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Justify wanting to spend most of your life with a man/woman.
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free sex
cheating is just bonus points
26-32% of them wouldnt think about cheating on me :^)
Justify spending significant time, money and emotional stress on a person just to fuck them

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I feel worthless
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It's probably not your fault

I am worthless. It's not just a feeling.

Also this, I blame my parents desu.

why do you guys feel worthless? ;_;

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I'm a burger but I decided to download the picture and start a britfeel thread edition
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you are fag
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What did he mean by this?
Origional origami
You're a retard because there's already a thread >>36645085

Use the catalogue you yank

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qt (67)A.jpg
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How do I get a sophisticated gf who won't fall for Chads shallow tricks
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You literally do not. This planet is deeply fucked. Women are all cunts now, war is inevitable, the economy and environment will collapse. It's bad
Things we can do to fix the problem

1) exterminate normies
2) abolish women's rights
3) adopt gay space communism
Go to hobbies and events where you would find such a girl.

hey and welcome to the 2nd Unironical Yandere Support Group thread!! (AKA just taking over for the previous Yandere General)
Here, we spread yandere awareness, experiences as/with yanderes, and more. We're not crazy or anything, we're just disadvantaged.
Even people who suspect that they're the senpai to a yandere can come here to request advice on what to do and how to react/interact and some of us might be able to help.
The primary groups of this thread, and of our Discord server (invites to which will typically be handed out via burner e-mails to those who request it or need it) are basically:

1 ("yandere"): support group for yanderes to relate to eachother about things and ask questions and advice, or just have a nice conversation on occasion

2 ("senpai"): people who are being victimized or followed by a yandere and want to receive advice or share ongoing experiences

3 (observers): people who are interested in the notion of us or what we go through and want to observe us

The last thread did really well, so let's see what we can do with this one.
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I want to kill the girl I love but I can't find her, can you support me with that?
Buying yandere gf
I like yandereness because it implies there is a person who is lovely enough to drive you insane. Too bad there's no one good enough to go full yandere for.

I also like abusive girls for this same reason, it implies they're lovely enough for it to be worth it.

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I just saw Saturn through my dad's telescope

I almost cried at the sight of it

how is it possible for something as wonderful to actually exist?
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It doesn't. Space doesn't real and the Earth is flat. The Jews are projecting images of planets and stars into the sky to decieve you.
I have telescope too, any astronomers here?
Go tip your fedora somewhere else you fucking faggot

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download (9).jpg
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>Manlets can't be successfu-
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i agree with the content of this post but not the fact that it was posted using a phone.
t. toaster poster.
Pac had to be one of the greatest boxers of all time to be able to called a successful manlet

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Penis Holy Grail.jpg
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>tfw will finally regain dick feeling
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you better explain this
Foreskin regeneration nonprofit/company. It's pretty cool, they're gonna be featured in the documentary American Circumcision later this year. Oh, and I know this link makes it look like i'm shilling, but apparently linking to it via my account increases my chances of getting into the clinical trials. If you don't want to do that, just look up Foregen. I'm just really happy about this, so that's why I'm here.

>jews steal your foreskin and charge you money to get it back

Anyone here an aesthetic robot?

I smoke with my white button down shirt and loose tie as I stand outsidr pubs and bars late night at lavish parties.

>I dont get any girl action or shit at all. Im just good at playing the roll of a cool guy

Literally man, is there anyone else that does their robotic shit but in a cool sense. Im fucking depressed and miserable but i keep my cool and play the role like a notherfucking vhillin
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>ate] [Auto]
this is the gayest shit ive read, and i vape so thats saying something
on one hand, that is the most autistic thing i've ever read, but on the other hand, i so feel you bro. i like to think i look like spike spiegel lol
do you even vape bro?

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Why do you masturbate to Touhou characters.
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There are a variety of 2hus, so theres always fap material available.
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Reimu and Marisa are like 20
Touhous are the one line of characters I don't like being sexualized .They're too pure.

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Where does one acquire weed or other such substances as a person with near to no friends who also have no connections?
Asking for myself.
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if you don't know, how am i supposed to?
The internet, but you already knew that and aren't willing to right?
Just ask a nigga in a hoodie / hooded jacket, you'll find some easy

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Is there any use for one of these if you're a robot? I don't even own a tablet because a laptop serves me just fine.
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Only phones worth a shit are ones made by Microsoft
I have a smartphone because my iPod died and it makes a decent music player. I don't even have a cell plan for it.
Tablet are useless though unless all you do is consume cloud based media.
>dead os because no apps because dead os
t. Lumia 640 owner
Lying in bed phone posting with clover. Good for music and any browsing really. 5 inch 1080p screens look really good. I don't even have a home phone just have everything come here. Never text though and rarely use my data.

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Who else here /pure/?

>be pure
>be objectively better than people who drink, smoke, do drugs, curse, have casual sex, masturbate out of boredom, have fetishes and engage in general degenerate behavior
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I am now, but I've run the course on some of those things you list.

Guess I'm /washed/.
theres nothing impure about having fetishes
and am I impure if I masturbate out of arousal and not boredom?
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>be on high horse
>think im better than people who like things i dont like

Met a girl, we dated, got married, I bought us a house, we had a baby. Now she wants to go out all the time. She is always making excuses to go out without me, and she is getting dressed up saying she's going to see some friends but never answers my calls and comes back very late. Wtf man I want to die she is definitely fucking someone else while I stay at home and our baby screams into my face.
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Fuck off normie breedcuck
Fuck you asshole. You don't know real pain
Move out of the country.

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im bored you cunts wanna play some vidya
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im playing oldschool runescape
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not op but me too, just afking wc atm tho nothing special
rs3 masterrace

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