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>always had great respect for dad
>good hearted, honorable, good morals and ethics, reliable man
>his biggest downside is his intense anger management issues
>always shouting and fighting with mom
>whatever this is part of marriage so who care
>one day
>check dad's iPad
>notice weird explicit messages from facebook messenger
>it's a pinoy maid
>he sends weird explicit messages back
>scroll up
>I see her nudes
>mfw dad is cheating on my mom
>mom doesn't know obviously
>shocked and appalled
>lose a lot of respect for dad
>don't know wtf to do

should I just stfu and let the man cheat in peace?
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If you have respect for him, confront him in private.
No, don't be a cuck you should do something bout this
I am thinking about doing that but what if he starts acting butthurt around me since I """invaded his privacy""" by checking his tablet without his consent?

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Just be yourself, unless you suck then be not yourself
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Keep going, wise anon.
If you're good at something there's a good chance somebody else is way better at it that you
''It doesn't matter how good you are at something, there's always an Asian better than you.''

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Sad Pedro.jpg
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>be at hospital visiting grandpa
>learn how to take care of him when he gets out
>three doctors have a meeting with grandma
>let her know he's being discharged monday
>qt doctor keeps staring at me during meeting

she probably thought I was fucking ugly but whatever
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Fucking terrible. My mother died yesterday after a one year struggle against cancer although she was only 46. I can't do anything except crying
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I'm real sorry to hear that anon. Hope you feel better soon
Thanks for the kind words but I don't think I'll be better soon. I'm really bad at moving on

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Would you let your gf scroll through your phone or email?

She doesn't open any message though.
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No, at most I might show her something if I specifically wanted her to see it but I wouldn't let her look through it freely.

My shit is all locked and password protected, nobody gets in but me.
Scrolling through my email would take too little time, it's mostly ads.

In my phone there's just memes.
Ofcourse...if I had one.

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>has weird fetish
>listens to experimental/weird/psychedelic/shoegaze/radiohead/boards of canada
>wears mostly black
>watches h3h3, filthy frank, rhett and link, new pewdiepie, jontron, other edgy youtubers
>gets acne frequently
>chubby at the very least
>manlet (5'4-5'10 max)
>cries at sad movies
>greasy hair, usually shorter or longer depending on how long theyve been robot
>little sex/dating experience if any
>doesnt use social media because nobody their posts
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>because nobody their posts
Too stereotypical for relating to such standards.

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Robots, why don't you buy cheap houses in Detroit so you can move out of your parents houses?
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:O there are niggers there and it gets cold and who's gonna cook me my tendies?
I will be your twink mummy cooking your tendies.
I feel like it would be better to buy a house in Ukraine or Moldova for a handful of peanuts so that they could trade a tire for a pretty wife

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>Go to therapist again for the first time in years
>"So, what about your friends? You must have some!"

Still as normie as I remember.

Are they always like this?
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>Are successful professionals normies?
File: 1484724832084.png (187KB, 573x495px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>go see therapist
>she makes me start by doing an MBTI test
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> friends? You must have some!

i call shenanigans

therapists are trained not to impose their framework on clients, and such a rudimentary mistake in an intorductory session is a worse failing than my mispelling of introductory

How many people do you think a woman like Pamela Anderson have had sex with so far?

Like, ballpark it, are we talking 50, 100, 500, 1000?
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Honestly? Probably a lot less than you think like maybe a dozen or so. Alot of these women are actually real insecure and latch onto dudes for years at a time.
My guess is 20 or so
Yeah I was considering this. Then on the other hand, if she has a good sex drive she could bang a whole lot of dudes in no time.

She could be single for only one year of her sexually active life and bang like 500 dudes if she wanted.

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>See your sister at the mall with her friends
>Never knew her boyfriend until now
>See this

What do?
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Ask if I can watch them fuck while jerking off in the corner
Expect to be an uncle within 15 months probably.
Tell on her

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That emotion when you have no significant other
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>tfw you dreamt about your old oneitis
>tfw all the feels and memories you buried come rushing back
>tfw you realize you still might love her
Have I not suffered enough?
This except it had a message
>old oneitis enteres my life out of no where
>we get together
>she's living with me
>the night we try to have sex she pulls out a
large dildo and uses it on her self
>I get pissed (because i have a very small penis) and she leaves me

I think it had to do with no matter how far i get in a relationship my insecurities will ruin it and I need to get over them.
>tfw you realised your parents were married and had children by your age

>thought Metal Man was a doctor
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I thought the USPS logo was a guy with a pointy head and a fat leg until I was about 24
>>>thought Metal Man was a doctor
Why? Because of the thing on his head? There is literally nothing in his stage that suggests that he's a doctor of medicine.
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head mirror.jpg
19KB, 282x350px

Yes. Thought he was wearing a head mirror.

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Open Google then type "Breasts"
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4 u daddy
>tfw a deal is a deal

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Sadiq's Hate Speech edition
Tiny OP Image edition
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Tiny op edition?
We're sinking ever lower lads. Is it now British tradition to shrink up until we are no longer relevant?
fuck off yank, it'll pick up as the wagies return home
Wtf is this image
Sort yourself out mate

So what level are you on robits?
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Heres a better one

File: 1488564215430.jpg (41KB, 520x417px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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the level that is too dumb to understand what you're asking
Love/belonging here

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>my only friend (female) keeps calling me gay and saying im a twink
>im 6"1 and skinnyfat and not effeminate at all
>she thinks its hilarious to keep saying it and that il never have a gf because im gay
females are fucking evil even when theyre your "friends"
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Fuck her. I'm serious. Fuck her.
*grabs her and throws her on the bed*
"a-anon, w-wha.. what has gotten into you ;D <3"
*have sex*

trust me man i have seen this before.
I have to side with anon on this one

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