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How do I stop being a pussy? Asking for a friend
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What specifically are you, I mean, is your friend being a pussy about, anon?
Confrontation in the most broad sense you can think of. He gets nervous when other men are around him. I just dont wamt to be everyone's little punk no more. I want to 'alpha up you' know
With women?

>get rejected

If it's a fear of rejection that's holding him back, the best way to get over it is by letting it happen. Might suck at first, but after a while he'll stop caring. Because it really doesn't matter or mean much.

>Michael Jackson died 8 years ago
>2030 is closer than 2005

I need to do something or i grow old
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>26 with no education
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>tfw i know that feel

I wish for a reset, it works i vidya so w-why not here?
1998 was not 20 years ago are you retarded

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>it's another: "anon has a lucid dream only to be kicked out by his subconscious moments after he gets in" episode

i just wanted to talk
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The only time I became self aware while dreaming I told the person next to me and the girl gave me a disgusted look and exploded and I woke up
How do you actually lucid dream?
I tried it the last few nights with this mantra https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcU43h7SS70
and yesterday it seemed to work(?) i felt like being asleep but was concious. I only saw blackness though and weird images forming in the blackness and after a while i opened my eyes and was awake.
what the hell is that tv show bullshit?

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>tfw going on a run with a cute girl tomorrow
things are looking up guys
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until you run out of breath and she becomes disgusted at your lack of stamina
I've been going on long runs by myself for years now
my stamina is sactually pretty grear
Go on anon! Get out of here! Go be with your normie family!

Am I gay if I find something like this arousing? After all, it's not like girls fap to pictures like this, so I figure if a straight girl wouldn't like it, it's not really gay, right?
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most guys find that arousing. most wont admit it though.
I think you finding this arousing arousing itself
not me. y'all some faggots

How would one rob a drug dealer? Give me some tips n tricks.
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You probably shouldn't
That's a very bad idea.
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Same way you rob anyone else anon. Take their shit, dont get caught.

I finally had sex today
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Suicide is ethical
Damn i wouldn't have thought that phrase was actually not taken already. Colour me impressed and disappointed.
I own a car

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Anyone else love doing laundry? You get to make all yr dirty clothes clean again and smelling fresh. Not to mention the feeling of taking a load right out of the dryer and burying yr face in. Very cozy!
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Putting laundry in the washer is an easy way to make myself feel like I got something done. The part I hate is taking it out again. There are few tasks I have a harder time making myself do than folding and hanging up the resulting clean clothes.
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>tfw have started wearing underwear for almost a week to save washing them
I struggle doing even the most basic daily chores/hygiene with regularity

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Use to play this exact one with a nigga I only know on the Internet. Nigga was scripting and I still beat his ass more than half the time

Keep getting crushed by the level 3 computer.
Haven't played in like a week b/c kept raging.
lichess computer is fucking hard.

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>The Australian government is planning a two-year trial of random drug tests for welfare recipients starting in January 2018.

>The group will be required to undergo random saliva, urine or hair tests to see if they have consumed illicit drugs, including methamphetamine, MDMA, cannabis or heroin.

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No more Australian shitposters!
Do you really think neets are the one doing weed you emoji spouting retards? only failed normies and college fags are the weed smoking moron s.
I wanna beat a NEET to a pulp

scum of the earth

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Have any of you Robots ever gotten blacked?

t.Robot who got fucked and dominated by a burly black guy and love it
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Are you gonna tell your future kids about this?
At this point I'm so far gone sexually that I wouldn't even mind man
fuck me, cuck me and take my money
No but emasculation and humiliation fantasies turn me on so I'd be totally up for it

hooking up with fat girls?

is it worth it? im doing nofap and now im crazy horny all the time so I made a tinder but I only match with obese girls. some are messaging me I kinda want to fuck but feel like I might regret it. what would you robots do?
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Get as drunk as possible
Can't you find a chubby girl instead? At least chubby still looks human.
Just don't be an asshole, anon.

It's ok to have casual sex, but don't mock or mislead people for it.

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Why haven't you left your comfort zone, robots?
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It's an uphill battle I can't win
Besides, it's called a comfort zone for a reason
Why would I not want to be comfy?
I have plenty of times.

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I Am, I sincerely hope I never experience it again. Share your honest feelings
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>I sincerely hope I never experience it again.

How did you even experience it the first time? I'm scared of it as well and I can't see it happening to me ever.
I am lol.
Actually, have never even fapped.
Scared of how it'll feel and if it's gonna fuck up my dick

Who or what motivates you to continue striving for a brighter tomorrow?

For me, it's LOW

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Growing my net worth keeps me going. The promise of an early retirement also keeps me going
>being a slave motivates me to continue going forward

You must be empty as fuck.

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