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>wake up
>use smart phone for internet surfing including 4chan
>use computer for 4chan shitpositng
>eat some delivery food
>have a nap
>do exercise which are running
>take a shower
>use smart phone and computer
>go to bed while using smart phone
>sleep but sometimes after jerk off.
>no social activity
>always similar cycle
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Sounds fun. Especially the food part. Do you order tendies or fries?
sounds like mine but a lot more eating and replace running with lifting weights. i don't even leave the house to lift, i just go in my garage.
sounds like we are similar.
just replace the running with going for a walk outside.

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Yesterday evening I asked whether I will score above 90 in my test today.
Well I just returned, and I might get a 100 !!
Ask away, children of the Stag.
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The stag is always right.. sorry.
should i go outside today
Will I get a qt gf soon?


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Im gonna walk to the store a mile away to buy my rabbit some hay wish me luck guys
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Don't do it op, you'll die
you're a good lad OP
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"While you're there, son, speak with the manager about getting a job. All it takes is a little initiative and a firm handshake."

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Just found out that my gf participated in a gangbang her freshman year, on top of her being a notorious slut.

I feel sick to my stomach.
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Why would you date a notorious slut in the first place, OP?

Are you that desperate for a gf that you have no standards?
>Are you that desperate for a gf that you have no standards?

Where do you think you are?
I had no clue before my roommate came back from his break and told me. I never asked her since I never wanted to find out, but I didn't expect her to be a huge slut like this.

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What would happen if I sleep once every two days? I've been functioning on 6 hours sleep a day for years, would 12 hours sleep every 36 or so hours be the same?
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I'll go ahead and say its not gonna be good for you

Sleep is vital for healthy brain function my man, you ought to be getting 8 a night
Yeah it's not healthy but I just cruise through each and every day doing the same shit anyway. I'm already a zombie
you'll die sooner and/or suffer a stroke more easily

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Im experiencing severe paranoia almost every day, has any of you ever dealt with it on your own or did u have to go to a shrink ?

Also paranoia general (what is ur object of
paranoia, when did u start experiencing it, etc etc...)
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Sounds like you might need to be on meds.
Most of my life I've gotten to a point before where I've started to think outrageous things I have never had help I keep all my problems secret I only talk of them when intoxicated.

Always remember though what if you're right and they're wrong?
fuckin shit i hope not.

I recognize the thoughts as crazy but there's just that weird intuition that keeps repeating "but what if they're really not?." It's as if they're unfalsifiable claims so even if they seem outrageous i have no logical way to disprove them. I think it's a scary mix between OCD (intrusive repetitive thoughts) and paranoia.

So far it hasn't ruined anything in my life besides keeping me awake until really late hours. It seems to be heavily triggered by nightime and darkness, hence why I have trouble sleeping. I'm fine at daytime luckily though.

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I fucking did it, I managed to turn my isolation into something good, I studied my ass off the whole semester, only went out to the store and to college, and I got four best grades (out of five subjects).
Damn, it feels good. I feel like I'm high on amphetamines.

Any other college brobots here?
How you guys doing?
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>he doesn't realize college is for getting connections and partying
My brother (who is a smart person in his own right but still) got a economics degree from a state university. Then he took a 6 month programming course and got the same job/pay as someone who went to UCLA, got a 4.0 GPA, and majored in comp sci.
Good for you anon. Hopefully it will pay off.

How's an econ major w/ a 6 month programming course going to get a research job in a R&D lab? They won't because they need years of knowledge and experience in a research lab to get there.

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If you had irrefutable proof that the Stacey that made fun of you in HS/college/whatever was a sugar baby (pretty much a whore), what would you do with it?
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whatever your heart desires senpai lmao

because you're either wrong and if you're not, you'll be delusional.

but nobody will care since men spoil their women any way.
Contact her family and friends anonymously with all the information you have.
Nothing because I'm not a bitter grudge holding loser

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>return to work after a month of medical leave
>use access key to enter gate
>gets denied

Uh-oh, that's not a good sign.
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Can they really fire you for taking medical leave?
I was supposed to have the doctor fax them an update about my condition and when I'll be fit for duty again, by a certain date and I found out the week after they didn't send it in time, so I had them send it like they meant to send it - fax the letter with a date before the due date rather than the actual date, hoping they would understand that mistakes happen.
So, I'm just gonna wait for the front doors to open to figure out if I really am terminated.

Haven't gotten fired in 5 years.

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I really, REALLY want to break a girls arm!

Yesterday I went out with a small petite girl and her arms were so skinny I could smash them with ease! Snip snap I'll break them in half! Who else knows this feeling?
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You're really autistic
Why are men such savages
no he's ass burgers

Probably a dumb question but how do you start investing bitcoin?
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"Son, you can do as many get-rich-quick schemes as you want, but nothing beats going there yourself, speaking with the manager, and giving him a firm handshake."
If you have to come here and ask then you're nowhere near savvy enough to invest in crypto and not lose your shirt.
it's a better bet to just head over to the slot machines and throw money at them
you will lose either way
it's all gambling

Are asian girls the meaning of life?
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>he thinks dating a Philippino and Indian is "Asian"

Oh you
It is when they're this attractive
>tfw I felt for the Asian meme
>tfw matched a jap on tinder
>tfw go on a date
>tfw she is so fucking ugly

Asian woman only look good on pics

>tfw now ex bf pretty much made me into his de facto housewife despite my protests
Damn conservatives. I either get a manwhore who wants polyamory, if I want someone who actually treats me as an equal partner or I get a traditional authoritarian asshole.
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You want a partner who doesn't fulfill the man's role in a relationship so you can skimp out on performing the woman's role? You sound like a shitty partner. The only people who are going to want you are manwhores who just want your holes.
If you don't have a job then you have no choice but to be a housewife.
I think everyone should share the roles. If I go out and earn 50% of the money, I shouldn't have to do 100% of the housework too.

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why is suicide so taboo?
if life sucks why would you force a person to keep living it?
why are normies so cruel?
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life is a gift that shouldn't be wasted, it gets better :)
That's just a meme. It doesn't get better. It actually gets worse as time passes.
it will get worse if you keep that attitude, i was depressed (problems with gf) and now im happy with a new one

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ITT post reasons for why you're in a perpetual state of melancholy and/or anxiety. Sometimes it's good to try and identify the problem and see how you can work on it.

I'll start us off:

>nearly constant existential angst; can't put away the thought that someday I'll look back and remember all of these hours as memories when my parents were still alive
>life feels like a sidescroller where the screen doesn't stop moving forward and there's no objective
>no friends
>constantly worried about how to not be a NEET anymore without becoming a lifelong wageslave
>want to do big things and be somebody but can't choose one thing I want to do
>want to travel but can't because that would use all my money and then I'd just be a broke bum back at square 1
>stay up until 4-5 am and sleep until 4 pm most days
>no goals or purpose whatsoever
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That used to be me until I got a job my life still sucks though. I think I might save up for a bit and then try to make myself disappear.
What do you do anon?

Originality 2.0.
Finances for a steel company its not bad and in a few years I will be making a lot more money but right now its hard.

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