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>add a guy to discord
>we have a common interets
>talk a bit, it's ok
>go to toilet
>he spams the messager with autistic rumble and blocks me
I thought you guys only do this ironically.
>pls add me Magnetic|]og#1104
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Accept the request then holy shit
added and ready to be disappointed
why should I add you and also try to hold in my autism
sell me on this

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Is calling somebody "4chan" an insult on Redddit?
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They have a board where they save all our old posts and upboat circle jerk them to thousands of views
How strange. Why don't they just read the posts here?
They're scared to come here so they wait until only snippets are posted to circle jerk to

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How does one stop being a beta faggot?
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i went to gay bars and let gay men fuck me. that really boosted my self confidence and getting butt fucked did actually feel pretty good
I said stop being a beta FAGGOT.
Though I am bi
See, I'm not gay, but I have no qualms getting off to traps getting plowed in the hentai I read. I really can't imagine getting my ass blasted by a dick so I don't think I could do that.

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How do you actually answer to "what's up"?
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"Not much" or "Just trying to get by" are my answers
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"Just talking to some idiot who asks me empty questions that don't mean a god damn thing" is my go-to response.
a meme

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Is it literally even possible to love any girl other than your sister if you grow up rural?

>tfw live and grow up in bumfuck nowhere, Australia
>sister is 3 years older, genuinely beautiful
>hardly knew any other girls my age growing up
>we were always best friends
>laugh together, joke together, cuddle together, occasionally kiss
>even now we still frequently watch movies or anime in her bedroom and I end up falling asleep in her bed at 5am as we cuddle together and I feel her sweet perfume and soft skin and warm breath and silky hair

Fuck I used to think country incest was a meme but now i understand
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post pics of her anon. plz
Pics or it never happened fgt
you have heard our cries OP. fulfill thy duty

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Good morning robos!

How are you all doing? Anything eventful happen over the weekend? What are your plans for the day?
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i'm alright man, things are pretty steady atmo, heading out soon to give some cash to the guy i'm dealing for then meeting up with the oneitis for some food then continue the night alone with drinking and tekken. how bout you
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Pretty good lad, enjoying a coffee and a smoke and just shooting the shit on discord. We're in the middle of moving to a new house so it's been a hectic weekend and the house is messy as shit but can't complain.

I'm trying to find the motivation to actually work on my personal project but I'm all drained out to do any more even though I've only put in about 20 minutes of coding today.
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b u m p

I want someone to talk to!

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Should I skip Dragon Ball and just start DBZ?
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You may as well watch Dragonball first. I started with dbz but wish I'd seen Dragonball first desu.
I'm afraid DB will turn me off the series. Did you find DB objectively good or was it just good because you enjoyed DBZ?
Its a completely different feel to dbz and I preferred a lot if it, especially the tournament arcs. I think I would have enjoyed it without seeing dbz

Play minecraft, mine diamonds
Play minecraft, mine diamonds

Im like lets go play minecraft
Can't keep my ores in my chest
I dont have diamonds no more
We're mining diamonds you know
The creeper's gon blow us up
I gave her diamonds I mined
I craft a diamond pickaxe
Look at these diamonds I get

Just found a portal to end
So I had to kill the dragon
Armor and my diamond boots
Just look at my diamond tools
You put a sword in my steve
I put a arrow in your steve
I just got a potion of leaping
I got some diamonds
No diamonds aye..

