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0787 - iMZ0vUI.jpg
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>saw nigger in the street
>boypucci starts ovulating
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>>saw nigger in the street
>>boypucci starts ovulating
Shut the fuck up you pathetic cracker. Spread your cheeks you weak piece of shit
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>saw black guy in the street
>start biting my lower lip
>get a mild erection
S-show I be worried? Sissy h-hypno is just a joke, r-right guys?

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>"ayo fuck white people!"
>something bad happens that affect others than just whites
>"white people please help"
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Non-whites have always held white people in contempt, it's just that now they're allowed to say it in public without being lynched, raped or sold into slavery.
>now they're allowed to say it in public without being lynched, raped or sold into slavery
we have to go back
Growing awareness of history combined with the good ol American fixation on race
You guys seem conditioned for it
It isn't cool to hate in people like this, obviously, but when hateful people see other hateful people getting away with it, they emulate the behaviour

Really isn't any different than r9k hating women, for example

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I want to better my life. I am that person that puts all of their energy into someone else that is "broken" or going through really tough times and no one seems to be in their corner and I am like their saving grace. I do the shit for them that no one else would even think of doing. Once I have taken care of all of their problems and they are up to speed on their own life they see me as useless and tell me that I have done nothing to better myself. Personally I see no point in helping myself but I have grown tired of helping all of these people and then they shit talk me afterwards, it is a gift and a curse
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Also I would like to know the sauce on this image if anyone has it
Originally please respond

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Do you have any arguments against white nationalism besides "muh feelings"?
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Do you have any arguments for white nationalism besides "muh feelings"?
I live around and have worked with non-white people and white people and believing you're somehow better because you're white is stupid, because everyone is a lazy piece of shit in this world
Is that a fucking Hi-point?

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>Finally find a nice comfy job in which there isn't much to do so i can sit and play vidya or browse 4chan most of the time
>work from 4:30pm to 1:00am so i don't have to deal with traffic and wake up to an alarm everyday
>father is not okay with this and wants me to quit this job because he believes this schedule is not a "suitable life for me"
>i have now 3 weeks to find a new job

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originally kill him
Ovulate at his general directon.
Tell him to fuck off and go get a better job if he dosent like the one you have

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I'm looking for a gf to play League of Legends with.
I'm Silver EU West, I'm not great but ok I think. I don't play a lot of champs, just a few I really like.
Ideally you'd use voice chat or something, though I won't talk myself cause that's scary and I don't want my mother to think I'm weird.
I just like listening to someone while playing.
I'll orbit you and be your support healing slut if you want.
If you're interested post your discord or League in this thread, don't want to post mine because I'm paranoid, sorry.
Just looking for a girl with a qt voice to talk to me while I pass time and waste my life with League because uni is starting soon and I'm getting more depressed by the day.

Also, discuss League faggotry or something I guess.
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tfw i used to be top 200 in EUW and a really good player and people used to thank me on /vg/ and copy my builds.
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almost peak.png
2MB, 1279x801px
i peaked at like 120 LP maybe
Sent an invite.
Come online and be my gf.

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ss wojak.jpg
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>browse /r9k/ and /pol/ all day erry day for years
>somehow get to know a girl for the first time in my life despite thinking I was destined to be a wizard, as I was only handful of years away from wizardhood
>she's cute, shy, and just as autistic as me
>tiny, petite, and blond hair
>suddenly realize she has brown eyes despite her blond hair (that is definitely natural blond)
>tfw when conflicted emotions

I fucking hate myself and what this place has done to me. Fuck. Yeah I know, just because someone is not "pure aryan" doesn't mean they're not white, and there's plenty of whideys with dark hair and brown eyes, and even some of the head nazi guys weren't all blue-eyed (ie. Goebbels). I myself am not "pure aryan" either, though I do have dirt blond hair and blue eyes.

