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Share your best paint ART
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best 1 I have collected. I use it all da time!
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>My 8 year old baby brother has a gf and he is very popular among his girl classmates
>im 22 KV beta no friends

Should I just kill myself?
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Marry one of his backup chicks once they're legal. Remember, you can reproduce until you die
Tag along with your lil bro when he becomes a teenager, and he'll teach you the ways of CHAD
Ask him to hook you up with one of his gfs

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Was eggman a child actor
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>waaah I can't get a gf
just convert to islam. the friends at your mosque will more than likely let you marry their sister or other female relatives
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if i can marry a 12 year old i'm in
Will they let me have thigh sex with their six-year-old daughter? Asking for a friend.

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Some of you guys are alright, don't go to school tomorrow if your British
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Fuck off achmed violence isnt the answer
Nigga it's summer vacation

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Some days, some nights
Some live, some die
In the way of the Samurai
Some fight, some bleed
Sun up to sun down
The sons of a battlecry

A battlecry
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Anyone here a good looking person with a severe life-debilitating mental disorder(s) ?

I have lots of 5-7/10 females flirting with me wherever I go (in real life).

I even had to change psychologists because the female psychologist I was seeing said it's hard for her to work with me because my looks impact on her ability to properly work with me. Our sessions got to a point where she was literally giggling like a little girl and the conversation would always turn to a normie conversation because she just couldn't help herself.

I'm 30 now, what's worse is that I've actually gained attractiveness in the last 5 years, so I don't know if I've peaked yet.

I'm a schizoid and have schizophrenia coming on soon. I wonder what life could have been if I actually wasn't mentally fucked up. My life is literally wasted because of my mental issues.
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What does having friends feel like
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Been so long I don't really remember. Gave up caring desu. Prefer my /comfy/ life of solitude.
Constant state of wondering about how they would react if I told them about all the degenerate shit I see online everyday.
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constantly having someone to make memories with and pass time by laughing your ass off with. An outside mostly positive outlook on your life.
>also feeling judged 24/7
>only true friends ive had since my freshman year of highschool

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>parents bought a deep fryer
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eat yourself to death, let your addiction consume you.

deep fry yourself.
>parents bought a deep fryer 10 years ago
>used it 2 or 3 times

Not American btw.

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>be 15
>be that skinny out of shape kid
>laughing stock of gym class
>can only ever do one pull-up at a time
>one day discover secret to pull-ups
>if you don't go completely limp, pulling yourself up is a lot easier
>yearly fitness exam comes
>do 25 pull-ups or whatever the number was to get the national fitness award in that category
>finally the jocks will accept me
>turn my form in to the gym teacher
>typical child molester, and shaped like a football
>he laughs as I walk away
>end of the year comes
>they give out the fitness awards at the year-end pep rally
>my time to shine
>they name all the categories and all the beefmen line up for mass applause
>my name is never called
>I never get the certificate
>too socially awkward to ask gym teacher about it
>he hated me anyway and would probably have accused me of cheating

I still think about it ten years later... Fuck you gym coach potato man!
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get over it you loser beta neet
>25 pull-ups
well there we go.
I don't remember the actual number. There were two levels for the awards, the National Fitness Award and the Presidential Fitness Award. Most of the sports players got the National, while a few top large muscle guys got the Presidential.


>haven't had sex with a goth babe in 9 days
how you holding up, lads?
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that's rough man. On day 15 or so I start to see things that aren't there. Goth babes are just too hot
i fucked a chubby goth boy in HS once.
i'm not even gay

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I'm currently going through therapy and doing an exercise I thought might benefit some here

List your fear and anxiety hierarchy and number each one from 1-10, 1 being mild and 10 being extreme
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Come on fellas, lets see those listacles

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Why has this thread never been devised before?
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Because like you, this thread serves no purpose and shall die soon, having left no memorable or significant mark on anyone.

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i'm scared what life has for us in store i cant leave my house without being overly anxious and paranoid that i'm gonna die i'm missing out on so much, I have anti anxiety medicine and its not working, i go outside things seem surreal and i get anxious about how surreal it is and i panic i've been in therapy since i was 4 i'm 19 now doesn't work im trapped in my mind i need to get out
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I feel that. if you have like a tree or a bench outside just slowly go outside over time and get more comfortable every day more and more time
thx i will try this i have a tree outside
Not too much or like every day stray further away from house and go back

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blackbot vocaroo thread


sound like Tyrone? sound like Urkel? somewhere in between? let's find out!
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