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itt: we are in a gameshow where we have to stay in a car for the longest time at a parking lot in the mall.
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what do we win? the car?
the prize would be the car.
Who else /pissingfromwindows/? I get dirty looks, but no one's confronted me about it yet

>tfw feel urge to shit building up

Can time stop accelerating now? Thanks God.
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you should be smart enough to know what this means bH8FcuE
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discord invitation link

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>inb4 we have this thread every day

That kid thread

>that kid who lied through his teeth and was really obvious about his lies, and turned into an emo furry half way through the school year
>that white kid who acted like a nignog who watched dragon ball z during class
>that girl who always complained about having a huge ass
>that guy who drew edgy furry and anime art from bases
>that autistic kid who was getting bullied who didn't have any idea of it
>that autistic kid who flashed his dick to everyone in the locker room, and felt no repercussions because muh autism
>that one kid who plays Super Smash Brother Melee on his computer during lunch

>tfw last one is me
Melee is fun and lunch is boring
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>that kid who had a Rugrats lunchbox
File: 1499815500390.jpg (2KB, 125x125px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>that kid who wore a Naruto headband on hat day
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>that girl who identified as a genderfluid demisexual panromantic
>that same girl's sister who was super hot but identified as a non binary lesbian

I had a crush on the sister at one point, me and sister are good friends, I told genderfluid one that genderfluid-ness doesn't exist and she told me never to look or talk to her again

Is he the man chads will never achieve to be?
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>its a "Gunther makes a cameo appearance in a Red Hot Chili Peppers music video" episode

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Who here /neverbeenonanactualdate/?
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nobody has. I think dates are a joke normies made to anger us. people don't actually meet alone with people th aarrhhnmmmlorprorprprorpr
Who here /nofriendsinelementaryschoolandtrendcontinuedthroughtotheendofhighschoolandnowtoobrokenandsociallyinepttomakefriends/
I've been on a date but it was real awkward and quiet:( I took this ugly 6/10 bitch to California pizza kitchen and ordered breadsticks, after that awkward convo we walked to a hotel and watched march madness.tfw you look like an above average chad but still a social retard.

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>wake up
>notice you are tied down and can't move
>see this

what do
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why the fuck do these threads always use old white women who look like ugly 30 year olds at best with all their makeup? get some real fucking taste.

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>dreamt about her again
>it's been 3 years
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Happens to me every night anon. Going on nearly 4 years for me.
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>bust a fat nut to the thought of her again
>it's been three years
It's time to let go buddy. You can hang on to the memory, but it'll only ever be a memory. A ghost you keep around. Life is now. Even if your life is shit, your life will be less shit if you simply allow yourself to let go. Some people go their entire lives without letting go. And you know what else? The past yearns for death. It wants to die. But you won't let it.
So let go man. I know you have it in you. Take a deep breath and I mean really start to let her go.

I work 8 hours.
1 hour break (unpaid)
1 hour commute to work (unpaid)
20 minute conversation after work (unpaid)
1 hour commute from work (unpaid)
I come 30 minutes early to work cause of shitty commute (unpaid)
I spend 1 hour 30 minutes getting up early to eat, shower, prep (unpaid)
I get home, take shower, do laundry, clean, shop, eat. (unpaid)

8 hours of sleep.

This leaves me with less than 2-3 hours every day of free time, but it takes me a hour to unwind and I spend the remaining minutes crying about how I have to go to sleep to get ready for work again.

What do I do? (btw I used up my time for the day typing this, I will read this in morning when I wake up.)
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Become a salaryman and laugh at your cucked coworkers as they scramble to count every minute of every break/lunch while you sit back and just get paid.
Hell you get paid even for not showing up.
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Either find a part time job or a seasonal job, or try the NEET lifestyle for a while, wagie
>1 hr break

Why not just do 30 minutes? Seems like a waste of time

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let's all be gay haha as a joke you know haha to mock gays and how stupid they are haha like when they suck dicks ahah eww who would do that does any one want to try it to see how stupid it is? haha
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R9K I want you to react to this video.

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Has BatAnon returned since that one thread? I really want to listen to more recordings of him talking with happy African man.

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>walking from hotel to bar
>minding my own effing bidness
>girl spotted ahead
>chubby, maybe thicc?
>carrying groceries
>letters on her shirt coming into focus

What the heck did I just see? I feel the same way I felt when I just saw a UFO. Is this what madness feels like? I always figured you'd be more frantic and anxious as one spun downwards into insanity.

But seriously wth did I just see? Ive seen photos of asians, presumably in Asia, wearing shirts with "cuck" emblazoned on them.
But this was in front of my biological eyes. What is going on? Who is having a laugh?
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autism brothers.jpg
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These kids are so cute. One of them has some pretty obvious autism, but you can tell they really love each other. I wish my brother and I were this close.

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Why did such a QT fall into the wrong crowd?
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>New Freakin' York

what a bunch of DWEEBS

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