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>he fell for the 'girls dont approach' meme

they approach when you are good looking
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It's true. Had a girl who was interested in me and initiated talking. We went out but scared her with my autism. Real robots are good looking but still find a way to fuck up.
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stop it anon, ive cried enough tonight

This /\

This happened to me 3 times, I think I would have a chance if I weren't such an autist. doesn't get easier

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Who's laughing now? edition
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Please always include /britfeel/ or /Brit/ in the title so those of us who filter this cancer don't have so see it, thanks for understanding and remaking this thread
>tfw always wanted to make video games but got stuck being a professional quarterback instead

I'm not laughing anymore
>Not pissing of yank cunts

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If there was a way to eradicate humanity completly leaving only you and a few people all over the planet, would you do it? Leaving only ruins, less than a thousand people and dying power sources.
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Less than a 1000 people is not enough for humanity to survive. Not healthily at least.
Unless its like my anime fanfiction I've been reading then no.
it honestly depends on the 1,000. but since it's our paradigm, i'm guessing 500 of the 1,000 will be borderline illiterate in their own language and 80% will probably be unskilled.

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save me gold pepe
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save me gold pepe

That's a fine looking Pepe btw, not even mad at you for the b8 thread. Thx for the rare
save me gold pepe

nice pepe btw
save me gold pepe
TFW, not even an ultra rare pepe

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So do you pronounce anon as "anne un" or "uh non"
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I pronounce it Ayy nawn
I've always said Anne un, but it's pronounced as uh non

Correct and the widely accepted pronunciation

But for memes sake, lets just pretend I posted a funny and drawn out, over the top pronunciation because we know that's what this thread will be.

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why do a bunch of images posted on 4chan have "IMG_[BUNCH OF NUMBERS]" as it's filename all of a sudden.
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Hmmm I'm not so sure anon! o
I've stalked enough people on Facebook to know the answer to that one.
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see, your filename has it, please explain anon?

I'm asumming we can all agree here on this issue?

Fapping to the imagination is elite. I can have sex with who i want, when i want, how i want.

> hes spends hours searching for the perfect scene in cuck tier 3d porn
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I fap to Facebook pics of girls I know, but I imagine them being bound and gagged while I do it
Does that count as imagination, or 3D?
I wore my imagination out after years of constant masturbation with it. Porn filled the void, but I'm slowly returning to imagination, granted I'm fapping less.
I've recently started experimenting with imagination fapping, busted to just thoughts for the first time since I was a kid the other day. I think I'll give noporn a try and see how things go just using my imagination

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>"don't mine me, I'm just stea- I mean... refusing to tip good restaurant service."
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Actually it's the employers that are stealing by refusing to pay a proper wage
>inb4 a bunch of people make very strong cases about how Americans are greedy, selfish, apathetic pieces of shit and nothing more using very fancy, misleading language

how long with americucks defend extreme capitalism? I'm all for capitalism to a point but the way americans defend getting fucked in the ass on a daily basis in beyond me

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We live into an age where even the most cute and adorable girls like this. This is literally the age where everything is permitted and considered "ok", no other ages represent so perfectly the hedonist sexual chaos in which we are. But yet, we can't do anything, we can just observe, from the distance and feel nothing on ourselves.
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>no other ages represent so perfectly the hedonist sexual chaos in which we are
Weimar Germany, maybe
Wow how will we ever recover? Get over it fag who cares
Women in the western world are incredibly promiscuous, the people who spam links about people having less sex are trying to make you feel better about the fact that as a man you're expected to man up for a wide pool of sluts in your late twenties/early thirties.

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>tfw /r/incels went private again
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Listen bud, I don't know who you think you are, but this is 4channel. Around here we got a couple of words we say about people that come from Reddit. So you best be turning your silly be-hind around and going back to your little kids websites. This place is for Adults like me, not little kids like you.
They turn private every week.
I have no idea why.
Probably because of raids. People I know irl go there to mock them. Pretty sad really.

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>every day, men trick women they don't love into having sex with them
How can you do this?
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It's because men are rotten to their core and inherently pieces of shit. I wssn't always mysandrist but really they're all the same.
Easily. Bitches put out easily nowadays.
>>every day, men trick women they don't love into having sex with them
>How can you do this?
because it's what stronk independent womyn want. sexual revolution and muh feminism. enjoy, slooty bitches!

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Tell me about that time you were caught masturbating. Greentext it.
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>Be me uni retard
>hired a old woman to clean the apartment
>while she is cleaning, I've found a very good hentai and decided to fap

>Hola senor pod....
>Closes the door

That's it.
>playing GTA SA
>go to the strip bar
>whip out my 10yo dick and fap
>mom walks in "what are you doing?"
all blank from there

Haven't been caught since, trauma teaches well.
hahahahahAHHAHAHHAH you just had to post that photo didn't you

Woke up at 4am and made this. We call this a Spicy Mouth jose here in Nor Cal. What are you guys eating? Please respond
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Italian Sausage over Egg Risotto
What time is it there where youre at Rissoto Bro? Why do yu Always make Risotto?
Because I still haven't mastered the consistency, and it is also one of my favorite dishes.
This dish was inspired by one of my earlier creations.

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How's the Love Quest been going for you, Anon?
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Oh I put that on indefinite hold. It's a side quest anyways. I still need to grind my social stats anyways.
Gave up on that years ago
Postponed until I can get myself in a better place mentally.

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/x/ I want to prove myself and try some stuff out. Do you have a person you wish to send spell on ? Preferably curse.

What I need
Name X person is called the most
Date of birth (EU format please)
And also your reason, the more "deep" it is the better
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By /x/ I meant "/x/ here"
can you curse me so I can die sooner?
How would I track that ?

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