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So, I have a gf, we have sex about 3-4 times a month, we go out and hold hands, we cuddle and stuff like that. I don't know if i love her but I've never been this close to anybody.
Also, I spent the last three days sending dick pics on snapchat to random chicks i found via my fake tinder profile, got some nudes, some sexting.
It was cool at first but now i feel like all of it is pointless, both my relationship with my gf and the whole sexting stuff.
I feel like I'm wasting my time, no matter what i do.
I'm afraid life is all about getting what you want only to find out you didn't really need it.
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fuck off normalfag, go to /b/ or/ adv/
I know it can difficult for someone like you to realize this, but no one really cares
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That's because you know you're holding both her and you back. Accept that you to are not meant to be and let her find love with a black man. And when she does, you can find your own BBC to pleasure like you were naturally meant to.

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My cousin is the demented insane artist type and i must go tomorrow to her schizophrenic lookin performance than meet her demented hippie friends.
How do i make my way out of it, i dont even know why i said yes.
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Eat it faggot
Or fornicate with t cousin and post pics
Is this some of her art?
She does theather pieces, but that picture kinda sums up her average performance.

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>tfw lazy, anxiety and brainlet

Was i born to fail in life
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Persevere my brother. Be persistent
You were born to be great young man, anon. You just haven't found your spirit yet.
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The person you need is nanny McPhee

Who here /tipster/

Anyone wanna share tips?
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if you go to five guys for a bacon cheeseburger, ask for extra bacon.
they dont charge extra
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this is how you make "anon's spicy sauce" part 1 of 2
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it's a little complicated but it is great on bbq

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Why are women so scared of sex bots?
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I'm more curious why nobody but the Nips are producing any.
Femnist cows will ban them because it threatens their raunchy cunts.
Artificial wombs + Sexbots = Women becoming obsolete.
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>the only purpose of women is to please men and to give birth
Good ol' r9k

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What is feeling normal what is feeling depressed what is feeling bored, I honestly can't tell if I'm feeling like a normie or if I'm deeply mentally ill and unhappy
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Also don't give the the "there is no normal" we all know that's complete bullshit
Happy. You're expected to be happy, goy. If you're not happy for 2 weeks in a row, you're depressed and you need to buy medication.
Wow goy, unhappy for 2 weeks in a row? You're depressed! You're dissatisfied! You think you'd rather die then be here?!? Take some drugs.
Everybody is bored, goy. That's what the modern world is like. If you're a good goy, you can be happy and comfy, otherwise the boredom will depress you.
Nanny fucking McPhee

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Pic related is the truth, why deny it? Just accept your fate as a wizard, make peace with yourself, live the rest of your life as a consumerist vegetable.
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I plan to actually
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Be at peace robot. May your future be painless and comfy.
that image you posted includes you too OP
remember that the next time you post it...

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>19 years old
>tfw mom saying that i am not balding
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white males bald and experience erectile dysfunction starting from their 20s or earlier

lel so much for white supremacy
thats not balding thats just how hair looks
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Listen to me. Go to the fucking doctor, it's not too late but if you don't treat early it's not going to go well

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>first day in college
>Go to a new class whose students are already met with other
>Only newcomer
>Sound like cool quiet guy that is smart but generally silent
>Decide to open my mouth, everybody realizes that I m a fucking weirdo

Every time

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solution: dont open ur mouth

no srsly i was this guy all the way becos i never opened my mouth

I was quite attractive also so i became the 'really smart genius loner' but actually i was just a tistic fuck

so in conclusion KEEP UR MOUTH SHUT
I'm curious; what exactly did you say and how did the people react?
>was quite attractive also so i became the 'really smart genius loner' but actually i was just a tistic fuck
how would you know what they thought about you?

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But i'm not around anon. I'm 24/7 in my room.
>be in your room
>window shut close
>qt3.14 walks in the street just outside your house
>senses there's something weird nearby
>makes that face without really understanding why
>feels the urge for kissing her boyfriend and telling him she's so grateful he's not a loser
There is only one solution to people like her: hatefuck and choking.

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>ywn hold her tight to you
>ywn be loved
how does it feel to cuddle?
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Once a girl's leg and shoulder touched me on the train when she sat next to me.
It felt very nice and comforting, I imagine cuddling feels like that but much more powerful.
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>roll up blanket into body pillow
>pretend I'm holding a real girl
>cuddle it until I fall asleep
this is all I have ever known
Don't cuddle fat girls, it isn't comforting at all

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I like to consider myself a practical person, this being said, why would i want sex instead of wanking?
Fucking is so hard and exhausting, when im fucking im becoming exhausted in 5 minutes tops, il than need a break of 10 minutes or so and my dick wont even work meanwhile.
The only good thing you can use a women is to get your dick sucked but imo that doesent feel as good as wanking either.
What do you think?
Why should i bite the sex meme and not just rub a quickie instead than go back to my vidya.
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> when im having sex
> need to take a break from having sex
You can't intellectualize your way out of an ancient animal need. Of course it sucks, that's why evolution had to make it feel so good. Think about how many hours you've spent try to achieve the feeling you're talking about just by looking at a facsimile of it in pornography. It's strong shit, and the world would be better if it would just go away. Buy natural selection doesn't care about whether the world is a nice place or not. It just cares about FUCKING and GETTING FUCKED.
>when im fucking im becoming exhausted in 5 minutes tops, il than need a break
That's when she gets on top and rides you.

Enough is enough already. We have suffered for a long time now, with multiculturalism, liberalism, socialism and communism. Many people have lost their mind to the evil society the jews have made, that revolves around following one`s evil desires. We call upon our brethren to start their crusade against the human rat that is the jew, for you would be doing an immense favour to mankind. Begin by terrorizing their houses, shops and other places these rats spend their time in. Do it for humanity, for freedom.

-Los Pepes
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Fuck off. Fucking stormfags go back to /pol/
Not interested, officer.
File: 1502640035224.jpg (28KB, 435x461px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Im so fucking sick of all this polfags

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>not ugly enough to be disgusting
>not handsome enough to become Chad
>for some weird reason only brown women are attracted to me
>still KHV because I don't date outside my race
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don't worry pal, when you start balding you'll know what its like being ugly enough to be disgusting
File: 1498048250733.jpg (263KB, 1020x864px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i know bro im like 8/10 but i have a micro dick so im basically a trap
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kek I was looking for that pic long ago to make a coalburner collage
thanks mate

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i need some help finding something to do after work that makes me feel happy and enetertained. anybgood games or hobbies you reccomend? music isnt doing it for me anymore. i feel dead inside
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Raising a family
ugly people should be shot if they breed
Try new things, branch out, expand your horizons. Take opportunities that come your way. It may be that what you need is not a new hobby so much as a new attitude.

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