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I'm a disgusting, undisciplined person.
I haven't made a single step to better my situation in my entire life. I have the power to fix myself completely. I'm just too lazy.
You can't call this depression. This is conscious, uncontrolled aversion to anything good or healthy. I don't deserve help or sympathy. I want to die.
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But are you a female?
>I have the power to fix myself completely. I'm just too lazy.

Then you don't have the power to fix yourself completely. Because you're too lazy.

It's one or the other.

Knock it off with the double think.
yeah i think evasive behaviour is one of the biggest common factors for robots. Well it`s the reason i come here.

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>Horrible at talking to women.
>Decide I need to practice.
>Contact local Mormons, missionaries agree to talk.
>Arrive at church, three smoking hot blonde hair blue eyed women.
>"Hi Anon, so you wanted to talk about our Lord and savior?"
>Talking about Joseph Smith, God and stuff, I can't stop looking at their legs.
>One of them starts crying tears of joy talking about being filled with the spirit.
>For some reason this is a turn on and I have a raging boner.
>They ask me what I think and I talk about how maybe the universe is a simulation and I can see how it could be good.
>The look of pure confusion on their faces.
>Went home, jerked it thinking of hot Mormon chicks.

So I think I'm going to become a Mormon /r9k/.
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Read about frame control and maintaining frame.

I dontk now if that will get you laid but it sure helps
Your IP is being logged on lds.org we are going to locate you soon and disqualify you from becoming member of our great church.
Good luck, I'm behind seven bibles.

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Alfa fux
Beta fux
Omega ???
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...i guess "fux" would fit the pattern
Alpha fucks
Beta bucks
Omega (are) cucks
We betas fuck too, in my case I fuck traps

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>slept maybe 4 hrs
>sister makes me take the dumb cat to the vet because she's too retarded to be able to drive
>at a cross walk trying to turn right
>car is literally all in the cross walk
>looking left trying to find opening
>right turn arrow turns green
>pull forward
>hear a blood curdling scream
>scared a wild didn du on her bike
>didn't even fucking touch her
>dumb bitch didn't have the right of way. I know didn dus can't read but shit I thought they'd be able to know what a red hand meant (hint it means DONT CROSS)
>retard screamed like I ran her over
>autistic so I forget to keep voice down
"stupid fucking nigger can't you see you don't have the right way"
>bitch starts yelling about racism
>oh shit the windows are rolled down
Autism has been activated
>she says shit about how she'll fight me
>yell "it's the 21st century we don't fight like apes anymore."
>bitch pulls out her phone screaming about how I will go viral on Facebook
>just drive away
Swear to god if she reports me to the cops and I go to jail I will go 1960's on her and lynch her.
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>thinking its a black person problem
yeah, you're racist
everyone knows that bikers in general are incapable of knowing any rules of the road
sometimes i have to drive through the nigger hellhole known as philadelphia. faggot pedestrians love to bitch at cars that stop on the crosswalk. NEWSFLASH: I CANT FUCKING SEE IF CARS ARE COMING UNLESS I INCH FORWARD. SHUT THE FUCK UP AND WALK AROUND ME.
Ha. Good one.

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What girl are you interested in right now? What are you gonna do to win her heart/smash her pussy?
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>What girl are you interested in right now?
i haven't been interested in any specific girl in years

there's no one out there for me
When you say "win her heart/smash her pussy" is that like the same thing? I wanted to do one just to do the other.

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would you rather have your dominant hand or dominant leg be amputated?
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Robot arms are shit.
Arm. Duo to an illnes I lost most feelings in my right arm, I usually use my left for wiping my ass and masturbating and stuff.

>not giving yourself a stranger with your dear arm

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I brush my teeth a few times a month and I personally have never gotten a cavity before

I hate brushing my teeth. It sucks, it's horrible. Every time I try my teeth hurt super bad and start bleeding. Why do you idiots like doing that every day?

