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who /blusher/ here? can we have a /blushingfeels/ thread?
a girl said hello to me today (i'm not a normie at all though, im a KHV and my face went bright red, i just buried my head in my hands in embarassment. back in school even when a teacher was talking to me i'd blush, when somebody made a fine joke about me (not insulting) i'd blush and everyone in the class would see it.
i can't even talk to women without blushing.

this is a curse. i cannot stop. it's a cycle, where i start blushing then think about blushing and then it keeps happening.

the only blushing pics i could find were kawaii so here's an embarassed pepe anyway
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self blushing bump
>tfw you're a spic and you can't blush
only time it happened to me was back in 8th grade when a girl said hi. it was horrible and fortunately I ignore women now

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>tfw your thread dies and you can stop endlessly, futilely checking for (You)s

...the sweet release...
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heres a you my good le sir
ik the feeling
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like a small death. Little release from my responsibilities

Anyone else hate poor white people? They are just dumb reactionary hillbillies that don't know what is in their best interests, and they don't have any excuse to be the way they are unlike minority groups.
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Not all poor white people are dumb racist retards.
I'm a typically left-wing person for the most part but it's hard to sympathize with the working class sometimes when they're just so stupid and uneducated.
I'd rather live around poor whites than poor blacks, anyone who disagrees never lived in a mostly black area.

Have anyone noticed this Blue whale suicide game? I can't help myself but to think this is a fucking hoax. This story seems like a creepypasta to me.
What do you think?

Story: https://www.thesun.co.uk/tech/3003805/blue-whale-suicide-game-online-russia-victims/
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dude thats so fucking creepy
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cool whale.jpg
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Choosing to play this "game" is fucking weird but not gonna lie whoever cut this whale into their wrist did a good job.
i would fucking love to play this game but i don't get why so many seemingly normie teenagers are doing it. seems kinda fishy desu...

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So, my girlfriend of 12 months travelled to another city yesterday and stayed there overnight in order to watch a band play. The catch is, one of the band members is a guy she considers to be one of her best friends who she lost touch with. She said that nothing happened between them, but admits that he did sit her down after the show and tell her that he's always had feelings for her. She says that she told him that she only sees him as a friend and he was fine with it.

She still wants to remain friends with him. Is this normal? Like...is she leading him on? Am I being lead on?
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Why do I feel like you've made this thread before?
Dunno. It's my first time posting about this?
So... What happened, nothing?

What do you want advice with?

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Who else here is fitbot
How does/doesn't your /fit/ body help you with women
>mfw lifting and sports are the only reason I haven't became an hero
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>women initiate conversations with me
>I get compliments like "omg anon you got nice arms" or "anon you got so big"
>most of the time spill my spaghetti and say stuff like "y-you too"
>after a few minutes they all leave and tell everybody I'm a loser
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Until a couple years ago I was a fat "gamer" type who didn't give a shit about his appearance.

I finally decided to do something about this, started eating better and doing some exercise and over a span of a year I lost most of the fat. I signed up for one of those online services that just send you clothes every month so now I dress better. I went to an expensive mens barber shop and asked them for advice on how I should cut my hair and now I could pass for a Chad.

Women actually want to talk to me now. I didn't even realize how socially inept I am until now.

Couple of recent examples:
>This cool chick asks me out
>I start stuttering say that I don't really have time (I work a lot)
>It's ok Anon, just give me your number
>I was so surprised that someone asked me out I literally forgot cellphones exist
>I give her my number
>The next day she text me about how handsome I look
>I don't even know how to respond
>I still haven't written anything back, it's been over a week

This one is from a few days ago
>need to do some shopping, go to the mall
>this super hot chick who works at the store I'm at starts chatting with me
>whatever, she probably is just being nice to me because she makes commission on sales
>I buy the stuff I needed she still wants to chat, asks me questions about myself
>outright asks me if I'm single
>outright tells me I'm cute
>when I leave she wants a goodbye hug
>I leave
>30 minutes later in the car, on the way home I realize that she was actually flirting with me
>wtf is wrong with me...

Becoming /fit/ exposed my true power level, I wasn't ready.

I'm going to officially be 27 in a couple of days. Still a kissless virgin. So my biggest question here is: do I have to go to Hogwarts at 30 or will I automatically know how to control my magic powers?
Yeah I know how you feel bro
This girl wants to hug me every time she sees me even though we don't really know each other.
And I never know how to react so I just stand there.

