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What's the most degenerate thing you ever physically did
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i didn't get married until 23.
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Stuck a banana in my ass, felt like shit and I still feel disgusting for doing it. Fags are disgusting.
i put my peepee in a gay boy

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>add a boy on /r9k/
>he starts talking to me
>so excited to be talking to a boy for the first time in my life
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anon, do you want me to cosplay for you?
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What's it like for girls when they get horny?

I wonder what it's like to want to be filled. Do you feel empty and itchy and needy?
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how horny tho
its hard to explain
you can sorta feel it right when you're really, really wet because it makes a mess in your unders
and there's a real feeling like you want to touch yourself, you can't sit still and occasionally I'll find myself constantly shifting around on my seat
but sometimes the wetness runs down my crack and that turns me off again lol
I'm guessing it's the same as for males, except with a vagina. No need to overthink things.
it's sort of a letdown when there is no relationship in the mix. so not really hot..

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I am doing a study to see if there is a correlation between name & robothood. I have a degree in linguistics. Thanks.
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I'm male. Its Greek
Nice name.

Are you Greek guy with the long hair?

Guess what I look like

In this thread, high school stories, Ill start.
>be autistic kid at a vocational high school
>be also really obsessed with hentai so obsessed you printed it out on school computers somehow never got caught
>be senior year in a class dedicated to making fuax portfolio
>have my biggest haul of hentai yet but library was closed, real nasty shit too but was too young to know better
>so lied to teacher and said I was going to print out whole project
>print over 200 pages
>teacher demands to see what Im printing
>squeel like the autistic I am telling him no like it will do anything
>he sees it
>teacher calls dean
>everyone in class knows what the fuck I did
>get taken to deans office
>claims to have been sent porn from a online friend and printed it without knowing
>they say they buy it but still want me and my parents to come in tomorrow to talk about my punishment
>somehow still have to take bus to part time job at library
>at library job set up fake email and send the hentai
>sent self porn
>mom picks me up from work since Im autistic and cant drive cuz Im a manchild
>she is so fucking pissed
>explain to her that it was someone who sent this to me
>parents check my email to see the evidence
>notice that the time is off and could not get it at school
>parents dont notice and believe my story
>be next day get driven to school with still pissed parents
>show fake email to dean and superintendent
>they believe me too
>feel like a normalfag surrounded by autists for first time in my life
>still got suspended but only for a week
>I could have got expelled
>to this day I had no idea how I pulled this off but I did
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>be in high school
>talk as little as possible to avoid sperging like in middle school
>have 0 friends
>junior and senior year constantly fantasize about suicide
>still fantasize about going to campus and blowing my brains out in front of a pack of normies
>Time for PE
>Started crossdressing in secret
>always wait until locker room is empty to change
>panties clearly visible, always late to class, worth it
>one day I take a bit longer than usual
>male teacher thinks im dicking around and comes to get me
>he see's me mid change, panties in full veiw
>for the record they were pink and I was a chubby kid
>teacher says nothing and walks out
>he never says a word to me after

Could have been worse.
And I thought my story was fucked up.

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small vagina.png
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See, /r9k/? Women worry about the size of their genitals too.
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why the hell would you want to cameltoe so hard. I don't want to walk around with a candlestick in my pants wtf
that shit is disgusting af

i would kms if i had a vagina that big
That is so fucking hot
I really hope this becomes a fad

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w-we can't do stuff like that! We're boys!
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You are clearly a green haired woman.
>You are clearly a green haired woman.
The pic is a representation of my feelings when a cute boy I met on /r9k/ asked me to do a lewd thing with him
The lewdest thing I'd do to you is ask your strawberry friend's number.
Green haired useless woman.

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Namefags not welcome edition
As for start, lets play a simple game, describe any personality in 2 words.
Like ENTP - attention whores
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INFP-T here

I have never had much of a love for healers

ENTJ-T Always muted
INTP, I find being a Tank to be very slow and pointless. You are literally doing nothing more than standing there and using buffs. Tried to be a healer, everyone died, plus I tend to focus on myself and forget the rest of the group exists. I much prefer the challenge that comes with a DPS. As for going quickly, I am the jerk who can't keep up because I actually want to sight see.