God fucking dammit, I feel like a real asshole for even bothering myself with this shit. I'm from northern Europe, so this stuff is me even more important to me (because of the rapefugee migration) than to the American nazi-larpers, and the idea of being with someone non-European non-white makes me absolutely sick. She's obviously European and white, but still, fuck me, brown eyes.

If I somehow happen to get really well along with her and we end up getting married and have children in the future, will me and my family be spared when the day of the rope finally comes? I feel disgusted when I even think about this stuff. Logically it makes no sense to be worried over this, I know, but it's hard to have soft heart when your mind is filled with swastika.

What do?
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/pol/fuck off yourself
>not dating a blond white girl because she has brown eyes

this has to be bait
Kys for falling this hard forpol memes

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just deleted all my porn, what do now
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start the nofap life i'm on day 5 fucking torture right now but i hear it get better, after some days you gain focus and social skills you didn't know were there
yeah since I deleted last week I've just been on that streamingonlyporn life. It's refreshing to never feel like I need to save anything to the hard drive.

I think I'd like to just jack it without porn whenever I feel like it. It most certainly would not be everyday
i don't think you get what i mean the nofap is litterally NO FAP at all some guys are do it for years but i'll just try a nofap month you should too it need sel restrain tho

>watch pic-related
>life is forever changed
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>getting your life changed by an anime that is not NGE or SEL
>watch pic-related
>it is shit
what's this?

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Stupid dumb frogposters
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Sorry, I'm a newfag. What's wrong with frogposting?
Stupid dumb newfag
Is it because is kills originality? Is it normie? Why? answer pls

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>Summer job.
>I met a coworker (girl).
>She is cute, gentle, educated and soft.
>We talked for hours, and connected easily.
>We both share musical tastes (it's hard to meet a girl that likes opera, at the same time that she enjoys more contemporary genres), ideological and philosophical points of view.
>Oh boy this is going so well...
>"Oh, it's not easy to disconnect after work when you have a daughter".
>Aw shit.
>She is 21, have a newborn daughter and a boyfriend. The whole pack.

The universe is trying to make fun of me or something... It hurts.
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>Liking person from work
>thinking just cause person is super nice you have a chance
Learned my lesson.
The last people on Earth you should date are coworkers.

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Do I have /virginarms/ r9k?
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nope. you are fine, move along
ok anon thanks for your input but i need more
You look pretty weak and twinky. Ever consider transitions? You can be my gf.

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>be me 18 yo senior
>start my web design class a few days
>assigned to sit next to white girl
>black her, wide waist/big ass with blue eyes
>decent face
>we dont talk the first day but she makes a couple glances
>fast forward 2 days later
>now she starts joking around with me
>teasing me
>constantly poking and pushing
>taking my papers with a smile and copying
>mfw all I said to open her up was that some nigga took her chair

Does this mean I'm in? Never dealt with a "coal burner" before and this is pretty new.
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Don't overplay it, make sure you sustain the dynamic of her mostly being playful with you
If rapport keeps building ask her out to a movie, if she says yes you're in
File: 1502300409508.jpg (8KB, 249x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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awful larp anon. I mean just terrible.

File: 264.png (147KB, 400x343px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>oh man i want this stacy
>i wish stacy would sit on my face
>stacy is hot
>i'd ravage that stacy
>i would drag my balls through a mile of broken glass just to hear stacy fart through a walkie talkie

>w-wow that chad is kinda qt...
>this is why im mgtwo!

y u do dis?
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show me your tits, whore

no need to post your face, I'm not into goblins
>tfw no twink-looking qt bf
its unfair
Can't handle the banter? Fuck outta here roastie

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>there's a woman I like
>she's very petite
>see her mom
>shes super fat, big as a whale
>cant even imagine how they're related
>fear she'll get that big when shes older

should I be concerned?
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dayum she thicc
i want to smell her brapkinos
File: 1502745397069-2.jpg (364KB, 667x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The answer is in the bottle under the sink labeled bleach. Drink up.
>Not wanting a thicc 300 pound qt to sniff

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