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Who else /ISTP/ here?
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still here, unfortunately
INFP is best MBTI type
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Yep. It's a strange feel desu.

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Pic related is what i really need right now

>tfw wake up as a 27 year old manchild who's never accomplished anything other than landing min wage dead end jobs

It's hitting harder and harder that any chance for turning my life around is gone. I fucked up.
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27 is nowhere near too late
Not OP but it totally is. Hell, if you've done nothing before 25, you're done for.
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I feel you OP. Is one friend too much to ask for, God?

ITT: Your favorite famous robots

Pic related. Made some of the saddest but most pleasing music I've ever heard. I wish I had the balls to kill myself the way he did.
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Elliott Smith was murdered. Get your facts straight.
Na he stabbed himself in the heart. He is the best, op.
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The only real robot musician.

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should I finna kms
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I think I'm finna kms
I think you already know the answer
nigga what you finna say done boy im bust a cap up that asss

Who /NonVerbalLearningDisability/ here?

It is caused by having a damaged/deformed Corpus Callosum (neurons which connect and relay information between the two hemispheres of your brain).

It basically means you have a high verbal IQ but in every other way you are retarded. It's often mistaken/misdiagnosed as autism but it's basically inverted Autism. You are able to speak clearly and fluently but are in a severe deficit for things like math/science/music/art/everything else. This actually makes it worse because while autists usually have marketable talents, people with NVLD are basically screwed.

Another common issue with people who have this form of brain damage is that when they were younger they often did very well in school and were constantly praised for it. But as they got older and their disability began to manifest, they slowly fell behind their peers. This often leads to a complete collapse of ego and a lifetime of self hatred and low self esteem as things only get worse with age. Many simply withdraw from society all together, since they will never be able to compete and people often treat them poorly.

The high verbal IQ is often more of a hindrance than a help as well since being verbose often times makes people overestimate you and when they see how clumsy and clueless you actually are they recoil thinking you were just faking being smart.

Unlike your common variety of idiot who is often so stupid that he doesn't realize how bad he has it, the one type of intelligence that NVLD sufferers actually posses allows them to realize how badly they are being shafted. This breeds anger and endless frustration. Many people with NVLD also have extreme tempers due to all the pent up frustration and loneliness in their lives.

I would argue that along with autism and crippling depression, NVLD is one of the patron mental illnesses of /r9k/.

I wouldn't wish this shit on my worst enemy.
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>tfw start reading this and think "wow maybe me"
>high verbal IQ but shit at math/science/music/art/everything else
>haha but I'm good at stuff though
>think about that for a second
>are you really good at things?
>are you?
>why are you constantly worried about your few contacts viewing you as brainlet
>why are you so worried about being smart enough
>why have you still not learned all those things you were going to learn
>fuck i have it


what can I do?

or do I really have it? one thing I'm really good at is visualizing and like, thinking about very large complex systems like fractals and things like that. I cannot into the actual math tho..sometimes I'll talk about things on /sci/ and have people agreeing with me and then ask for proof by actual math and shit and I'm fucking clueless...also in nearly every online convo I have its like a 9:1 ratio of me:them...

do I have it? what do?
It's basically akin to being brain damaged, so there is very little hope of learning your way through it.

Many people grow more and more miserable/angry with time.
Bumpity dumpity doo

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How would your life be different if you had a 4 inch dick?
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The extra inch would improve my confidence.
I'm like 6.5, but I smoke alot so I have aloy of cortisol in my body. I'm holding myself back because of my addictions. But I'm such a shitty person that no one would stick around anyways.
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>completely blunt and honest
>might be a liiiiittle disappointed

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who is lil peeping here.

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quit shilling this fag
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>half black hoes

Saw this mook in a guardian article. Pitchfork really does choose what's popular in the "indie music" business, don't they?
is this what scene kids have become

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I want to be rich. I want a West London apartment and work in banks snorting coke off a hookers tits. I want to look in the mirror every morning and feel like I'm worth something

I'm taking an Economics degree and I'm not poor but my family has no connections with big banks.

How much dick do I have to suck to make it in the industry?
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>implying bankers don't have armies of Stacies and Theresas to suck their dicks now.

Banks gotta fill their diversity quotas now dummy!
How old are you OP? Are you almost done with college? What rank is your college? What race are you? Are you working hard towards that vision?

These questions can be huge factors in determining if you get to live that life.
You will NOT get a good job in the banking industry atm, nor trading unless your a CS major. So, a lot of dick

Quantitative trading will save you anon

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Why don't you join Anti-fa and get a commie gf?
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I'd rather do this vbvbvb
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I tried to ask a girl at a protest if the same people on the other st were with us and her friends stood in front of me like I was a rapist we were all in masks
Im not interested in 200 lb girls with purple hair

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When's the last time you had a face to face conversation with a female that wasn't family or work related?
Since January for me
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A couple of hours ago desu~
Roughly 6 hours ago
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a week ago maybe

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How many people frequent r9k? Rough guesses are good, or if anyone has access to SimilarWeb's upgraded features and can view the folders tab on here https://www.similarweb.com/website/boards.4chan.org#websiteContent

I've been wondering how many people I'm talking to on here for a while.
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8 people
but they are the most important people of earth
Well I guess i'm 3/8. Where are the other 5?
>111.30 million

no fucking way is this legit

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I literally haven't spoken a word to anyone in three days

my phone number is +447860110774 outside the uk and 07860110774 in the uk
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>three days

I haven't really interacted with people since October of last year.
>phone number
why not just post a discord or skype or some other free voip option
3 days? Posting your phone number on this website...Who are you trying to con?

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ITT: Post your favorite album
Pic related is mine. It's the Led Zeppelin's debut album "Led Zeppelin"
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While She Sleeps second album
This is the Six
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i love all their albums, but i can listen to all of these songs anytime
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patrician filter.jpg
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Goreshit - Tomboyish Love For Daughter

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Do people exist who don't hate trannies
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>Do people exist who don't hate trannies
Yes. I actually like trannies because they can more often relate to me with the struggles of life.
No. I personally think all trans people are mentally ill and need to be euthanized.
>>>>>>entire american culture is founded upon worshiping degenerates
>>>>>>>>>literally mixed gender bathroom
>>>>>>>>>>>>being cis-gender scum is a sin in 2017
>this fucker complains about not being accepted on a conservative imageboard.
Fuck off Socialjusticeberg.

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I don't like how normie-ridden /r9k/ is, but then I go on Wizardchan and I hate how hateful and delusional they are. I wish there was a place solely for robots who aren't delusional assholes.
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also same but idk what to do about it
Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's full of fucking normies.
Goddamn normies whining about their bf/gf piss me off so fucking much.
i hate how many RPers there are on wizchan
/r9k/ is the best during slow neet hours but i wish there were more losers since it's a little dead

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