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post those bank accounts robots

21yo college student drowning in debt hello
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About 14k gbp in total
> -$2509 from credit card debt
> -$12,099 from student loans
I just can't wait to graduate and start paying them off. I got an $85k job lined up
2k checking
11k savings
I'm gonna spend most of it on college ( I was too lazy to get FAFSA or scholarships) but I'm honestly just tempted to fall for le travel meme because I'm obsessed with east asia

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end of pepe.png
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>tfw your son has had sex and you haven't
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Probably not original
This post is actually really creative. Nice, Anon.
I didn't actually notice anything wrong with this post at first. I'm stupid

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Asian fembots, what do you think of Black and mixed men?

Would you ever date a blackbot or mixedbot?
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No. White cocks only.
Why not?

Also, the amount of white guys believing that Asian girls can't resist the white cawk is retarded.
Mixed men and Niggers are ugly that's why I only date my own race

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Goodbye r9k, I'm leaving forever because I'm sick of your immorality. I hope you know you are absolute fucking scum and you should be deeply ashamed of yourselves. Not because of your genes but because of your lazy cynicism. Pic is to make you feel bad because that's what you deserve.
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Cya tomorrow, faggot.
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Love you too anon ~<3
cummy on my tummy anon

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Queen's Blade.jpg
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>someone who has more money and free time than you is overweight
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>see happy fat person in public
>feel angry the rest of the day

fat people should NEVER be happy
how could this possibly confuse or anger you? having nothing to do causes people to eat obsessively.
deal with it bitchboi fucklad

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There's this one asian boy at my uni who always says gay stuff to me

like "I dreamed about you tonight anon~"

but I can't tell if he is kidding or not
>tfw no qt asian boy bf
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Just fuck his boipussi, bro!
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>Just fuck his boipussi, bro!
except I don't act gay in real life I just post in gay threads on /r9k/

I'm not sure if I want to let my /r9k/ type homolust seep into my actual life
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You should just see where things go then, no idea what to really tell you, I mean, you're already posting anime pictures so its kinda a slippery slope as it is.

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pepe wizard.jpg
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Last month I met a girl, after a Jordan Peterson event. She was a cute Asian girl, she was conservative, and we had the same hobbies. We could talk politics and make fun of SJWs. Watch anime and sshe liked my favorite shows, we would be close holding each other, and it was perfect.
And then after a month, she fucking ended it.
I was THIS close to escaping normiehood, but she cut it off, saying she never had romantic feelings for me.
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We were seeing each other for a month.
She'd even give me lap pillows.
And she just did end it with "I don't see us having a future together, I don't see us having a relationship together. I never had romantic feelings for you and feel empty inside"
I'm sorry anon.
I too was close, but an ex-friend who is e-dating a tranny decided to spread lies about me.
anon, you dated a girl for a month. if you've come this far, you've already entered normiehood. these sorts of setbacks are just par for the course. now use what you've learned to pursue future relationships that will hopefully last even longer.

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I've been seeing this girl for a few times. Already had sex with her and everything. I saw her last week and I tried to get her to lick my asshole (I did it to her so it was only fair IMO). She wouldn't do it. She's barely talked to me since that night.

What did I do wrong?
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You did it all wrong.

Get her to lick your balls, then quickly move so she 'accidentally' licks your arse, it's like acclimatization.
>I tried to get her to lick my asshole

How did you try?
Had sex with a girl? Get the fuck off of my board, normalfag subhuman scum.

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What state do you live in?
Texas here.
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What part of Texas and is it H-town
State of depression
Is cypress H-town?

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>meet my sons Bryan and the gay one
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Just stop liking dick. It's that easy.
*drop on my knees and start undoing your pants*
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>meet my sons Bryan and the gay one
which are you

How does one become Alpha? (without converting to a dumb chad)
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Maxillofacial reconstruction.
I'm not that far gone yet. Been in a relationship and do actually venture outside. I just want to have more fire in me withour becoming a giant dick..
Become more assertive and aggressive. Don't give up, don't give in, and never quit (until it's the most logical option). Instead of saying "please", or "can you" just tell people what to do in a calm, casual, and nonchalant way.

i'm meeting a guy tomorrow and he's going to fuck me with this
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Then use a condom dummy
will my ass survive /r9k/?
that's a really ugly cock. why him?

Whom here no longer even wants gf
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>Whom here no longer even wants gf
I want a bf desu
I guess I'm a leapfrog. When other kids my age started noticing girls in the after school special kind of way, I just stayed where I was like a typical social retard. By the time I had noticed that I was lonely I'd already dropped out of college and moved into my father's basement. At that point, no gf was already a foregone conclusion.
but above that id like just to have a best friend

What is your sickest fetish, /r9k/? How did you get into it? I'll start, I'm attracted to little girls. Started after seeing some shit on /b/.

Mods pls no delete, I'm not breaking any rules by mentioning CP
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the worse thing i have atm is an anorexia fetish
Most people are attracted to little girls, normies just pretend it's gross because hheyre sheep.
true, even on some boards they act as if they have to disavow

i want to make a mommy out of a boy <33
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I'd like to have a diet that consists of nothing but boimilk.
Am I the only girl (male) that wants to be wholesome and modest and pure
but once you have sex your purity is gone
its extremely unlikely you will have a lifelong relationship

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