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What's the weirdest sex positions you've ever done?

Virgins could point out the strangest wank they've had.
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Wow, she must feel like a soaring eagle. I want to see her in this position flapping her arms in rhythm to getting pumped like this.
I've never done anything that weird. But I once had sex with a girl in her bathroom, and we tried some different positions. I'd say the weirdest was one in which she placed one of her feet on the toilet seat cover and the other on the ground.
When we fucked in this position (and positions like this) I had to bend my legs a little bit because I was too tall.
We ended up fucking on the bathroom floor because that shit was too awkward.
why start threads like this

Uncomfy Sunday Edition
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First for never-ending suffering
just started watching League of Gentlemen lads, fuck I've been missing out
Second for Queen and Country

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>Come home
>''Anon eat my ass NOW''

wat do?
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>wat do?

eat that fucking booty like groceries
>Dinner is ready anon!
If I was in a committed relationship with a girl, I'd eat her ass if she liked it.

But this scenario is far too demanding, I don't care for being ordered around.

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I deserve a white gf for my ancestors suffering
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no one deserves anything. work for it or gtfo

in return for suffering, white man already gave black people the opportunity to play professional sports
you can have my sister, or my ex.
i hate white women desu. literal airhead cocksuckers
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What about Nigerians and other Africans who recently came to the US? Do they also deserve a white gf?

What age do girls mature intellectually? I really dgaf about posting a photo of my lunch to Instagram?
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around 9~12 desu
About 6 years after having their first kid.

>maturing intellectually

top kek m8

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post what boards should merge
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>post what boards should merge

my dick with your mom
vip and x
sci and x would be interesting though

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>PSN is nothing but niggers
>Steam is nothing but weebs

If you're not playing Xbox you're not a robot
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Niggers and weebs are robots, Xbox is literally normie scum.
>psn is british lads and japanese normies
>xbox is mountain dew drinking white trash and mexicans
>steam is all the other autists
Well, just play on PC without DRM :)

what would you do if you won the lottery or just somehow acquired a large amount of money?

>lets say $50 million
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> Buy a small car I can learn to drive in
> move to a bigger city, near the person I love
> buy a small but upmarket apartment
> get a gym membership
> invest 10 million
> finish my degree without having to worry about working as well
Become comfy
id probably buy a decent enough house and just fill it with video games and junk food.

maybe buy one of those realistic $10,000 fuck dolls

quit my nigger job and just slowly kill myself with a terrible diet and no exercise

I have been smoking crack nonstop for 16 hours straight.

I know it's officially against the law, but i think the gubbmint likes it when I do hard drugs.

Surprisingly I feel fine and my heart is at a normal bpm
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From that second paragraph I can tell you are completely off your fucking rocker. Seek help. Oh, and substitute this crack nonsense for concentrated THC; preferably in capsule form.
I had some experience I cannot explain. I lost a baggie, searched all my pockets, bags, everything. Was convinced someone stole it.

Then suddenly it appeared about 12 feet away from me at 3 feet drop to the ground. I was high but it was 100 percent real. Things were rearranged In our aooarntment that we had not touched, absolutely spooky.
Been up on speed all weekend almost nap time feeling pretty okay myself just hungry tired and out of good brain feelings

I forgot what she smells like I wish I could remember just for a second

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a bird girl.jpg
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i just got put on suicide watch. fuck my life.
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I think you dropped this, Anon.
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lrn2 hide your power level senpai
the thing is im usually happy all the time. I just got drunk and sat on the windowsill with my legs dangling over the edge. i texted someone and then came back in to lay on my bed, and they told people.

After I jizz my dick keeps leaking precum (postcum??) for up to an hour in small amounts so I gotta keep running back and forth to wash it because it's really fucking stinky once it gets on my underwear and starts drying up.
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Sometimes after I fap I feel like I have to piss but after I piss it still feels like I have to piss so I have to keep going back to the bathroom
bruh you making fun of me? it's not piss, it's clear slimy and silky smooth. definitely precum
if not forgive my paranoia
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>when the dude has a tattoo

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Now....imagine being a robot without an internet connection or a PC.How would your life be?
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Like an Australian
Before internet
>i want to fuck toasters
>dont be a fucking retard
>grow up

After internet
>I want to fuck a toaster
>google find a community with 1000+ members about people wanting to fuck toasters
>fuck up your life
how did that pass the robot, teach me

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Why do black men love white women so much?
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I couldn't tell you, and honestly I'm curious to find out why exactly beyond asinine extrapolation. I remember sitting with a group of normies who started talking about all of the women they've slept with. Keep in mind we're all millennials talking, so we're a pretty diverse group of people talking. All of a sudden this Mexican guy almost breaks down into tears when remeniscing over his first time seeing pink pussy. As a half white guy myself, I can't help but slightly turn and look at the other white guys in the group as they say "no judgement."
i like vanilla ice cream and white chocolate.
i like white girls.
Pretty obvious when you think about it. Black women are disgusting

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Behold my dick, worship it and realize that you will never get any pu$$y as there is always someone who is both bigger and better than you .
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looks like it's fake.
Looks fucking stupid, I'd rather be a cocklet and be cucked by you than have this unwieldy hose in my pants.
I don't want pussy though I want to worship your cock

>asian male
>in real life prefer asian girls and only watch JAV/asian on asian if I watch asian porn
>prefer to jack off to white girls getting nailed by black guys
Am I a cuck? I'm so confused
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>White male.
>Only watch white on white porn.
>Except when I watch Asian girls get fucked by niggers.
>Not even saying this as an analogy, it's what I actually do.
Nah man, you're not a cuck. That's pretty normal.
>Asian male
>Stuck with an ugly Taiwanese wife with a disgusting face 0/10
>Would not fuck.
>Cucked this bitch with a bastard child.
>White male
>Only jerk to Asian girls getting fucked by Asian/White guys
>or solo vids
Cut out that degneracy you cuck

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