind and soul OP. Look up how to get started, it's pretty much the only thing I wake up looking forward to
Where do you want to improve things, OP?
Give us your employment status, love/social life, physical health.
It's just too vague and broad a question.

If you want to improve your health, then eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, don't smoke, and if you drink alcohol, keep it in check. Don't drink every day, and don't have more than 2 or 3 drinks in a day if and when you do drink.

Outside of highly unusual emergency scenarios, you should avoid taking prescriptions and getting surgeries if you can help it, because these can seriously fuck you up and you'd be shocked if you knew how bad the lack of regulation in the medical/pharmaceutical industry was. Check out Robert Mendelsohn M.D.'s "Confessions of a Medical Heretic" for more information on this. Massive redpill.

If you want to improve your intellect I'd recommend studying philosophy, mathematics at least up to basic algebra, and chemistry/physics. You could also devote some time to reading or listening to audio books on these subjects.

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Are you a manchild?
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you have to return there
Sounds like you're just shifting the blame anon, it's on the thread.

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Are there any anons that are going to an hero soon? Why? I would like to convince you not to because I love you, God loves you and suffering makes you stronger.
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>Are there any anons that are going to an hero soon?
Sure why not
>suffering makes you stronger

So it's okay if I go kick someone in the face? After all, I'm just making them stronger! They should thank me.
Stop being sarcastic. You know what I mean.
I was suicidal last year, exactly a year ago and it gets better. You need to have hope.

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>thinking vaginas look gross
>being a straight male

pick one
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shit looks gross too. but i'll still take a shit.
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boipucci is much less gross

And I AM straight btw
Maybe the solution is to ignore reproductive organs and focus on being turned on by our imaginary female partners' faces?

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TDM DOOM 2 (via Zandronum) for R9K
server name r9k
mostly vanilla: a small mod changes rocket launcher behaviour slightly, so that the rocket comes out sooner, but overall rof and dps are unchanged.

You will need zandronum (or another compatible) and doomseeker to play.

Note: just started setting this up so if you encounter issues give feedback here so I can fix any shit that comes up.
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>DOOM server

Wew mate, failed at using the right game.
Is something wrong with Doom 2, newfriend?
Indeed there is. DOOM 2 has the OP double-barrelled shotgun, terrible music, and a mess of level design.

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I'm almost done with my medical degree and I have to specialize now.
Judging by the number of tranny threads these days, I think I should become the become the guy that makes trannies right?
Is that a good idea?
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on the day of the rope you'll be hanged first.
Always kill a traitor before the enemy
Most trannies don't get SRS, become a plastic surgeon that does FFS if you want in on the tranny market
Wow I'll factor in your fantasy scenario into my life decisions. Thanks for the quality post.

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*blocks your path*
>Anon! Give me a kiss and I'll let you pass!
What do you do?
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I would do a 360 turn and walk away
>360 turn
>walking away
with a 360 turn you'd end up facing her again
Ask her why she wants a kiss from a 2/10 baby faced manlet with greying unkempt hair

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>ywn find a classmate that you share a lot of interests with in your teens
>ywn be his best friend
>ywn see him act more and more like a girl
>ywn see him crossdress, grow long hair, and shave his body
>ywn protect him from bullies that want to kill him for acting like a girl
>ywn watch him fall in love with you for protecting him
>ywn watch anime, play vidya and stay indoors together through highschool
>ywn spoon him in bed and stroke his hair
>ywn cuddle and fall in love with him because girls reject you but he loves you
>ywn see him embrace his feminine mannerisms go on HRT and transition
>ywn marry her and have your first kiss with her
>ywn never lose your virginities to each other
>ywn lick and fondle every inch of her delicious delicate body
>ywn cum hard while your cock is buried balls deep inside her
>ywn adopt a couple of kids
>ywn have a happy family with best friend
>ywn protect her from the statistics and hate of the future society
>tfw patch her self esteem with love
>ywn grow old together
>ywn love her even after her looks fade
>ywn feel bad about it after death because traps and trannies aren't gay so God says it's okay
Why even live?
A female body with a male brain would be the best thing ever.
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>90% of people don't mind trannies
Well they dint dude. They do not.
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I fucking hate trannies, homos and bisexuals. Theyre mentally ill

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Which youtubers are normie tier and which aren't?
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Youtube is all normie trash.
>Youtube is all normie trash
Everyone except Elliot and Randy.

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>that kid who would just go home and play video games instead of having friends
>that kid who missed his prom
>that kid who had no friends in school
>that kid whose only friend was the tv while his parent divorced
>that kid who never had a date in high school

Oh wait that was me
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>that kid who's threads never get replied to
>that kid who dissapointed his parents
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>That kid who got made fun of for being a loner
>That pale sad looking kid that never spoke
>That kid that only ever played games in their spare time and did nothing else
>That kid who got bad grades
>That kid that stood by themselves every day at lunch and break time while other kids played and had fun

That kid was me

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Why don't you sell your body to older men?

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Not a bad idea, but I'm too tall to be a true twink. The younger guy in the video should start feeding him lots of cholesterol and saturated fat so he dies
I already do. It's good for maintaining that comfy NEET life.
I'm an older man who pays younger girls for their bodies.

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What is one simple thing you can do today to help set your life in a better direction?
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End it with originality
Shit, I forgot to include the subtext "Hardmode: no one-liner, "ironic" responses or quips"
Quit my job and do the things I wanted to do.

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>tfw turned 25 yesterday
>mom still treats you like you're 12
who else /sickoftheirparents/ here?
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They miss when times were simpler
You say your mom treats you like 12 so you go on a message board saying your sick of your parents...
This hit me hard for some reason

they can never have sex with a 10/10 no matter what they do.
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Yes they can, easily. Prostitutes.
Plastic surgery is an option
Yes they can, they just need a lot of money

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Femanons, why are you still a virgin? Seriously.
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Saging your thread. This isn't a female worship board.
talk about something else next time.
Why did you save this as virgin.jpg?

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