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I bet you faggots don't even watch gay porn. How can you be secure in your masculinity if your scared of masturbating to gay porn?
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I'm so manly that I fantasize about being in gay porn and getting railed like a fucking man.
I tried it once to see if I was gay

couldnt stop laughing
Whats the point of masturbating into something that doesnt get me hard at all.

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minor annoyances thread
>youtube updates its interface
>now it lags even more on my toaster laptop
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>youtube updates its interface

Why do they do this anyway? It never changes much.

Is there just a guy whose job is updating the interface and if he stops proposing changes they'll fire him?
The new interface looks and feels terrible too. I hate it so much.
Is there a way to revert?

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how many times/week do u eat
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>tfw no ultra-weeb McWeebypants cute boy to put on a fem diet ;__;
42069 times/year
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Eat 2-3 regular sized meals a day or 4-6 small meals a day.

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>tfw no gf has become tfw no bf
Stupid anons why did you do this to me
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>>tfw no gf has become tfw no bf
>Stupid anons why did you do this to me
Dumb sissy anime boi.
Fuck off dicklet spic don't ever reply to my threads again
Be my bf instead lol

le meme virgin here

Do women care about penis size?
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>tfw failed toilet paper tube test
I heard the g spot is about 3 inches in and as long as you hit that you're good.
both ways? if it fits, but the head sticks out you pass the length test

>Anon! Hi!! Welcome home my darling. You must be hungry. Shall I go hunt some dinner for you? Hmmm, you smell a bit. How about a nice tongue bath? ..Or umm, would you like... me...?

What do
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I know this is supposed to be sexual but the tiger is so cute I wanna cuddle her.
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>tfw no feline fuckbuddy
i love you feline friend !! yes i do like you

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this entire board is basically a virtual special ed classroom yet i always come here on a regular basis and even make friends here
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>making friends with robots
Better off killing yourself tbqh onii-senpai
>special ed
Nah mate, this is the advanced class. You're probably looking for >>>/b/, >>>/s4s/ or maybe even >>>/pol/ during American hours.
>making friends with other robots
how do I do this?

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Who /mental illness/ here?
What is it? How are you doing?

I'm bipolar and as of yesterday hypomanic after a pretty shit depression phase
Give me ideas of shit to do
So far I've just been drinking, studying and had sex with 2 different girls (one in public)
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i'll have you know that i suffer from self-diagnosed OCD/Autism/Sociopathy/Aspergers/Depression/Anxiety and other mental illnesses that give me the perfect excuse for being a total fucking cunt to every person who has the misfortune of meeting me in person
Unfortunate, sorry to hear my dude
Major Depressive Disorder, ADHD, General Anxiety Disorder and probably some more will be diagnosed when i go to my next therapy session in 10 days, as it's the diagnosis session.

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Glovefags are off having fun all on their own again, so let's just have our own fun without them.
>tfw still no one to share eye fetish with
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woah anon, its okay
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Has this board actually done anybody any good?

Is it therapeutic to know that other people are in a similar situation as you?

Or does all your depression and anger just shoot up exponentially because you are surrounded by robots who feel just as shitty as you do?
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Seeing the same viewpoints parroted here every single day eventually made me realize how dumb they are. This gave me the desire to be different, which helped me get out of the bitter neet hell.
There's been a handful of self-help, therapeutic, etc. threads and generals that are probably worth a lot to some people, at least based on what they themselves say.
>Is it therapeutic to know that other people are in a similar situation as you?
No. It might initially help if you're stupid enough to not realize the fact on your own, but after that you'll just be surrounding yourself with more misery, making yourself even more miserable.
I post here because I hate myself and want to suffer

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To Counter all the Race Baiting Shill post on behalf of the Black bots..

Let me put you on Game for Black Attraction Dynamic:::

Most Top Tier Black men Prefer Light Skin Black Women.

Dark Skin Black Women typically seen as undesirable.

PRO-TIP: Dark Skin Flat Butt Women get Ingored by most black men.

PRO-TIP: Facial Beauty (or breast) is not as important as Butt Size to Black Men

=== Light Skin with a Big Butt is the most desirable trait for Black men. ===

== a Dark skin women must have an Extremely Large Butt to be considered Desirable. ==

The Tiers are:

1. White woman with Big Butt.
2. Latino Woman with Big Butt
3. Light Skin Black Women with Big Butt
4. Average Light Skin woman
5. Average White or Latinto Woman
6. Over Weight Light Skin Woman
7. Dark Skin with Super Big Butt
8. Average Dark skin woman with big butt
8. A Tranny
9. Dark skin woman with no Ass
10. Over weight Dark Skin Woman.

Dark Skin Flat Butt Women are the least desirable, and most likely to swirl.

It's not stealing the best, it's taking undesired..
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I dont care. My women suck. Latinas and asian girls are better so enjoy.
A Dark skin woman must also be extremely attractive with a Huge Butt to be Desirable.

Man Latinas always have the biggest asses

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I thought having a virgin 16 year old gf with a hot body was ideal but now im starting to realize how annoying talking to her is.

She never asks questions or responds to anything i say and always brings everything back to her.

Are all women like this or is it just because of her age?

Disclaimer: no sexual conversations or actions have occurred.
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Idk why i thought anyone on this shitty ass board would have experience with something like this
Fuck off no one cares original

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why don't you get a skeleton as a girlfriend they can protect you from the inevitable skeleton uprising
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my only hope of getting a skeleton gf is if i become a necromancer and raise one from the dead
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I really wish I didn't find this attractive
what's her @? asking for a Skelly Friend

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what's you're favorite linkin park song
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Mine is Somewhere I Belong!
Either Breaking the Habit, Faint, or Numb.
In the end (it doesn't even matter) desu ne

when did you realise /r9k/ is a board full of bitter weirdos that desperately want to be right 100% of the time no matter what?

ive had several moments when i experience true clarity and see this board for what it is (see the first sentence) but i still come back because i believe there are some i can help (not getting laid or whatever u tards may assume) but they desperately turn down good verifiable help just so they can be right, even if in the long term it will completely ruin their life, or even they just believe it will ruin their life

sad. im too much of an empath, no empathy for you fucking robots anymore, not like you wana get better, stop feelin sorry for yourselves you sad fuckin cunts.
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So why do you do you come here? If you dont like it, fucking leave. Normo.
alright give some advice fag
A robot is better than a normalfag. There is no "get better." I already am better than you.

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