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Why are so many black men addicted to white cock?
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they cant get the girls so they try to become them only to realize they still cant get laid even when pretending to be the opposite sex!
Because they're systematically broken down and taught to have no pride. Also just the general degradation of society as a whole
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Is it just natural for a black man to want a white man to place his penis inside him?

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H-Hi... I dunno if this is the place to post it but I just need somebody to help me. I've been dealing with a myriad of problems, namely social anxiety and chronic depression but nothing i do seems to help. I can't go outside, i can't do anything at all and I always end up having harmful, violent thoughts and i don't like it :(. I just want somebody to help me please :( It's hard for me to make friends and the few internet friends I have always abandon me after a while. I don't want to end up doing something I regret please help me :(
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Just find a new hobby. Thats how I started my upward spiral
you should go to a hospital if you're considering harming yourself. You need to get a psychiatrist, they will help you better than anyone on here.
seek professional help. do you really think this is the place for this.

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can we have a drinkin' thread? none in the catalog right now.
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buy a prostitute if you were thinking of it, gotta get rid of that pesky virginity somehow right?
buying a hooker is the best way to do it! she doesnt judge you, and if she does you can just walk out the door and call another one!

here is a tip! if you buy the hour sometimes you'll even get a MASSAGE out of the deal too! and if you ask for the GF experience she'll tell you that she loves you when you are plunging your dick DEEP into that totally unused love socket!
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No and fuck you for perpetuating the hooker meme. I bought a hooker to avoid wizardry and it only made me feels even worse. Awkwardly flailing on some whore who didn't give a shit about me didn't solve my issues and I doubt it'll fix anyone else.
sounds like you didn't buy the RIGHT hooker anon! you just have to keep at it until YOU feel right about yourself!
eventually after you spend enough time with your hooker you'll feel like Chad Thundercock himself and all the free pussy you could ever want will be so much easier to get
sensual jane

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This happened 3-4 years ago and I still think about it almost daily:

>be me, first year of uni
>got into the university with my best friend who drops out after a few months to become a NEET
>go to classes alone, no friends, don't know anyone
>eyeing this qt 8.5/10 totally would bang
>develop a crush on her
>come early to class one day she approaches me and introduces herself, chats me up a bit
>on cloud nine as a khv, extremely happy she made the first step
>fugg, is this even real life, feeling elevated for days thinking of ways to approach her, chat her up, get her number
>few days pass, sitting in this cafe near my uni with the same friend from the beginning of story (my only friend)
>she's there with a friend
>think this is a great opportunity to do something
>come up with the courage to write my phone number on a piece of paper
>finish drinks with my friend, leave the piece of paper on her desk and say something like "lets get coffee after classes sometime" or something like that
>walk out

Never heard from her. Kept avoiding me for months. Awkward as fuck when we come across each other in the hallway or something. Later ridiculed me for being a loner and having no friends, giving "friendly" suggestions to me to find friends and shit.

Why do women do this? Why did she even approach me that day? Why did she even bother to introduce herself? Out of pity?
Please share yours.
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writing notes like a grade schooler is probably where you fucked up
have you ever thought that maybe she was just bored and making conversation?
could have been dared by one of her friends.
why did you write on a fucking note anyway. that only works if you are a hot girl and want to fuck a complete stranger

Fembots, why don't you like two piece bikini?
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What is some good robot tier music to just chill and listen to?

Lately I have been listening to a lot of Shadow Rap. Which has been fucking awesome so far. Check it out.


It just really resonates with me for some reason. Strangely. What mostly unusual is that I typically hate most rap. These guys seem irregular too. Just like most of us.
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I've just been listening to car seat headrest, reading lyrics, and wanting to kill myself for the past couple hours

It's even worse knowing anything I feel isn't original, but then again if it was I wouldn't have any music to listen to
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Pouya & Buffet Boys

I love em all too mane. I lowkey wrote a bait comment in one of their videos and they actually put it in the video lmao pic related

You should listen to some ghostmane thou
omenxiii and velvetears

I'll begin.
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This is my second drawing in my life. Is it a little bit okay?
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It's aight. If I saw it randomly on the internet I'd think nothing of it but maybe "eh another DA animu pic"

Why's it your second drawing? What got you into drawing? It's pretty good for a second attempt.
Ever? In your life! Keep going, looking good! I'd ask if you had any more but you said it's only your second
Thank you. I became one of this drawing tablets to my 26. Birthday from my parents. I have not much friends and it should help me for depressions.

>YWN have an underage shut-in, tsundere, video-game-addicted, lazy, slobby gf who is clingy

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I really don't believe such women exist. They all usually have bfs and are nonvirgins. I don't know what to categorize them as though.
Not sure about the tsundere part and a couple years older would be ideal, but otherwise fuck you that sounds perfect ;~;

Man, I assure you, I promise you with all my heart you would not want this if you ever had it.

>Wan five dorrar sucki sucki?
>Onry for you baby!

What do you do?
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Let her lube me up for the rest of the sodomy.
You are big boy? I rike big boys. ;)

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Daily reminder that if you're;
>not in debt
>know how to cook
>have never injected hard drugs
>have a job
>go to school
>shower regularly
>don't have bugs or rodents in ur house
>have a friend
>have ever had sex
>are self improving in anyway
You are not a robot and you need to get the fuck of my fucking board you fucking faggots
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>not in debt
>know how to cook
>have never injected hard drugs
>have a job
>shower regularly
>don't have bugs or rodents in ur house
>are self improving in anyway

I am a 27 year old kissless virgin besides all the above. I think I qualify as a robot. Never even been on a date and probably never will.
>if you've seen another human in the last 6 months
>if you live in a shelter with an address
>if you don't scavenge and scrounge to survive
>if you don't post to /r9k/ from stolen electronics, power, and cable
If you can go out, find a dealer and buy hard drugs you are a fucking normalfag.

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What is your fetish /r9k/?

I very much want Angela Ziegler to maintain strict control over my orgasms for medical reasons.
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I am going to make a meme healslut account, what name should I use?
daddysprecioushealer or something to that effect
battletag is 12 characters max anon.

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mean bythis.jpg
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what did she mean by this???

Is this her inviting me to sex?
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NO. Jesus, this is what's wrong with r9k. Sex does not happen that easily. She is flirting, but that doesn't mean she'll just fuck you. You continue talking. If it goes well, you suggest meeting up for a LIGHT activity. Not a movie, not a fancy dinner, not any of that shit, it does not impress women, it shows that you have a poor read of the situation. You go out for a coffee, and walk around, maybe talk about shit as you pass by it. If this goes well, you can suggest that someone comes over to someone's house to watch a movie or some shit. at this point you can probably start getting physical.
no,she's inviting you to take a wild portrait of your caricature on dat tractor
Granted, some women will just meetup to fuck but that is RARE and you should not bank on it. Most people want to see you in person to feel you out.

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