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What is the most endearing thing you can say to a girl you are passionate for?
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I really, really like that picture. Do you mind if I save it?
I dunno op, maybe that I'll be there for her til I die is a good answer.

Then again, I have never had a gf and I'm afraid of being left
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Never look for me again anon.

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guys, I kissed a g-g-girl.
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Congrats. Now leave. NOW.
congratulations now post the deets how the frick did you meet her how did you approach her how was the kiss how do you kiss

Happy for you anon
wow that's so original.
God this place is so fucking cancer, not an original thought in any of the threads tonight. you're all just fucking repeating the same shit over and over and over again.

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Have any of you girls ever been rejected by a guy /girl you like? How did you handle it?
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If "sorry I'm not gay" counts as rejection, yes.
>how did you handle it
Well I was 15 so I went home, hugged my plushies, and cried myself to sleep for a week.
I didn't, it still hurts almost 5 years after...
Drink more vodka and beer yum

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If this girl who had it all killed herself, why shouldn't I?
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Because you're not a dumb cunt?
You really should OP if you can't find anything worth value in this world. I can't say I do either.
just because youre pretty doesnt mean youre not fucked up inside
didnt you know the beauty and crazy scale usually scale together?

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Do any of you have an interest in Philosophy? I've been enthralled by it in the past few days and have been trying to read more and more and it seems to already be affecting the way I think.
It really is a lot like a religion in the way it seeks to explain.
A lot of what irrational religions speak on doesn't really apply to me as much as the more grounded philosophy.

A couple interesting ideas I've taken to is the idea of disobedience being a virtue and something that drives humanity forward as well as the idea that seeing the darkest parts of society and being able to deal with that while being able to balance it with the beauty you can find in life thus becoming Dionysian
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I took a philosophy course in college, it was awesome, not boring and always an interesting topic. All the tests were simply memorization. Idk why there people who said the class was a struggle, brainlets. If I could I would most definitely take another philosophy course, but I'm too busy focusing on finishing my degree in computer science.
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>thus becoming Dionysian
what did he mean by this?

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Why do you guys hate him so much?
He's a fucking bro.
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Nobody that I know has any problems with Sado.
He's the best character in that show other than rukia the qt. Too bad he is Yamcha unless I just haven't gotten far enough.
i wouldn't know because im not a child who watches cartoons

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Daily reminder that everyone in this thread claiming they would never have sex with a non-virgin is so insecure, they know that they will always be inferior to whoever came before them.

But you know, whatever helps you sleep alone at night ;)
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Comparing yourself to your partner's former lovers is unhealthy behavior. They left that person for a reason. You should just be happy they decided to be with you.
Daily reminder that daily reminder threads are easily blocked cancer.
>implying I haven't had sex with 7 different prostitutes
>implying I haven't found a practice gf with whom I have had sex in all possible ways

I may not be one of ((them)), but I still have more sexual experience than the vast majority of people

Deadpool is unironically the most cyborg hero
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Cyborgs don't have successful sex experiences at all, you fucking faggot

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Hey guys
REAL fembot here.
That's it, I'm just here.
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Okay now you can leave.
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haha gotcha, no one is safe from me
Are those custom made senpai?
Pwease pwease pweaseeee send me one! :3

Hi! I can't solve this riddle that my boyfriend gave me 6 months to solve. I suspect that the first part is some kind of anagram.

Please help me!
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Why did you go on r9k just to tell people you have a boyfriend?
It says "I'm cheating on you".
It makes sense if you solve it in german

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>tfw hate my parents and want to live on my own
>Not enough money to rent an apartment and can't complete my driving test
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Hows your heroine addiction coming along?
Show us your boyhole cebby
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>tfw constant shame and depression
>don't want to go back on meds because of the lack of emotions
>don't want to talk to a counselor honestly because of shit confidentiality
>don't want to kill self and waste only life
>stuck in a pile of shit
>live and work everyday because there's no other choice

I guarantee you my life is worse than yours, OP, you attention whoring faggot.

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Post pictures of people that definitely aren't you. I'll start.
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>not posting chads
Looks like Noah Hawley.
Also enjoy your ban OP, just post on the virgin thread on /soc/ now that it's against the rules.
So I'm assuming this thread is designed to confuse the mods. Pic related.

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I'm no Chad but in my life I've moved up several notches (Probably imo from the 40th percentile among men my age to the 80th).

For the longest time I got little attention, and then once I broke through a certain point I started getting a lot fast. It really cemented that girls naturally compete for the top in a room and ignore the rest. I did some research and learned that we are naturally a polygamous species and that monogamy is a social evolution. Love is bullshit and attraction is an evolutionary fitness test for offspring.

Testosterone also increases the odds of genetic mutation in the womb, so its as if our species evolves by dumping out a batch of men and then women flock to the cream of the crop and the bulk are rejected.

Redpill threads are usually full of hate about women, but desu, nobody chooses who they are attracted to. It's this fucked up universe that is to blame.
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You're brain damaged
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I don't think the area under either of those curves adds up to 100%

or was I just baited?

kill yourself

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how to get rid of moba games addiction?
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If you are really good at them i dont see a problem with playing them.

But if you are addicted and are lowrank then just stop playing for a week. You will lose interest.
By not being a faggot. oringlaly o
I tried it but i come back cuz my pc cant carry other modern games

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>"you have me in a real pickle now, anon"
>puts two cards face down
>"but it won't matter on my next turn"
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>It's just a bluff, right?
>No matter
>This kid won't any chance when I use-

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