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What are wrong with white men today?
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>What are wrong with white men today?

thats a woman anon
Increased estrogen in the water supplies of western countries. No one is sure why exactly this is coincidentally only happening in white majority countries' water supplies.
this is what peak performance looks like

ITT: stories like this one
>be me
>last august
>found a girl on a zeemap
>she lives near me
>contacted her
>started chattting
>everything is ok
>literally no troubles
>until one day
>she rambled about her former bf and how she still love him
>even though this guy hurt her several times
>I lost control and told her to choose between me and him
>she chose him
>but still, she revealed her feeling toward me
>I said that's reciprocal
>we carry on for few days
>everything is going fine again
>then it happened the same thing, but stronger
>she didn't wanted to talk to me for days because of this
>in the end she rejected me
>we kept talking for hours
>she gave me one last chance irl
>before the day we met, everything was wonderful
>finally we met
>the date was perfect
>we kissed almost immediately, and several times
>I let her meet my family the same day
I was happy for the first time in my whole life. I loved her. We met another time at her place, and we had sex. We had sex again two days after, she said I was perfect and other shits. But this is not a happy ending.
>we chatted during the morning, as we always do
>she stopped replying
*paranoia intensifies*
during the night
>she sent me a wall of text saying that she loves more him than me and that she needs other bullshits
>we met irl the day after
>I told her how much I care about her
>I told how much I loved her
>she barely spoke
I'm speechless /r9k/
I tried to kill my self yesterday but it didn't work
it's probably full of typos but whatever
fuck you Sara, I hope you suffer more than me
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You should've realized most girls on r9k ghost people irl and tend to be bipolar and psychotic with tons of baggage.
why would you be issuing ultimatums you know all she has to do is go on tinder and 20 dudes will show up to fuck,

if she wants to fuck some old bf say yea alright whatever,

did you get any pics of her tits or feet?
Lmao you cucked yourself anon you idiot

There are two things I love in this world

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meth is far superior for fap sessions
I never understood this image. What is pepe doing to the popcorn?
You forgot number 3, jews.

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>Beat up my dad while he tries to defend mother from my autistic rage
>Get kicked out and told to never return
>Two days later my parents call me and tell me to return home
>Father speaks to me while drunk and says that I'm the only one who he really loves
>Says he knows that I'm fighting with demons and have depression and want to be by my side in that
>TFW barely feel anything during this exchange
I have hit the new low guys. There is no more humanity left in this fucking shell. Should I end it already?
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Fuck man sounds like you need to smoke weed and jerk off....
You are a douchebag just don't be yourself.
Next time you see your dad, hug him.

Afterwards, try to initiate conversation and talk about the things that bother you, and let it flow...

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Is it morally right to condition qt smol freshman white girls in your photography class if you are a big 18 year old senior? Asking for a friend.
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>still in highschool
Can you get off this website? It'd be a better place without you and your dudebros. Thanks.
Yeah. Don't groom them, just date women your own age.

It ruins them for the rest of us when they are adults, it turns them into man hating feminists.
>implying highschool isn't THE place for autism to begin showing

It's where the dudebros congregate an the non-dudebros are left in the dust. It isn't one big kum ba ya.

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adventure 9.png
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Hello, nice robots of /r9k/!

The nice automobile enthusiasts from /o/ have directed me towards your nice board next on my quest. :)

(boards visited: [esfores], /b/, /tg/, /trash/, /m/, /a/, /jp/, /po/, /o/)

What nice board should I pay a visit to next? :)
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/polska/ szczegolnie
Go to /news/
>nice robots of /r9k/!
heh funny

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Oy lads, what's the best way to combine weed and xanax?
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Grind up the xanax then put it in the blunt
dab the xan
I take the Xans five minutes before smoking. If you're smoking out of a CBD wrap you're going to be nice and cozy for at least an hour.

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>I feel like a piece of shit after fapping
Fucking why? I don't get these normalfags
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Becaud your a virgin anon you will never feel the experience of a woman touching your pepe pee
Just smoke weed BROOOO
That's because you're an underage virgin.

I did a thorough search for "white boxer champion" and Mayweather appears. The white boxers that appeared were all weak losers.