Play minecraft, mine diamonds
Play minecraft, mine diamonds
Play minecraft, mine diamonds, eh
Play minecraft, yah

Mine diamonds, play minecraft
Mine diamonds, play minecraft
Mine diamonds, play minecraft
Minecraft, aye

I took the creeper to the forest
That little creeper got blown up
I like to play minecraft all day
My minecraft world is the biggest
Big diamond sword like im notch, man
I got three diamonds, im awesome
Mine all the diamonds in the mine
Dont want the iron, Just want diamonds

Play minecraft, mine diamonds
Play minecraft, mine diamonds
Play minecraft, mine diamonds
Play minecraft, yah

Play minecraft, mine diamonds
Play minecraft, mine diamonds
Play minecraft, mine diamonds
Play minecraft, yah
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Sick rap senpai, proud of you!
Thanks senpai ! I'm glad you enjoyed my "lit" rap!
sorry I meant to say "f.a.m"

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Do you think that it's possible for a woman married around 24-26 to convince her husband to wait to have kids until 31-33? I want to enjoy my time alone and work and stuff
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Why? You increase the risk of the kids being unhealthy the older you are when you have them.
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The robot is cancer that doesn't allow textless posts. Down with the robot.
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Having kids in your early 30's are pretty normal for educated white and Asian people here in the US.

Honestly though, if you think of children as some huge life-ruining event that will take place after you've travelled/had your fun/saved up a nest egg/gotten that promotion you'll probably start to dread being a mother and think of new excuses once you hit 30.

im a big failture and i like mememes i want ot die please kill em beans .. thanmks i hope i get quads
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god is real god is real god is real
fuckin scripted

is this you mod?
it isn't though im really spooked

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>white nationalism
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>being anything but white
why do chinese cartoon characters always look white
Shut fuck up jap sub human,,go do a mathematic i will help.1 plus 1 bomb equal end of war

Who here /asexual/ masterrace?

>No need to care about remaining a virgin
>Immune to sexual tricks by the normies
>Guaranteed wizard status

Explain to me why any other sexuality could possibly be considered superior.
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>Who here /asexual/ masterrace?
I consider myself asexual who masturbates. I have no desires pursuing any gender or having sex in general.
Can I just be asexual without it being a whole... thing? I don't need superiority or posturing.
>giving a shit about sexuality
tumblr pls go

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>waiting for bus at college
>turns out the bus stops in a new place now
>no notices or signs at the usual bus stop saying to go to the other place
>started walking up to the new bus stop and see the bus coming down the hill
>put my arm out to signal for the bus to stop
>the bus driver shakes his head and keeps going
>absolutely seething with rage
>go to the library and email the bus company complaining about it
>create 5 other email accounts with fake names and email the bus company complaining about the same thing
>they emailed me back saying they disapprove of the obscene language me and "other students" have been using to insult the bus driver in the emails
>they added some college staff members to the email
>college staff want to speak to me and the other students about the incident
>other students who don't even fucking exist

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Do they have names? Just curious.
You probably already know this is your fault.
>Cussing out staff
>Making fake emails to send stuff to irl people
I understand how having your sole mode of transportation screw you over can be infuriating. And that this is literally all you can do to get to campus because you can't afford a car or unwilling to deal with the plethora of bullshit associated with other modes of transportation.
But this is mountains out of mole-hills.
You really have 2 options that don't involve the horrific death of you and/or many others.
>Confess and explain that you rely on the bus to not change stops, and how this impacted you emotionally and actually.
>Claim you don't have any connection to these other five.
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Just say that another student was using your name.

And that you left your email up on the library computer and forgot to log out.

Don't respond until they threaten to cut you from classes or something like that. The staff probably don't want to deal with this problem because it's another thing they have to deal with. They will probably forget about it. But if it comes to suspension, then do what I said above.
I feel like you could just act like nothing happen and act surprised when they bring it up to you say what this guy said >>37662969

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This could have prevented WWII

If only...
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what a masterpiece, really gets the waterworks going every time
I would FUCK that snow leopard.
What do you think went through the mind of the person who made this picture as he drew it?

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>tfw haven't capped outside of /d/ in weeks
How is 'that' going for you robots?
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I wasted so much of my life fapping and being miserable I dont' even know how to reply to you.
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>spent an hour trying to jerk it to normal stuff and just went back to "that"
Tell me about "that", why does it haunt you?

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