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This is Chad. How can betas even compete?
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Can someone please post a picture of that asian kid holding a knife in each of his hands and 1 in his butt?

He would be the perfect opponent against garbage bag butt chad.

Look at him being a pack mule
One BRAAAAAAAAP and that bag in the middle goes flying.

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Asking for those who has bought an escort. Was the experience awkward? Did it boost your confidence? I'm a virgin and been contemplating on hiring an escort for an hour.
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dont feel like answering a million questions on it,

but, if you are in the USA, go to the website T E R review, go on the noobs section, read through the whole thing, any and every question you could possibly have has been asked and answered there
Thanks, buddy
I get an escort every three or four weeks, it's become a habit of sorts.

Usually I go on backpage and just look for the ones advertising GFE. Almost all of the cheap asians have fake pictures but I don't really care, the real girls are not bad.

I certainly haven't gained any confidence or experience, sometimes I just want a hug and that's the easiest way to get it.

I go for 45 minutes or an hour on my lunch break from office wageslaving, so their location is more important than anything for me. As long as they can give me a cuddle I enjoy it.

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>tfw in love with a lesbian
this shit sucks
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I know the feel all to well my nibba
Stop trying to make music, Rivers
tfw you only allow yourself to be attracted to lesbians because you know it will never be reciprocated so you never have to risk putting yourself out there and facing actual rejection because it was pointless from the start

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Regard females, spend currency
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Enter into coitus with low-grade members of the opposite sex, attain paper for use in monetary transactions
I believe you mean
>disregard females, acquire currency

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>slept 4 hours in the past 2 days
end this someone pls
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I have nothing to do but sleep.
i'll trade ya,

im always sleepy, if i could id just stay in bed all day
close your eyes and listen to this


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ITT: We post anything that lets us drown in sorrow.
I'll start this thread off with some Chopin. This nocturne always makes me feel melancholic

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This one is dumb but made me feel bad.
nice one. always makes me think of the end of bad santa when he's getting shot by the po po

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Skeleton Man_mp4.jpg
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Tfw no autust fem bf that I
Loves dark souls 1
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I'm not fem or very autistic but I have over 11k hours logged on DS1.
I've got over 300 hours but I'm not fem or a faggot
thanks for sharing, nerd

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>Finally alpha up and get a girl to come fuck with me

>cant get it up and wasnt aroused at all

Feel like less of a man 2bh
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>>cant get it up and wasnt aroused at all
>Feel like less of a man 2bh
Dumb sissy white boi.
How much do you jerk off?
Once in two/three days

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>College classes start up next week
>Not ready, still enjoying my brief time off between summer and fall classes
>Get an email from public speaking professor
>I've got a homework assignment due the first day and we're being assigned groupwork that day as well

Why is college filled with so much bullshit GE classes, and why don't companies accept certificates, only degrees? I just wanna learn about my major.
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I'm leaving my comfy neet summer at mommy's house tomorrow. I don't want to go.
>tfw when I've already graduated and am already settled into my comfy career

Suck it up, anon. It gets better.
Companies care about degrees because it shows that you have multiple area's of experience due to the variety of classes taken and that you're able to stay focused and maintain yourself during the longhaul from the amount of classes you've taken and the timespan.
Its a test to make sure you're a turbo normie that will fit right in with their companies atmosphere and ethics.

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i live down the street from you
notice me, i've never seen you
wonder what the fuck i do
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listen up ya nosy bitch
"i got these diamonds, scraping, sliding, wasting my life in altered states, now back it up"
this line almost makes me cry

"diamonds scraping"
diamond scraping is when a jeweler shaves a diamond and keeps the shavings when inspecting it, ripping off the customer and devaluing the diamond, just like how our lives depreciate in value every day

"wasting my life in altered states"
well this speaks for itself if you're an alcoholic like me

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So this site allows women to vote on you anonymously and they truly do not give a fuck.
I think the only women I even ever gave a no in attractiveness to were ones I thought were trannies.
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Also I'm autistic and can't make acronyms. I guess they were wrong about the smart rating too.
bumping im gonna drop one in a bit
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I still can't get tinder swipes.

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why did i have to look at her twitter

she looks so beautiful now

i'm so happy for her

i hate myself and want to die
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Everyday I tell myself I won't look at her Instagram and everyday I lie to myself
Despite all your rage, you're still just a rat in a cage.
I scroll down to those 2012 pics and slowly make my way up, thinking about how happy or sad was she when she took those pictures, who was her boyfriend back then, why a pic of the sky or a tree or something meaningless at first sight... and how i was not around with her because of cowardice and insecuriy

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I'm super horny and really want to ERP with a boy who is either a sub bottom or loves cuckold play. Anyone want to help me beat this nut out real quick?
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fucking kill yourself

No faggot

Wooow! Rude as fuck, senpai.

>be me
>internet pals all start watching kemono friends
>give it a shot
>dont care that its child tier anime
>its cute and seriously helped me get through the day knowing at the end of it i'd watch another episode of cute animal girls doing cute things
>going over to a friends house
>he and his roommate like Cute Girls Doing Cute Things genre of animes
>show irl friend and his roommate kemono friends
>theyre visibly confused and bored with it
>start to get embarassed because ive suggested a show very much not to their tastes
>begin to explain why i like it
>"iiiits better when youre depressed and tired, guys"
>"the show has an interesting subplot that you dont get in these first two episodes"
>"the early episodes are the lower quality ones i swear it gets better"
>they think im an autistic chrischan tier man baby now

anyone else have embarassing times showing others stuff you like? have you ever felt shunned for liking simplistic shows? have you ever not realized how dumb something you like was until after you've tried showing it to other people?
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Three words: My Little Pony.
I was so autistically hyped about the show when it first came out that I wanted to tell everyone I knew and it led me to being ostracized from people. Now I don't discuss it except online.
i just knew mlp was gonna be mentioned. I remember showing a episode to my sister and then getting really embarassed
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>mfw the fandom is dying

It's not a good feel

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How do we prevent americans from being genocided?
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By fighting back? You're fucking pathetic, you live in a country where you can buy any kind of weapon anywhere and you can't fight back a bunch of nu-males.
looks fake as fuck

ofc le alt right faggots will eat it up, though
lone wolf shooters/bombers killing over 100 antifa each

strike true terror into their hearts and put those filthy commies where they belong

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