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I've lurked here a little over a year off and on. I must admit I admire the lot of you. I don't think you'd like me, and you'll probably tell me to leave this board. I'm 25. I've had several relationships with varying degrees of success, I have less than 1k in my savings but i work 40 hours a week(wagecuck), but I was a certified NEET from 18-22 and again from 23-25. I love anime, pc master race, patrician taste in music, totally friendless, but I do well with the opposite sex. I would never claim to be apart of this board since I know I will be met with hostility but i want you all to know that I relate to you more than I relate to anyone else. And for what its worth, I think this hodgepodge of misfits and misery is the greatest group of people online. I would never assume I'm a robot, but i think this post is a plea for someone to say my having sex wouldn't totally discount me from participating in other discussions. I genuinely have no friends, and other than my mother, I have no close family. You guys are all that I have, and in a funny way i think I don't even have that. Anyway thanks for reading.
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haha nice man
Yeah I'm totally a robot too. My girlfriend says I'm such an introvert.
We welcome you cyborg brother. Thank you for not being a LARPing chad.

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One of the malls in my town has an unused lower level, now somewhat filled with storage rooms and utilities. It's maze-like in some areas, and there's more than enough space for a person to live down there unnoticed. Should I move into my mall's basement? Pic slightly related.
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it kinda pisses me off that theres unused space like this people cant just live in.

I would do ANYTHING for a room in a big city and its impossible.
give us a tour or show some more pictures of it, anon
>Should I move into my mall's basement?
if you don't mind being randomly evicted and have an internet plan, go 4 it.

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Post some things that you shouldn't say to a girl when she's at your place. I'll start.
Do you like Huey Lewis and The News? Their early work was a little too new wave for my tastes, but when Sports came out in '83, I think they really came into their own, commercially and artistically. The whole album has a clear, crisp sound, and a new sheen of consummate professionalism that really gives the songs a big boost. He's been compared to Elvis Costello, but I think Huey has a far more bitter, cynical sense of humor. In '87, Huey released this; Fore!, their most accomplished album. I think their undisputed masterpiece is "Hip To Be Square". A song so catchy, most people probably don't listen to the lyrics. But they should, because it's not just about the pleasures of conformity and the importance of trends. It's also a personal statement about the band itself
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I actually said Do you like Huey Lewis and The News? to my gf after watching pic related
>mind if I fart?
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Do you frequent 4chan?

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Just lost a fight against some kid who's younger than me but bigger (not trying to make any excuses, but I still thought I could handle him). Now that it's over, I'm not really that hurt or anything, but the shame/embarrassment is getting to me as it was in front of a bunch of people, and to be honest my lack of experience showed.

Have any of you guys ever been in a similar situation of losing a fight and embarrassing yourselves? What do you do to >cope?
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Can relate, anon. Remember that no one will remember it except him. No one cares at the end of the day. It has already slipped away from peoples' minds; they've got other things to worry about.

The guy who "won" didn't win anything. Nothing has changed in either of your lives. You're still doing exactly what you would've been doing if you hadn't fought.

No one remembers. No one genuinely cares. Life goes on. He only wins if you let him get in your head. Don't let people who hold such little significance to you control so much of your happiness.
Sounds like he made you his bitch. Might as well suck his dick now
storytime you bitch

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When was the last time you've had fun?

I genuinely can't remember. I think I had a fun game of Halo 3 back in 2007. What about you?
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Won a match in Dota2 just an hour ago, was pretty fun.
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Last night when I got laid.

Your life seems bretty gud too OP
I have little like 5-10 minute fun every few weeks but the last time i actually enjoyed myself longer than that was in 2014

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I kind of feel bad.png
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My 16 year old sister works in a grocery store. A customer gave her this note today. She tells me that he's deaf and looks like he's in his 40's or 50's.
Should I be doing something about this?
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>denying that deaf old man some PTP

Stop being such a moralfag cuck and let him get some PTP before he dies.
>stop being a cuck and let someone fuck your sister
What did he mean by this?
Yeah you should probably remind him that this isn't appropriate.
Politely first. Not politely later.

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comfy music, pictures or webm's post them

Is this a gondola image already ? i just Photoshopped it
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Only the usual comfy thread image sorry anon
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How's everyone doing?
Im good anon how are you ?

