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Does anyone else wish they could just upload their consciousness to the internet and spend the rest of their lives just reading, shitposting, talking about stuff, etc.?

Honestly, I'm so sick of having this exhausted body. Waking up, working, eating food, jerking off, getting sick, taking medicine, etc. all seems so pointless if I could just exist on the internet instead. I basically do anyway, the only difference would be I wouldn't be in so much pain all the time.
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If there IS no afterlife, then I would gladly upload my consciousness to the internet (as long as it's ultra high-speed internet).
That goes without saying. You don't want to be the poor schmuck who uploaded himself on his aunty's shitty 1996 dial-up
You realize if this was possible you would still be alive after the process and not experience the consciousness living in the internet

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>want to learn how to draw cartoon girls
>too embarrassed and quit every time i try
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Then do something else...?
Its not rocket science shit
but i want to be able to draw cute girls anon
Youre giving some conflicting vibes.
If you are getting embarrassed from just thinking about drawing cartoon girls then its obviously not for you and you dont have what it takes to learn.

Does anyone else find this pic disturbing? I found it on a profile on OkCupid.

Something seems "off" about this girl. I can't quite place it. I get a feeling of uneasiness just from looking at her.
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he looks russian
It's just a photo taken with an old camera. It will make photos look like that.
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i know what you mean man
kind of like this

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I've noticed lately that a lot of /r9k/ posters have waifus, even if only in jest, and while some are based around tsundere girls causing robots physics harm because that gets them off or other trash tier fetishes like skat/diapers/etc., most robots are more-or-less normal blokes who just want an idealized woman.

But there in lies the problem. Men want a woman who can be following:
Pretty (whatever that means to you)
Not stupid

The problem is, in 2016 + Trump, women don't really fit this bill. So even if you are a Chad, you'll probably never find the one-in-a-million girl who reflects these ideals.

But also, is it even fair for men to ask this of women?
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People just want a girl that is actually likeable and not a spoiled baby

Apparently that's asking too much in 2017
It's not even that it's "too much."

The question is why men even expect that of women? Clearly in 2016 + Trump men don't respect women.
The wonderful thing about asking for stuff, is that until you ask, you don't know if you'll get what you want.
Responsible, virtuous women do exist and will choose to be with you.
Really if you're a responsible virtuous man, not only do you deserve and equally virtuous woman, you can afford to wait.
Men have no expiration date before death. As a man you gain virtue over time.

It makes no sense at all to compromise and accept dissatisfaction. None.
Especially when a perfectly good woman might be right around the corner.

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>god sent us to a world ruled by Satan
>told us not to do anything satanic

What did he mean by this?
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god's either evil or impotent. in either case not worth worshiping.
>believing in the make-believe sky daddy

You've been spooked.
you are going to hell

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My ex has a new bf who she's been with for almost a year. It makes me so sad, I want her back.
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yeah well my ex had a baby with her new bf gimme a hug bro
>almost a year
You're never going to get over her, anon
Grow from it anon. You have to first acknowledge that you will never get her back. Then you must work on yourself so that you can pull any chick you want. This is how you will leave those feelings in the dust my friend.

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Can we get a comfy /1am/ thread going? I'm so bored I feel emotionless at this point. I don't play games, listen to music, or watch tv. Nothing really makes me happy anymore so I just fap, and even that is getting boring.

How is everyone else doing?
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You're not alone here. Just seek for some unusual fetishes and you'll be fine.
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I already jerk off to stuff normalfags would consider bizarre/gross.

Maybe you're right though and i need to go deeper
i feel u op

at this point I feel dead inside. got any hobbies left?

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anime eye.jpg
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what the fuck is happening to me. i went from watching 100+ anime series a year but the last half a year i've watched 2 maybe 3 series a month
i'm a friendless neet and anime has been my life for so long but i just can't bring myself to watch it for some reason
please help me i don't want to lose the one thing that has always been there for me
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You subconsciously fell for the can't enjoy peast a certain age or point in life meme

Your mind cucked itself
you've watched everything worth watching
creativity is dead
Even the best shit in the world gets tiring if you have it too much. Take some time off watching anime, do other hobbies instead like vidya/films/porn/etc., and once you feel up to it get back into anime

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>have medical problems that basically leave me bedridden for about a year now
>missed out on large portion of schooling at uni which is expensive as shit, so are the medical bills
>all drive is gone
>nothing is enjoyable anymore, and the things I do enjoy (hiking, working out) I can't do
>no hobbies
>turned into fat unfit mess
>haven't really gotten any better despite all the procedures and medication

I have NO fucking idea what to do anymore. You think it'll eventually subside, like the doctors said, or something would progress. But it won't. Life is suffering and I don't know how much longer I can do this.

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You'll get used to it or kill yourself. No biggie.
Sorry anon, I don't know what to say except that being seriously and chronically ill is definitely one of the worst feels possible, especially if you don't know if you'll ever recover. This year I was sick for about a month and everyday all I could think about was how and if I could ever get better. I used to care about being poor, stupid, and having no gf, but all that disappears when you don't even have your health.

Do your doctors have any idea what's causing your problems?
None of my local GIs or the ones at Mayo know

No really, it's okay. It's just because I'm not sexually attracted to short guys, that's why I won't fuck a manlet.
I'm sure there are girls who are also beneath me that will though!
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I enjoy these tinder profiles can we get more so that I may chuckle?

every sentence is a loaded gun
manlet detected. Also you're mad cuz she has sexual preferences that don't include you, grow up.

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Why do threads and posts claiming to have a female behind them blow up in popularity while this whole board allegedly hates the female with a hate fueled passion?
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because this board isn't one single person.
It's more like one frustrated bipolar, schizophrenic anon.
Hate is attention.

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Is this possible to do?
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i tend to think about hot girls intentionally before i fall asleep and it works a lot of the time. not really lucid dreaming but whatever. i wake up with a boner.
Yes, but WILD is shit and unreliable. Dream induced lucid dreaming is much easier to achieve, though it will take some time.
nofap gives you a higher chance of rolling a lewd dream but also nightmares and humiliating dreams and that's if you can manage to fall alseep if you're addicted to masturbating.

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>no mtf cuddles
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A cruel feel that I know all too well.
>no cuddles for mtf

we're all lonely here :')
>no mtf cuddles
Dumb sissy tranny boy

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I wish I could get a qt jap, gf.
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Is that a lyric from somewhere?
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I'm on my ballin' each and every day.
Asian girls everywhere, UCLA

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Imagine the following scenarios:

>see grill
>9/10 definitely
>after talking, she seems cool
>friends now, so thats neat
>after a while, you guys get pretty close
>the fuckening approaches
>strip your girl
>she's got a dick

end scene

scenario 2:

>be you
>grade 10 HS
>despite being a total waste of semen, you make friends with a guy
>he's cool
>fastforward few months
>decide to hang at friends house
>vidya ensues
>"anon, i have a secret"
>turns out friend is a female
>you have just discovered the worlds first reverse trap
>he/she/whateverthefuck has been into you for whatever reason
>great sex ensues
>at school she is a he and you two are great friends
>otherwise you two fuck like there's no tomorrow

okay, heres your guys descision to make:

Would you rather look straight but know secretly that you're gay, or look gay but secretly know that you're maybe the straightest person you know?
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i dont care i just want someone to love me

4chan said my comment was unorignal
Crippling loneliness is really that fucked up
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Well I don't want to fuck a dick, so...
Around 10rd grade I didn't have the loneliness that eats at your insides, and increases gravity in your bed by 20x anyways, so bro turning out to be broette would just be a weird surprise to me.

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