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>Tfw can't grow a beard
>hairline is receding rapidly
>Losing hair on my crown
Fucking hell, I just can't fucking win. Why the fuck is this happening to me?
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LEarn some kind of skill to make up for it.
You'd have to find that skill though
What is your age, OP?
Shave your hair off or wear a hat that suits you.

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You lads ready for another semester of normies, group projects, and procrastination? Last semester can't wait until this shit storm is over two b h
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Common no uni lads?!
Literally no students on r9k what went wrong I know you guys aren't studying
I'm 29, so no

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>couple of weeks ago
>go to random discord thread
>meet someone with a few of the same interests
>also see that they're a trap and I'm a fag soo
>send them a request
>they reply and we chat for a bit
>we hit it off pretty well
>play overwatch together for a few hours
>wanted to talk to them in voice but they're nervous
>figure this is the case with traps a lot
>they ask me what a look like
>"w-wow anon you're pretty cute"
>ask them for a pic of themselves
>they tell me to hold on for a sec
>couple minutes later picture of super smallcute boi in a wife beater and basketball shorts
>like, the cutest fucking face, chubby little cheeks, tiny nose and freckles
>try to play it cool
>"you're super cute too, your face is super pretty for a guys"
>"th- thanks anon, I'm r- really glad you think so"
>we play for a bit longer
>over next week or two talk a lot
>I'm starting to really like them
>he sends me selfies and stuff a lot
>I tell him how pretty he is and dumb stuff like that and he gushes
>talking late one night
>He's being super flirty tonight
>we kinda say a few lewd things
>"hey anon are you getting hard"
>I wasn't really hard before but getting asked that made me perk up
>"maybe.. wanna see?"
>take what i think is a decent cock picture
>"a-anon its so big"
>we get lewder
>ask for pic of his "boipussy"
>picture of most beautiful asshole I've ever seen
>ask for pic of cock
>"u-uhm I'm kinda nervous about that anon"
>wtf you just showed me your asshole tho
>"i-i can show you bulge"
>get picture of small bulge in panties
>kinda sad cause he doesn't even look hard
>says he's super hard though
>microdick maybe???
>ignore it, jerk off in call with him, he's got cute girly moans
>next couple of days we do this more
>no dick pics ever tho
>all pictures of his asshole are super close up
>figure maybe he's got a fucked up dick?
>everything else is great tho
>he starts being really clingy
>we fall asleep on the phone together
>it's really nice
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It's a grill isn't it?
fuck, I hate when the guy you're talking to online turns out to be a girl.
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I can already taste the anger

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so the masturbation thread from last night was really interesting and i'd like to revive it. what does a male orgasm feel like? what do you think of? do you watch porn? just go nuts, i'm curious since i don't have a dick.
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I'd cum in ur pucci just so you could find out ;*)
For five seconds you feel on top of the motherfucking world, and afterwards you just want to fucking die.
Masturbation doesn't feel pleasurable at all for me.
Orgasm just feels like muscle contractions and the sensation of semen coming out of my penis.

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>no fap september
>dicks get hard all the time
>i can't jack it off
>people are starting to notice my dick everywhere i go
what do, i'll look like a fucking sexual deviant if i don't find a way to keep it down, i can't control my boners
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>fap every day for the past year(maybe skipped a week total)
>dick bulge still very noticeable through jeans
at this point anon, just become a degenerate. at least some girls might be mirin
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just do it in secret. september will never know
>tfw 28 and all kinds of mental and physical issues make me feel like i am dying
>tfw ED and a huge libido drop from horny 24/7 to nothing
>tfw each time i try no fap my dick never gets hard like it used to

i don't know how am i still alive, i have so many reasons to kms and i still haven't

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Make it stop.jpg
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>tfw 25 years old soon
The clock keeps ticking and I'm still doing nothing
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>27 in 3 months

I wish I were dead already.
>26 next week
>Still KHV

How about you OP?
Same and I just keep wasting time. I casually consider suicide every day and hate myself, but I cant muster up the willpower to actually jump in front of that train.

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tfw i wear womens underwear and lingerie and crossdress on omegle

anyone else do similar shit?
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I did that when I was 16
Wtf faggot with originality

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suggestions on how to kill myself? Will livestream
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Nobody who cares about you wants to watch you die, they're only interested in watching someone die.
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wait around for 50 years
Bath + Electricity

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How many of you have literal, medical diagnosed autism?
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And how has it helped you
>TFW diagnosed with Aspergers at age 7
>TFW 20 now and no friends
> Diagnosed at age 10
> Parents told me at age 19
> Started living up to it.

Fuck off NERDS, you all fucking SUCK
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>literally a fucking bentley
now I feel good he lost the fight
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Heh, yeah bro! Fuck these virgins, let's go bang some Stacies! Shit's so cash brah!
You fucking faggots, you are lower than vermin, you fucking suck and I hate you all

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Where do you you think you are in life?
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Cog in the machine that'll be forgotten after its death
I'm laying in my casket, the ride down into my grave takes forever.
literally inpatient in a psychiatric hospital

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Any robot ever solo travel to south east asia?
how was it?
im thinking about visiting hk bkk and nam soon.
saved up enough wagebucks
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>how was it?
Not a good place for Americans and eurocucks. You can waste your wagebucks in other countries mate.
Korea's a good alternative.

Lmao, travelling is as normie as you can get.
travelling to SE Asia to bang irl lolis but chickening out and spending your time in your bunk in the hostel shitposting on r9k isn't though

Now that the dust has settled, what was his IQ score?
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nigger level
low kill count suggest it wasn't that high
Mental illness, down syndrome lever

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Does letting Chad fuck my boipucci violate the No Fap pledge?
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ofc not you silly, come over here and let me do the deed for you ;)
>ofc not you silly, come over here and let me do the deed for you ;)
John cena is ugly
indeed, but in this pic he has a rapeface

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>family birthday party
>dinner starts
>"Here Anon try this."
>no thanks
>"Need another drink?"
>no thanks
>"You have to eat more!"
>no thanks (I ate as much as everyone else)
>"Sure you don't want more?"

No matter how I handle this, I can't win.
Even if I accept, they'll keep pestering me and then I'm eating even though I don't want to.
If I decline they keep persisting and it's really awkward and annoying.
The only thing I can do is shut them down by becoming agressive and showing I'm pissed off. But that makes things weird and is someone else is bound to start asking 10 minutes later.
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Smile. Honestly smile. Smile "with your eyes"


Smiles are perceived to be the sign that somebody is functional to normies.

Give a nice smile, saying, "I'm all right, really, thanks for your concern."

Hostility makes them believe you've got something hidden.
Plan b would be
"I appreciate your concern for me, but the best way you can help is to leave me be."
Run while you can, anon!
They're planning on eating you once you're fat.

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