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I ducking hate anime posters. They're fucking stupid and I wish they would stop.
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Quack quack then why do you come to a website about discussing anime quack?
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hahaha you dont like anime posters so let me post one hahaha so funny!
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ITT: I want more anime reaction images/gifs

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I see two of everything it feels so good it' so calm
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nice picture
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I'm nice not jjust the pic
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You are, anon! You're a nice person!

anyone here like gavin mcinnes?
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no,in a very oraginal way
meh he is alright wish he wouldnt shove things up his ass on cam but he is a leaf
Used to when I went through my edgy anti-SJW phase.

now I think he's a cuck bc I'm full on nazi

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Fembots, have you ever had sexual experience with a girl?
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>watching camgirl
>find a bunch of cam rips
>she does a bunch of shows with another girl
>won't do any lesbian stuff
>the most les thing I've seen her do is kiss the other girl lightly
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I fucking wish. I'll never get a gf. Reeeeee etc.
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My twin sister and I used to experiment with each other. We went as far as finger banging and scissoring. It's kind of weird in retrospect.

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I don't wanna live in a generation where girls are still having sex with guys when they like someone

Or girls that are hooking up for that matter
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join a church or kys
It's either start a cult or join a rape gang
Bitches love cults
>join a church
The difference is that the church girl begs Jebus for forgiveness after she gets gangbanged. The recent generation of women is fucked if you aren't into casual sex.

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Does anyone have romantic/fun greentexts about their experiences with girls? I want to live through you, since I don't have any myself
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>be me
>had a few gfs, had sex a few times
>go to college
>fall into depression
>fail four years of my life
>meet a virgin girl
>talk to her normally
>not really interested
>cutie;but flat af
>beta af
>don't give it much of a thought
>one day she asks me out
>i think,fuck it,why not
>makes sure i know that she's virgin and not planning on losing her virginity before marriage
>idc desu
>be in a relationship with her for 2 months
>nothing physical
>starts to like her
>first time we're alone together
>high af
>her first time being high
>we pass the whole day joking around and she hugged me for a solid hour
>first time i felt at home
>first time i truly love someone this much
she's virgin , and has alot of first times...but she gave me alot of first times also
never felt this satisfied with someone
WTF? This gay as fuck
>Be me
>Girl is interested
>She's persistant
>I eventually fall for her
>After 2 months she travels to meet an internet friend for a weekend
>She comes back
>Suddenly seems distant
>Talk to her about it
>She swears nothing is going on, she's just tired
>Skip 1 month with me trying to fix things
>Eventually call it off
>she admits she's unsure about her feelings
>Says we can be friends
> Lolnope.jpg
>Stalk her facebook, the guy she visited is at her place
>Hoes aint nothing but bitches and tricks

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Without memeing or being overly misogynistic, how difficult is it to get a girlfriend who's at least cute? It can't be that hard right?

FWIW, I'm a 20 year old college student. Lost my virginity at 19 to a girl who was a 5/10. I've never had a cute/hot girlfriend tho.
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Normies got the memo on how to get attractive gfs early in life.

Sadly, us robots are damned to be "late bloomers"
bump the fuck up for cute blondes
The question of all questions in Western civilization..................

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>Girls take all the summer jobs because perverted owners who lack female affection love to look at them and choose them over a hard working Guy

Remind me again why we aren't allowed to kill people ?
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try a call center
or a coffee shop
girls can't work there because they can't handle the tiresome jobs
Aren't most baristas women?
But yeah he has the right idea, find something that needs manual labor/graveyard shift/etc
Free market, bitch

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does anyone have any rares of ashley?
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Who is this?

Hfjgb you uh g the hfj
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No but someone posted this yesterday
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Which Ashley are you referring to?

Do any of you automated faggits drive?
What do you drive?
Where do you go?
I have this 2004 Volkswagen Krautmobile turbo, but I have nowhere to go because I'm on autismbux and literally have nowhere to go.
I go to gas stations, and that's about it.
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>be me
>get in my car
>drop my precious little daughter off at day care
>drive to starbucks
>drive to work
>drive to grocery store
>pick up daughter
>tell her that her macaroni picture is wonderful (it isn't)
>drive home
Just sell your house and live on the road

that house can either $80K in the midwest or $1 mil in Socal/Seattle/SF/Vancouver

>haven't eaten in a day
>getting desperate for food
>"Hey anon come with my friend and I to a small food fest! I'll buy you food!"
>get there, it's full of fucking loud sounds and people
>It's actually a big anime convention
>sit somewhere and try not to die of anxiety browsing r9k
>browse so furiously I run out of boards to lurk
>refresh page in panic
Where the fuck is the neet helicopter patrol get me the fuck out of here I'm going to fucking lose it I should've just stayed inside and starved instead of giving in I knew this shit was too going to be a regret and I did it anyway
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>Where the fuck is the neet helicopter patrol
you're a baka for ever leaving the house desu
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>neet helicopter patrol
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>Going outside
Beginner's mistake

A juggler gives up on his dreams.
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Oh, tragic
A man pours up a large whiskey on the rocks
A mystical vacuum begins consumption of the worlds, starting with a man and his treasured pet rock collection.

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It's over. The normies win again.
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>2 messages
Looks like you belong there
I hope this was a sarcastic remark.
these memes got out from here and reaches /pol/ and /b/, of course they will reach normies from those cancer boards

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What happened to her asshole, did it rip?
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also curious
It would have been extremely painful
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Oh no. . ..jpg
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Holy fuck this is gross why did you post this fucking gif?

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>add girl from restaurant on normiebook
>she hearts 5 of my pics and messages me first

>set up date with girl
>she cancels
>set up second date with girl
>she got stuck in the mud while getting gas and her phone was dead
>she tries to set up a third date
>tell her to forget about it and that I don't have time for this
>she spams 6 messages about how sorry she is

I left her on read but is there any salvaging this?
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This is strange, if she really wanted to go on a date she would've made the time for it.

Do you know why she canceled the first date, anon ?

Seems like she might've actually been stuck in the mud for the second time, but who knows girls can be unpredictable
well I asked her out and she said sure what time but didn't log on till later that night.

I kinda believe her about getting stuck in the mud since we're in mexico and roads aren't paved here. she's definitely below me looks wise plus I'm a chicano visiting mexico so she probably thinks I'm loaded.

do you think this is salvageable
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friendly desperate bump

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