Are whites genetically inferior to non-whites?
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No, man is an animal that uses tools and language to survive. People capable of invention are much more effective, especially at killing.
A friend actually explained to me why a lot the blacks in America are naturally athletic and strong

It was during slavery. Slave owners would breed the strong slaves and the weaker ones would die out. If your bloodline is all strong slaves who were conditioned to work all day then you might inherit some of their physical genetics

I dont know how accurate his claim was, but it sounds plausible
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The greatest white boxer is a loser, Tommy Morrison.

Anybody here has some good failure stories on these apps?

>Be me, young, decent looking, independent man
>Get less matches than trigglypuff
>99% of my matches are the ones I liked by mistake. Most of them are ugliest than jabbah the fucking hut
>Realize the 1% left must have liked me by mistake
>Never have an interesting conversation, never end up having a date.

inb4 "muh go out in bars and meet ladies there" - Fuck off you cunt, if I could do that I would never have tried these apps.
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Why do women think they're hilarious?
They never made me howl with laughter. Maybe chuckle. But only a dude can crack a joke that'll kill you, Chrysippus-style.
Tinder isn't a dating app, it's a hookup app. If you want dating try something where descriptions are longer than 1 line, if there's even one at all.
your profile is shite, 100% guarantee it

post profile, you can blur the faces if you want

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>be me
>have a shitty father
>he left my mother when I was 11
>his new girlfriend hates me
>he beats me up because I can't accept my stepbrothers and her
>I just wanted to be loved
>when I was 15 had a very toxic relationship with a guy
>he almost killed himself in front of me
>ugly stuff
>met a guy that kept rejecting me for years, playing with my feelings
>heartbroken, ruined
>wanted to kill myself all winter
>can't trust anyone anymore

>be me now
>terrible person, really damaged, alone
>meet a nice guy online, perfect and very fragile
>so scared to hurt him
>ruin him to the point that he tried to kill himself because I couldn't be with me
I am a terrible person, I shouldn't be alive
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boho cry me a river
Post your boobies mlady
>so scared to hurt him
>hurts him

The fuck did you do faggot.

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"Lick my ass, anon."
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You don't need to ask me baby.
she didn't ask
Only if you make me tendies latet

Femanons, would you date a guy that destroys his ass regularly?
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I dont think that the "guy" would be interested in fembots
i am

original comment
fuck you let me post
Nigga got a second anus lmao

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>tfw since little people tell you :''you hear insults that doesn't exist'' ''stop being so paranoid anon'' ''are you crazy''

>tfw everyone looks threatening to you even after rationalizing

>tfw walk in the road you always looks behind you in case someone wants to hurt you or something, checking the shadow of people if they walk behind u and always being ready to punch someone in case he wants to beat u or something and escape strategically

>tfw wants to kill whole people close to you because you think they conspire against you, already threatened them to death (telling them how you would slowly kill them)

>tfw don't trust any psychiatrist psychologist whatever is called and probably gonna kill myself in some months

>tfw send death threats insults people i get attached to (clinginess) because i get weird, more 'lucid' and realize that i have been sharing some informations with other people that could be used against me, not even talking about the like of personal address or name, but just about your syntax, tastes etc (also stalking them all the time because i become obsessed with them)

>tfw always change mood/opinion about people, which get them to call me a 'psycho' (in addition to some paranoid thoughts)

>tfw frustrated and jealous and 0 self esteem

redpill me on this shit robots , i don't feel schizophrenic i think my fears are justified but still ....

never took any kind of drug in my life or got traumatized in my childhood by the way
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fearless shameless bump
another fearless bump ?
redpill on you what dumbass?

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sad pepe.jpg
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>mom brought a cake because it's my birthday
im not going to eat that cake because we have nothing to celebrate, im a 19yo ugly virgin manlet neet
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Happy birthday anon. A trend I recognize is that the older you get the more depressing each birthday becomes. When I turned 20 a few weeks ago I definitely felt that. But hey your mom got something for you! Try and cherish anything you can anon. I'm a drug addict schizo neet so I know what it's like to feel worthless. It's a lot easier to reflect on the bad that's happened to you than it is the positive, so it would seem at least
File: IMG_0251.jpg (37KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Do you need me to hold you? I'm 19 too. We can suffer together
>19 year old thinks he knows suffering
You're a child still and you'll be through this phase soon enough. Eat your cake, shithead.

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