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Well lads, another Friday night alone again.
Let's get an Omegle thread going.
Usual tags; r9k, r9komegle, omegler9k,robot9001
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Skip me more, you fucks.
man up you giant faggot

I'm still here you fucking black box shits.

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Describe yourself now in seven words
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uhh.. nifty?
uuhhhhh wait a second let me think
Jealous, foolish, vindictive, brooding, kind, generous, thoughtful

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Anon, get in, were going for a Friday night drive
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But anon, it's Saturday and also 4am

do you live in Ireland
England, lad.

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Why are animeposters normal?
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Cuz this is anime imageboard. We sovereign now. Schau nicht zuruck.
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Well what do you mean by normal? I'm certainly not a normie by any means
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Penis in vagina. original desu

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>tfw I've only had sex twice in my life and I'm 20
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I just need to feel the warm embrace of a woman tobehonesto
>only twice
at least you had any
why do u even post on this board

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No 25+ thread, time for one.

>mother keeps telling me I'm going to die a virgin.
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do you tell her you already know that?
>mother keeps telling me I'm not going to die a virgin
Yes, she's aware that I have Crohn's Disease which makes it impossible to date.

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>mom bought me kleenex and wet wipes
she knows doesnt she?
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she thinks you smell like old cum
>he doesn't know that women can smell sperm from miles away
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Oh geez.png
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>everytime mother walks in she says "it smells in here"

Maybe I have a chance after all...
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It's probably not that kind of
>As a source of approval from others for having a different body-person as a fryend
>Falling for the non-Chads having a gf meme
She obviously means that she'd allow you to be her pity acquaintance so she can attract wealthy, fit Chads by virtue signalling that she isn't a shallow cunt because she allows an autistic manchild to orbit her

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is that jontron he lost weight
Is it weird that I'm happy for this guy? He was a gross-looking fat kid and now he's a good-looking adult, his life would be fine regardless but still, good for him. Reminds me a lot of the guy who played the fat kid in Harry Potter, he grew up to be male model-tier as well.

>origami game sphere

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Can monogamy actually be justified from the moral standpoint?
If you truly love someone, isn't it sort of selfish to deny them seeking pleasures and forcing them to settle for just you?
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>using a picture of a woman who's getting paid to have sex with niggers in front of a man getting paid to wank and watch
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It is completely selfish anon.

White women and ESPECIALLY Asian women are meant to be pleasured by BBC.
>Asian women
Show me an Asian woman who likes BBC and isn't being paid for it.

>tfw been single for almost a year
>tfw fat Indian girl keep Snapchatting me and inviting me to parties
>tfw extremely stupid Afghan refugee girl keeps Snapping me and asking if I'm "mad" at her for not responding
>tfw girl messages me and asks what my Tinder bio "means"

Jesus fucking Christ, why are women so stupid?

All I want is a cute brown girlfriend who is neither stupid nor fat. She doesn't have to be beautiful or particularly fit - just attractive enough for me to not feel shame.
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Pajeet my son
is that you
ughh just imagine the smell under those

Hummus breath.....""shivers"".

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Yass queen slayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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>>/s4s/ is over there

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>tfw no black ops bf
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you ok cebby?
jessika pls go
orig roblox bloxx

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Join to chat with fellow robots while watching and listening to things.
No mics or cams allowed. Room is up 24/7.

We're watching roastie-4ever right now
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very cozy but lacking robots right now
yes very cozy yes senpai alam dam a pam this is not spam
shit room 0 wizards

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>Song i hear in background of video gets stuck in my head
>It's in a foreign language
>While being on an embarrassing fetish video i fap to
Fuck you god. Why must you do this to me?
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Seriously. This is hell.
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>can't stop thinking about retarded one-liners while tapping to hentai
This is annoying.
What fetish was it?

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