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1. Use a name in the namefield.

2. Busy edition: I have to work and won't be able to be there full time, though I'll do my best; others abound, have no fear.

3. Be listened to and cared for.
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how do you stop derealizing?
earlier i was surprised when i saw myself in the mirror

I have similar issues. Seeing yourself as if you were someone else is disgusting, in my experience. Do you find it disgusting too?

You'll derealise less when you stress less. What worries you?

Have you been depressed for a while?
Hey Nick. How have you been doing? It's good that you're busy at least.

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how was she
did it fucked up you badly
how did she ended up alone

Post stories, experiences, opinions all that stuff related to the subject
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>how was she
she's lovely, always tried to make me happy, and tried to make use of what we had when we didnt have enough
>did it fucked up you badly
i'd like to think it didn't but that depends on the person
>how did she ended up alone
she fell for a chad who didnt want to settle down
My dad died when I was around 14 or so. The damage was already done by him, and he was damaged himself
Mom is not the type to get another man and I wouldn't like it anyway
>how was she
Nicest, kindest person imaginable. It tears me up that I'm a loser 26 year old KV who will never get to repay her by giving her the grandkids she wants so badly.

>did it fucked up you badly
I definitely became more sensitive and less masculine than my friends who had fathers around full time.

>how did she ended up alone
My dad is an alcoholic with a ton of mental problems. It was inevitable.

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what is the perfect pet for a robot?
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A pocket pussy
A dog. It will never get tired of seeing you, will keep you warm, and they're cute.
thx for almost giving me a heart attack just seeing the thumbnail in the catalog

t. extreme arachnophobia

*hides thread*

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Is going ass to pussy really that bad?
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You can get her sick doing that, yes.
damn that is a really nice pussy
too bad its attached to a whore
I want to lick all of that

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My life will always be shit because I have a small cock.

Anyone else feel this way?

No matter how much I accomplish financially or physically... at the end of the day, I'm just a dicklet. No woman will ever take me seriously.
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yep, I hate having a 5 inch baby dick, I'd do anything to have a big fat chad cock
Just be yourself bro be confident trust me it actually works
>No woman will ever take me seriously.
What a bunch of horseshit. What's the issue? Do you put your dicksize on your t-shirt or start a conversation with "Hi I've got a babydick?"

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>dad keeps talking to himself
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>dad is just a voice in your head
>dad bought into the flat earth stuff and now he ends most sentences with on gods flat earth.
I swear its just a bullshit movement to see what people are willing to believe.
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>mom keeps forgetting things more and more often

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What is the quickest and most discreet way to kill myself and is also the cheapest? I'm in a lot of debt.
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What do you mean by discreet? I'm in debt too man, chill out
Hold your breath for a year
>consider how lucky you are that it will not be troubling you much longer

Tippy topkek

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You have ten(10) seconds to explain why you're not spending quality time with your mom today.
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I'm snorting cocaine and eating pizza that had a spider on it
Because I already have spend time with her today. Even made her breakfast and gave her chocolate.

Also report em.
originally why would i?

>"Police! We have a search warrant for your harddrives!"

How do you react?
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Flush as many ounces of hard drive as you can and hide the hard drive plants.
panic and open my pc case and smash it
Sure officer, just hold on a sec.

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She does this, what do?
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Let her go and let god deal with it.
Nothing, she's already in hell.
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fuck her shes going to die in 2 years as long as she don't waste her time with divorce she will be fine

how ever if she wakes up 2 years down the road only to find she was lied too the she can take the doctor to court for loss of earnings and shit

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my first shower in a few weeks, why dont i do this more often, somehow it was relaxing
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and people on /r9k/ wonder why they're social outcasts


I'm happy for you anon well done am proud

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Oh, hello there, wagie! Here again for your morning coffee? Of course you are.

But, dear wagecuck, you must be mistaken. Today is Sunday. Could it be that the years of tireless effort you've given to appease your boss for a dim chance at a fifty-cent raise so destroyed your life that you can no longer distinguish weekdays from the weekends? And have degraded to a lowly creature of habit, a poor mutt waiting for his kibble?

You are a pathetic sight. Please, take your coffee and leave. I cannot stand the sight of you.

No, don't even respond. Oh wagie, I haven't even had my coffee yet. Don't forget our rule!
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>wagecucks at starbucks

hmm, this meme is getting too close to real life, when I was a wagie I really spent a good part of my money on coffee and products from that shit
Here's your coffee sir
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Fucking idiot, you wrote your own name on the coffee. Hand it over, and I'll take another on the house.

Anyone else here have old parents?

ITT: Post the age of your parents when you were born.

>dad: 41
>mom: 33
>tfw I'm the oldest

I feel like this has been a major contributing factor to how socially retarded I am.

>Parents are the most unrelatable people ever
>Make fun of me for being anything less than perfect

Don't think I can take much more of this. It doesn't help that I'm too poor to move out.
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Dad: 48
Mom: 38

Dont blame ur faggotry on ur parents, Im attending 2 unis atm
Dad: 40
Mom: 21

Dad had 7 kids across 4 different mothers.
What is your relationship with them like? I'm genuinely curious. I've never talked to mine about anything except work and school and they usually get mad at me for not getting straight A's at uni.

I'm not even Asian...

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>a qt social worker wanna help me to get a 'normal life' and a 'job' because im a hikikomori
>she doesnt wanna fuck with me
normies explain this
she knows im a kv
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Women are generally more compassionate than men. The memes about women being cold-hearted sociopaths is just a mgtow/incel coping mechanism
>she doesnt wanna fuck with me
Why should she?
Is she a weeb who watched too much Welcome to the NHK?

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Why do men sexualize little girls? Are all men pedophiles?
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Define little anonita
Lots of men are repressed about it. Maybe not all men are full blown pedos, but show me a man not attracted to 14-year-old girls and I'll show you a homo.
I think almost all men would prefer an 11-year-old to a 40-year-old, even if they won't admit it.

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