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>Be me
>Crushing on QT coworker
>She always comes by to talk and flirt with me
>I ask her out twice and she blows me off
>Turns out she likes another male coworker
>Ok cool with being friends
>Realize she's been keeping me around to make him jealous and want her more
>That's why she snapchats him pictures of us with her standing extra close to me
>That's why she always texts him about what "we're doing" at work

Fuck everything. Fuck women. The sad part is she didn't even seem like that kind of bitch. She literally is that innocent shy quiet at girl. Fuck women.
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why yo let yourself get used and come whine to me.

get angry if you love yourself.
I had a coworker who did almost the exact same thing, even after she started actually dating the guy. She'd flirt with almost every guy in the store and he'd flirt with a good deal of the girls and they'd always get jealous and paranoid about it. ''''''Luckily'''''' I was already obsessing over another girl so I didn't get crushed.
So should I beat her?

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>all the people here who think that they can like anime and be robots
>people who think they can be enthusiastic about something and be a robot
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It's another one of those
>if you do something I don't do you are not a robot.
>People who attend college on a regular basis, have friends, and talk to succubi
>Then come on this board
>"Oh woe is me guys, my support group of friends are all gone on vacation to their second homes and my gf hasn't texted me for 2 mins, I haven't left the house all day. Guess I'm a KHV now. Time to kill myself."

Why the fuck am I even here? I should just go to wizchan already.
>they aren't legitimate
>there isn't a purity test to being a robot
>"everyone can cash in"

fuck off normie

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/uni/ general

>nogf edition

its almost over lads, hold on tight
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I fucking hate this institution and everything it stands for. Parents forced me to sign up if I was to stay with them (leech of them) and I made it very clear that I will not try and I that I have no passion in what I'll be studying. They recently figured out I'm failing all my classes, might get kicked out, oh well.
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>live on very edge of my uni's campus
>annoyingly far from everything
>have junker car but I'm a poorfag and can't afford to legally drive it
>realize almost no one on my campus drives anyway everyone has a bike
>manage to buy a bike off some guy on campus for $15
>never rode one before
>watch some youtube videos and decide to teach myself
>waited until late at night a few days ago
>found a good spot on campus with no one around to practice
>couldn't get the hang of it at all
>repeatedly eating shit
>keep at it
>right as I fall off one of the times some normies appear
>they start laughing at me and wondering out loud if I'm retarded
>get embarrassed and walk back to my room
>haven't touched the bike since
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>tfw doing great academically but still can't find a gf

anyone else know this feel?

Its "anon gets drunk every day and watches sad shit to make himself cry" episode.

Gimme your sad shit robots, TV Drama, Music, whatever.

I will start

If you have a heart then guaranteed tears right here.
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Mr Chi-City Kicks it with a Friend, idk why this shit is so sad

he introduced her to drugs and she overdosed while he was on tour.

i think she was pregnant with his kid too. he almost killed himself.
i think.
"When I'm Gone" by Randy Newman. Written for the finale of one of my favorite tv shows.

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>that one high school memory pops into your head again
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Oh god I hate that shit
>When you repress it but it starts haunting you in your dreams instead.
>that one friend from your old highschool you desperately miss
poor trevon

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Happy Birthday you old hag <3
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happy birthday rose <3
happy bday, rose!
Hope OP gets a blowjob from rose DESU that's some dedication

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Pen Marks on jeans.jpg
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So last night I went to bed late.
When I woke up, my body felt heavy, like I hadn't slept much even though I'd gotten a full 8 hours.

I looked down at my jeans to see these heavy pen marks scratched into my jeans.

They weren't there before I went to bed, so I figure it had to be sleepwalking.

The only pens with blue ink that could have been capable of this were found on my couch in the other room.
Two blue ink pens with the pen point clicked open.

Nothing like this has ever happened before, should I be concerned?
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leave out some paper tomorrow and see if you write anything KEK
This is serious, why the heck would I scratch pen marks into my favorite and most expensive pair of jeans?
well just try it man, you might write something insightful to your problems

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So I just sent a friend request on normiebook to a girl from school that I have a crush on, just for fun, and she accepted.

What do I do now without spilling my spaghetti?
I have already been talking to her in class, I sit next to her all the time and we do group projects together, but I still have no idea what to do next.

Any advice robots?
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Do you think she likes you? Does she have a bf?
So she has classes with you and youre asking us how to normiebook pm her?

The fact that youre even considering talking over the computer and not irl already means you lose. Youre likely underage too
I'm not sure, she definitely doesn't hate me since she still sits next to me

21 and in 4th semester of college, but I'm autistic KHV so I have no idea what to do

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is it possible to be ugly man earning minimum wage in a factory but still enjoy life?
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sure, just fuck whores and be stuipid
Yes. I just played xcom for 7 hours straight. Ate sweets, drank juice. My eyes hurt and i almost forgot i miss my ex.

So yes, you can be happy. Just play xcom.
Depends on how deluded you are

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