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>feel really bad one morning
>only had my usual three beers the evening before
>not even hungry, just drink some coffee
>think I might be loosing it finally
>all these pointless days spent on the internet
>no contact with real people for years finally took it's toll
>have to lay down a bit
>think about sister who tried to maintain contact
>think about mother who almost gave up on me
>think about disapointed dad
>almost cry
>feel something moving inside my gut
>go to toilet
>remember I haven't taken a shit in a week
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Post here if you have friends and actually go /out/ with them

As thread creator, OP also has friends
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How sad, it almost breaks my very heart

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Why is this so hard for many of you to understand? Have all of you been infected by /pol/?
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Someone post that pic of the studies that confirm what OP said.
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Here ya Go!

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Here one more!


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You have been muted for 2 seconds because your comment was not original.

0: Script error. @
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>then function


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just woke up from a nightmare and felt like sharing
>be me
>drive on a small path in nature, to the left is a small river
>in front of me 2 person
>they have dogs or something similar
>just drive pass them
>when i am at their height i see that it isnt a dog on a leech but a frog (no pepe but a real frog)
>frog jumps through my wheels causing me to crash because of the leech
>be passed out
>when waking up im alone
>check if i am hurt and drive home
>connect smartphone with pc to charge up and check messenger if needed while being on the pc
>pc does weird stuff like opening terminal and browser but closing it really fast
>realize there is some kind of virus on my mobile uploaded when i was passed out
>turn off power of pc
>go to sleep and wake up next day
>go to school (im not going anymore to school so idk why i dreamt it)
>see some random chick talk bout 2 girls that are being suspected to hack people
>actually remember that it was them who i saw
>fbi takes them after school with them, but does not find any evidence
>just realizing that my pc could be extremely hard fked
>catch these 2 suspect girls in the afternoon, ask them why they are doing that
>no clear answer, not really admitting anything, mumbled something about selling passwords and other stuff
>when back home try starting pc and change all passwords, as soon as I open my antivirus manually the pc freezes with an odd frame of windows and antivirius
>end of dream
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>*drive on a small path on a bike
forgot to mention
i expect you to post in my thread when i post one about my dreams, anon

here is my post in your thread
>frog which you recognised as a friendly animal at first makes you fall off bike once you see what it really is
> lose control over something important to you (PC), try find answers logically and sort it out rationally nothing seems to work

Are upset about living with parents or losing a job or something?

Sounds like you are being buffeted by the forces of chaos anon.

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What counts as people 4chan?
What criteria does 1 have to reach to be counted as human?
arigato familam
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big titites.jpg
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How long until /ourjunkie/ ods?
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Hopefully she post nudes before she kills herself
These newfags
not before her 4k HD creampie

Am I the only robot that refuses to give any money to Hollywood and gets flamed by normies irl?
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so any of you cunts gonna play this?

why dont we make our own /r9k/ guild?
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>playing a most likely buggy server that will be dead or only the same few faggots after a month
No thanks
I was just about to make this exact thread,
I'm so down for an r9k guild, the /vg/ guilds are always shit. Haven't decided on my faction yet though.
sad medivh is going to die?

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>seeing a man with abs and muscles doesn't turn me on
>thinking about getting fucked in the ass or sucking off a dude makes me horny
am I bi and if so is it normal to only be attracted to the dick and not the rest of the man?
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Because getting fucked in the ass and blowie Joey's are inherently sexual, abs just mean hard work and exercise.

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>Alwasy think I have a pencil dick
>turns out it just looked that way due to being 6 long and 6 girth
It might not be the longest but it's a real filler
finally some confidence
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Anyone hev a sorce?
Sorry I no trianed in sorecellery
feels so good to know I could give a trap some well needed butt filling unless "she's" into big big toys and even bigger boys

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I'm beginning to accept the fact that I am a degenerate, wicked person. For almost a decade I've attempted to suppress an unorthodox sexual hunger in the name of everything that is traditional and good. I tricked myself into pretending to care about others and their problems, so I could be a good empathetic person. The real red pill for me was realizing that everyone is out for themselves in this world, and that there are no heroes or villains with defined sides. There's no reason to try to be a good person just so you can be accepted by a society with arbitrary rules and customs you need to follow or risk imprisonment. The only way I'm ever going to be even remotely happy is if I accept that I'm a sick freak who doesn't care for others, and embrace it. Now I can realize that I only benefit from adopting a hedonistic and selfish lifestyle, and leave counterintuitive /pol/ bullshit behind.
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Same here I plan to kill a group of roasties on my kill list when they forget about me which should be in 10 years after I left highschool.
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You aren't a sick freak.

You're an awakened one.

Welcome to the club, brother. Pic related.
Any painful history with these cunts? Or are you going to kill them solely because they're roasties?

Make them toasty.

Have robots ever played soggy biscuit and lost?
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AngloSaxon were the mistake
Nasty and gay as fuck.

I hope Islam conquers the world.
>Have robots ever played soggy biscuit and lost?
I would play it with ONE (1) boy though

more than 1 and it's disgusting and degenerate

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beats debra.gif
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Talk about that feels

>tfw i met a cute fembot on this site but she hardly responds even though she seems very intrested in me
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>tfw no rose gf

Maybe in the next life.
I have this exact same feel, anon. Does her name start with a J?
nope sorry man but i hope that girl replies to you

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I fucked up with a girl and I'll never see her again
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You have me, anon. Don't worry. Everything will be okay.
i have a reddit account can I post here?

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