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why the fuck was 2013 such a godawful year?
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height of liberal delusions with nobody allowed to speak against them
i can't distinguish between the years 2001-2017
It was truly the year normies began to invade 4chan

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>when you finally meet a girl and lose your virginity, but she breaks up months later after telling you she wants a future with you because it turns out she was just using you for a casual fling after a break up, and you were nothing more than a toy the entire time despite you actually being very serious about her
Is there a single worse feeling on this planet?
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getting bitten, beaten and sexually molested by a shark
I just did the same thing to a girl, could you tell me what it feels like OP?
Well, more compounded by the fact that I already hated myself all throughout high school and thought I finally found someone who cared for me, it feels like in the end I'll never matter to someone, and really I'm just going to be a doll for people to project their insecurities onto and use.

If within the first month she broke it off and never said the things she said, I wouldn't care, but to make me actually think I wasn't all alone for once and then take it away really just makes me feel even more suicidal than normal.

>tfw fucked up teeth

How do robots deal with this feel?
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i just ignore it
parents never got me braces, itd be like 7000 to fix them now. insurance wont cover it at my age.
fuck that id still be ugly anyway.
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Same with me along with an overbite. That's where all of my self esteem issues started but we could never afford it. Now I have a shit ton of cavities to go with it all and an overbite treatment would probably involve surgery.
Post fucked-up teeth please.
Also, braces if you have the money and closed mouth smiling if you don't.

>tfw uncommon waifu
>only 1 (one) shittily drawn doujin
>only 2 figs
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You can custom-order dakis, you know.
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Make a doll.
You could learn to draw and make your own doujins. Do it, for her.

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>drunk as shit
>leave party while nobody is watching
>trek through the neighborhood
>get to the street
>curve towards the river
>fence running near the river bank, about 30 feet away
>try to climb
>cant do it
>take of shoes so my toes can grip the chain link
>i need to shit
>so drunk I do it right at the edge of the fence, lie down after
>listening to the river until I see a cop car sweep it's spotlight over the area I am lying in
>roll into the brush
>realize I rolled through my shit as I see the cops getting out of their car
>run into the woods
>got away, but apparently the cops found my shoes. They are old as shit, from when my mom still bought them for me
>she wrote my name on the back of the tongue
I think the people at the party called the cops, they knew I was very drunk. Probably thought I was a danger to my self. Will the cops pursue this?
They could probably get my moms number from public records. If my mom even has a hint that I have been drinking she will kick me out. Am I fucked, or am I just retarded?
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Go home dude noone cares you got drunk at a party
Unironically this

OP, you will get in bad situations a ton of time in your life, you must learn to face them

But I'm sure nothing bad will happen to you anyway
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Lol, no one cares fag. How would ur mommy even find out.

yo faggots! I just wanted to let you know I have risen.

Some fuck hated on me that i was so good at sports as a little kid and took me out. literally ripped my arm off my body and nearly killed me. I should have died they said.

but guess what? i lifted and dieted correctly so I came back to life. not only did I come back to life, but I'm having a super powered growth spurt and I literally have SUPER POWERS. LOOK AT ME




please hit me with your best shot lmfao im dead at how ugly and weak all of you ARE PLEASE DIE LMFAO
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I would box you up, lad. but good on you for persevering.
You did good dude, keep it up. Always good to see anons improving themselves. I'm also working out currently and just starting to build some muscle.
>literally ripped my arm off my body
What the fuck

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>woke up with old nostalgic song in my head
>search for said song on youtube
>on my recommended appears more nostalgic songs
>listen to those
>spend the entire day simply listening to nostalgic songs from like 10 years ago
>go to sleep remembering the good ol days
>start crying

anyone else have days like this? I've spent this entire day listening to old electronic songs from the 2000s

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03dJHrLdVl0 is what I'm listening to as I type this
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>2007 was 10 years ago
I had that exact same feeling this morning when searching for these songs
>clicked on op's song
>get transported back to playing modern warfare 2
>insta depression
>insta regret

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Post guns that trigger gun autists
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Tbh the most triggering thing you can do to gun autists is say that you dont own guns and gun control is a good thing
well yeah neither of those statements are a good thing
I'm a gun owner and I'm starting to think gun control is a good thing. Average people shouldn't necessarily have guns. I went through a lot of extra training.

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