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Daily /r9k/ omegle thread. Let's meet up.

Interests: r9k, robot9001, omegler9k, r9komegle
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Get in here, guys and gals.

Come on guys. Join. It's dead. Let's get some femanons in here.

Roasties, get in here. Plenty of males to go around.

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please make these tears stop
it hurts
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it looks cute though anon :)
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>it hurts
Where does it hurt anon?
it feels like my brain is melting
i want my big sister

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Don't be yourself. Instead, be confident, and be proud. Girls will flock over to you in no time.
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Based Tone, those were the days. Why can't turnbull be so meme worthy?
Are those sunglasses the fedora of Chads?

no that would be ray ban wayfarers

Went off my SSRI's, stopped going to dole appointments and have lost my NEETbux but i dont give a shit. It was killing me.

They keep calling me but im not picking up.

I would go on AutismBux but they wont acceot my application unless i go see a psychiatrist which would mean travelling over an hour away and paying a lot of money.
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Do you actually even have a mental disorder or are you just being a faggot taking SSRI's because you're a failed normie and want to take drugs to take away your depression?

I mean, I've been clinically diagnosed autistic/schizoid and met the 20 point mental impairment very easily. I don't mind seeing my psychologist often, it's nice to have someone to talk to who can understand you.
you won't last long without SSRIs, at least i never last longer than 3 months
i was scared as fuck to go to the doctor and was dragged by my mother and forced to go on them. my anxiety problems improved and i could go out. but i didnt like how i felt. i was never happy or sad. I saw a therapist for over a year and it didnt help. i just wanted to be left alone. Im diagnosed with depression, anxiety and aspergers but the diagnosis was by a GP and a psychologist and the government doesnt accept those.

>make Tinder for the first time
>not really sure what to expect but excited
>think this app will finally save me
>every girl I swipe through is a literal +8/10 normie cunt
>don't even bother anymore and delete my account along with the app

I don't know what to do anymore.
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why do you even want human interaction?
because it's advertised to me as being favorable over being a lonely autist

I want to touch and play with other people's bodies

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Who else /poo/ here?
>get ready to take a shit
>make a toilet paper blanket beneath me
>poo on the blanket and keep it
>put it in the collector bag for later
>when I'm feeling sad or pooing I open the bag
>sniff as hard as I can
>feel much happier and satisfied I collect poos
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Ur gonna go to jail

Jenkem is a controlled substance xddd lmao
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>work as a janitor
>cleaning the women's bathroom
>notice a little lump of shit on the back of toilet seat (see pic related)
>realize I'll likely never get an opportunity like this again
>kneel down
>so turned on my dick is literally in paint and I get barely steady myself I'm shaking so much
>put my lips over the lump of shit
>suck and lick it up
>rich earthy bitter fills my mouth
>like the most intense mushroom and cabbage flavor
>Immediately cum in my pants as I swallow the shit down

The only time I've ever had such an opportunity, the only other turds I've seen have been unflushed ones in the bowl, but they're way too messy to bother with, however I am considering bringing some black plastic bags with me so I can snag any unflushed leftovers I see, but I'm worried about being caught.
This is disgusting, feel bad about yourself

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/driving/ thread
who here never learnt how to drive a car?
why dunn u have a license?
which age are u?
wats stopping u from geting one?
>pic mildly related
i always think pepe is driving and holding a turning wheel in this one
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>spend hours a day driving virtual cars
>no license to drive real cars

I am a failure
I never learned how to drive I really had no reason to learn. I'm a 24 year old NEET with no friends I have no place to go.
28 and never learned to drive. Parents wouldn't when I was a teenager, when I had money to take driving lessons I didn't have time because too busy wagecucking. Now I'm NEET and live with my old widowed mother and she still won't pay for me to get lisence/take driving lessons, nor would she teach me to drive, nor let me drive the car even if I did get lisence on my own. There's really no point, the cost of driving is too expensive, and I don't even have a place to park a vehicle, it would be an active liability to make sure I move it every day on the densely packed residential streets.

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