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>who you ask to buy you shit (mom/dad)
>Manner in which you ask them to buy you shit
>The success rate

I'll start
>Age 25
>Ask mom
>Hey Moooom (kind of like Eric Cartman's mom voice)
>Can I use your card for a 4 for 4? (Wendy's)
>Reinforce it with a "I haven't had one in a week or two" (when really it's been a few days probably)
>80% success rate
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>TFW having my own car
>I don't remember the last time I asked my parents for anything besides money a few months back.

Why don't you have your own car yet anon?
Not OP, but I'm honestly afraid of driving.

I don't feel like I'm qualified to handle a car and I'm surprise we give out licenses so willy-nilly.

But, sadly, I live in a country with very poor public transportation.
I'm afraid that if I try biking I'll run a high risk of getting run over since we lack bike lanes and the streets are incredibly inconsistent in size. There's not always room for a bike.
I felt nervous when I started out as well, its like riding a bike, a big, ton weighing bike.

By practicing you'll gain much more confidence.
Just know how real drivers handle the road because driving school prepares you for the basics.
BTW where are you from? India?
Because I know driving tests there are piss easy, like turn two corners to finish.

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New to 4chan. Just fucking around with the thread creator. Post some original shit if you want

Kek bless
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Btw using the phrase 'KYS' is pretty shitty.
Hi newfag!
please leave
Leave while your soul isn't bonded to the site yet.

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Post your most feelsy wojak, no words needed, although you may share your feels in text if you'd like
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Being unintelligent and a loser is the worst thing in the world.
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Shameless bump, someone dwell in feels with me pls
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Let the feels flow, folks

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You're only allowed to post in this thread if you
>are a NEET
>are a male
>are a virgin
>are socially retarded
>have a neckbeard (this is not a requirement for traps but then you have to post feminine penis for proof)
>have given up on life
>no girl has ever shown any interest in you
Normalposting is at an all time high, let's have neckbeard thread, no normalshits allowed.
Post proof and report any imposters.
How is everyone holding up?
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>this is not a requirement for traps


Oh no it's retarded.
Traps have always been a crucial part of this community, friend.
They too are males who have been forsaken by this world and therefore are welcome here.
brudi stop

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>""""friends""""" making memes of each other
>I say lol do me do me
>"lol aight"
>pic related is posted on fb
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Y-you are cute.
Haha op is a faggot virgin
I would let you fill my ass with cum desu

Who did you think of? What's her name?
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chloe. ex
My oneitis I removed her from my life and she's still begging me to take her back
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Arturia Pendragon

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Officially done.png
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The one fucking girl I almost made my gf just fucking said i was too fat for her WTF shes almost fatter than ME! I really think that im done with woman for now if anyone fucking asks im just going to say im asezual.
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asexual* im so upset I can barely even type
It's ok man, what you up to tonight?
Sorry Anon. Go find a skinny hooker and have some fun tonight.

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anon here. anyone wants to talk on discord privately with me? I'm feeling lonely but I'm really afraid of the groups.
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Are you female?

this is really goddamn fucking original it really fucking is
I really hate saying my gender online. Please don't assume I want everybody on the page to talk to me. Sorry if I made it seem so. Sadly, I am. Hated even by robots because of it :(
Thats great cuz I want to talk to a fembot


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Do you think calling me a "nigger" is funny?
My people's blood is behind that word.
You are physically degrading me by using that term and if you ever say it in my vicinity I'll personally enact justice on behalf of my ancestors
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i was just memeing i actually have a couple black friends
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Nigger nugger
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moot waifu.png
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I don't think there's anything fun about being a nigger.

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they say in heaven love comes first

we'll make heaven a place on earth
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WEW LAD that episode of black mirror made me sob for a good five hours

i still tear up thinking about it
Have a baby by me, baby. Be a millionaire.
Have a baby by me, baby. Be a millionaire.
Have a baby by me, baby. Be a millionaire.
Be a millionaire. Be a millionaire.
pretty unexpected coming from that show too

Show me what you're listening to

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Please don't bully me.
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That's interesting.

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Anons, why do civilizations collapse?
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Because your life is a gay meme
Greed is the root of all evil as they say.
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Foreign invaders, either by immigration or outright war.

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Guess who just had sex with the love of their life <3
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Vince Vaughn maybe?
i had sex with my pure qt oneitis and it caused her to push me away and cut ties with me out of guilt

I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her

she even ended up moving to a different state
im picturing you lying in bed with a protistute and without shame you turn on your laptop and make this thread in front of her

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>woman kicks guy's dog out of nowhere and starts assaulting him
>screams "are you gonna hit me?" and daring him to touch her
>he can't do shit except tell her to stop because Canadian courts will go batshit on a man hitting a woman

I fucking hate this country sometimes.
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Good. Dogs are sinful creatures
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>can't even say bitches name because criminal dindu nuffin laws
>probably some muslim/chinee bitch
There's a YouTube video of the incident. It's a chink. I hate immigrants more than anything in the world. This country is a joke, our worst criminals only get 25 years and never a full life sentence since the justice system is soft.

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I'm getting tested for autism tomorrow guys. What do?
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i had to ejaculate into a cup when they tested me for autism. not sure why.
How do you even get tested for autism? My counselor and therapist once said I may have aspergers, although I doubt they're qualified to be sure of that.
To see if you would actually do it

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