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Why did God take away my happiness?

>be me in May
>end of the semester
>wish for a summer romance
>early June
>guy texts me out of the blue
>we're in "love" by july
>he cuts things off days before school starts because he says he's too into me and im distracting him from his career
>literally lasted a summer
>sadder than I was in May

Why did God do this?
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You got the wrong guy anon.
Please need insight from Christian
because Ie gob isn't real

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Who here /no friends/
>Tfw haven't talked to a human I'm not related to for months
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i've been feeling this so long I don't even think about anymore. Spending time alone is a good way to deprogram yourself and realize how truly empty life is and how truly delusional people.

Women are the beating heart of society. Without them men have little use for society.
I know that feel, robot. I don't even have online friends. It's been like this for years now.
I can't make friends. It's not like I didn't try. It's just that I'm too shy and introverted. I have nothing to talk about and people get bored of me.
>not years

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How do you feel about plastic surgery?

Personally I feel it's a great thing which allows some people to change their lives for the better.
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I feel my mother whispered softly into my ear, "Erika's going to fuck your ass now, slowly at first, but then she's going to go deeper and faster. At the same time, your aunt is going to suck your cock. When you feel like you're going to cum, tell me so I can take Aunt Brenda's place. I want to feel all your hot cum to go straight into my mouth and then I'm going to suck you dry before I kiss you with a mouthful of sperm."
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Suck my what Aunt Brenda?..
She climbed off the bed and stood to the side where I could watch her put the black leather harness on and insert the dildo into the holder in front of her pussy. She looked majestic standing there naked with a cock pointing out from her crotch. Her small breasts jiggled as she adjusted the harness and the dildo to where she thought it should be. I looked at the dildo, trying to decide how long it was and how many inches around it was, doing the mental arithmetic to decide if it was going to split me open, or if I could accommodate it in my ass easily. She saw me staring at it and crawled up on the bed just a foot from my face. Sitting back, she began to lube up the dildo, coating it by using the same motions a man would use to masturbate his own cock. I was mesmerized watching her stroke it, knowing it would be inside me soon.

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You can't be a robot if you're over 4 inches.
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"Anon," she said to me, "before I lower your panties, I want you to tell your sister 'Thank You' for letting you wear her bra and these nice panties. I also want you to thank her for offering to share her clothes and lingerie with you. You might not think it's a big deal right now, but, it will mean so much to you in the future."
penis size does not matter if you are a robot.
If you have over 5 inches you can't and never will be a true robot.

How many of you faggots dress like this?
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I have hairy legs so I usually never wear shorts
I have hairy legs and I always wear shorts

but then again I don't live in a faggot country like the US where body hair is a taboo.
Those shorts are too long for me. I wouldn't bother wearing shoes in the summer, either.

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So I know there are weed smokers here, but do u guys dab?
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Cali fag here i just woke up and im gonna dab i just got 6 grams of girl scout cookie wax. Its really good. I have to smoke or i get wierd as fuck and when i would smoke weed i smoked too many swishers and backwoods
Everytime someone says the word dab I think of someone dabbing as in the dance move. I can't help but laugh my ass off in a thread like this.
As a stoner, I was very confused by the amount of people who apparently "dabbed". When I saw kids tweeting about it I knew something was off, no way teens are getting into this shit.

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I'm gonna od tonight with my dick out and a needle in my arm
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Put the needle in your dick or I call bluff.
On purpose?
Why anon?.
>On purpose?
>Why anon?.
To prove a point
Uncle Sam doesn't control me

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Guys I'm going completely crazy and none of my friends give a shit

My family would possibly care but they don't know I'm a complete stranger to them at this point

Time is distorting and I keep fighting off psychotic bursts of emotion

I don't know what to do
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What's up? How can i help you?
Thank you for responding, person.

I really don't know how someone could help.

But my fear levels are so high right now, I'm getting super paranoid.

And I keep having to hold back random violent crying.
Describe symptoms

Post sad or crying anime girls
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Here is a sad anime girl
File: 1480892863598.png (518KB, 896x504px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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another sad animu girl
Here are some original crying 2hus.

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>tfw you realize the cum blanket is crusty as fuck and you're the only male in the household so everyone knows
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id prolly kill myself
Why care if they don't confront you about it?
Just keep that one in your room.
Better yet: fucking clean that shit dude

It's 1:20 AM in Phoenix, AZ, and the apartment building right next to mine is on fire. I'm hearing ladders and screaming. I looked out the window and there was lots of smoke illuminated by a helicopter light.
I heard someone (a male voice) screaming for help and then another male voice (I assume a cop) reassuring "We're going to get you out of there! Don't worry."

I called the cops and they already know about it. It's way too dark to take any pictures that aren't pitch black.

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Well take a pic anon, let's see it
GTFO and post from your phone. This gives me anxiety.

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Late night cards against humanity thread, lonely and bored robots are free to join.

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Player AdamLanza was a huge fag
get in here and play
the game is acting autistic robot you broke my game reeeeeeeeeeeee

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What is robot-approved music? I am tired of listening aongs about how Chad fucks Stacy.
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instrumental music
shitty poems over music are for normalfags
Like >>39533231 said, instrumental is best.
Talking Heads.
It's true because this post wasn't original.

Why not just find a cutie with HIV, my incel friends?
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Would the child have HIV in this situation?
>Giving birth to a child with HIV
Why do they do this?
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50/50 chance of it happening if the dad is clean
of course it fucking would you shithead
i wonder if she'd get charged with infanticide for knowingly giving a baby hiv

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Are they qts? Or are they damaged goods?

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>implying most women aren't damaged goods
they are qts but usually damaged good.I mean considered all women do is attention whoring and then they decide to degraded their looks you know something is wrong.

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