A few times a month is ok. My teeth are fine.

I just rinse really well with water after I eat meals. I think my teeth are better than most people's teeth actually because I do that.
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shut up and post sauce to that image
you must eat very few refined carbohydrates or have magical teeth/saliva
>Every time I try my teeth hurt super bad and start bleeding. Why do you idiots like doing that every day?
because it doesn't hurt. you got gingivitis son, you're teeth may not have cavities but they're gonna fall because your gums are fucked

Fembots why aren't this thin and cute?
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Here's a cropped pic

I think its because they aren't models.
I'm living off chocolate until I am

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is the "be positive" meme actually true robots? I just can't go on anymore...
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Most of the times yes.
But they aint no magic pill that saves you from your problems you still gotta feel the struggle and deceat your demons.
so do i just turn a blind eyes on issues and problems that plague me and hope it all goes away?
Yeah I had to work at a place where it was a requirement to smile and stuff, but it takes real effort to keep it up, it might look like its second nature but it is actually hard work.

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I'm hyperventilating because I was just reminded I'm 26 and a virgin

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just get a hooker you fag
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GO NOW.jpg
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>take steroids
>get low fade haircut
>take a couple non aspie pics in a short sleeve polo
>download tinder
>boost, get matches, go for drinks get laid

>go onto an escort site
>book an escort
>go and get the succ and fucc
Just talk to a girl at your next party. Doesn't have to be a pretty girl. Just talk. It'll make you feel better.

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download (2).png
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BALL SO HARD, MUHFUCKAS WANNA FINE ME. Any blackbots know this feel? The time is 6 o clock in this thread.
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mup da doo mugukka po mo gubs bix nood kill whitey ya hear
Do blackbots even ball? Can we can get some brothers to chime in?
I'm here for the cuck shit.

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>monday in school
>everyone is sharing their experiences about how they were partying, drinking and having fun in the weekend with their friends.
>planning on how they are going to celebrate their birthday parties in summer
>i sit there alone with my school shooter face and 12 year old body scaring people away

Is it okay to be sad? I'm so jealous..
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i wish high schoolers on this board would be fucking culled

i do not fucking care about your juvenile woes you fucking child
you either shoot up your school so they can't keep talking about their great lives

or you just kill yourself so you don't have to worry about it
>he thinks highschool is had
what an absolute faggot, just wait til uni and the real world

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How many gay threads do you make everyday?

I usually make between 10-15. At least one of those threads will get at least 100 replies. This is my first today.
It's literally all I do. I have no job, no interests, no friends. This is my only hobby.

I just post gay things on /r9k/ all day, after I wake up in the morning until I fall asleep, gay posting with my friends here.

Nobody - Nobody on this whole board - is as dedicated to this board as I am. I love this board and that's why I post. I hope you understand. I need to post here.
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No one here is your friend
File: 1466229495918.png (272KB, 363x518px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>No one here is your friend
maybe you aren't my friend.

But many people here are my friend
we post together everyday on /r9k/, if you talk to someone everyday then they are your friend
Stop being a fag op. <3

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>tfw you have 3 shifts with the cute girl at work this week
Anyone else?
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File: 1455236976396.jpg (26KB, 328x466px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I cant see the temps work schedule anymore, so everyday is a small surprise for me when I get to work.
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>tfw boss changes work schedule in front of your eyes and you cancels all your shifts you had with the qt girl
>"You're ok with that plan anon?"
>tfw you get yelled at by your manager for flirting with the cute hapa girl
She was a total slut but I thought I could save her. She ended up rejecting me and started fucking a guy who was 10 years older than her.

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Does it get worse once you hit 30?

Man, im a 23 neet soon to be 24 in july, things arent getting better but nor are getting worse.

When will shit hit up the fan?
How much will it hurt?

Oregano senpai
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Depends, some NEETs are successful others are not
In your specific case, are things turning on as bad as you thought?
Bump because i want to have a discussion about my problems.

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