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How many people have you talked to in last week outside of family? Does it have a effect on you? Virtual friends count too. Please dont make it a pity contest i just wanna know just how bad it is.

>3 small talks
>idk i feel like more shit then usual
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I haven't had a real conversation with anyone in years.
At work with like 10, but that is work related or break time banter.
Privately? With one contact only.
Tahats normel rigthhguys

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Molestation thread
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holy jesus fuck that's hot
someone please do that to me
Do you like dom traps?
i do not like dom traps
female(female) is a must.

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<Tried of this normalfags and phoneposters fucking up my board
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Newfags can't greentext
Fuck you. My NEET station just died. Now I have to phonepost.
sure newfag

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Show us the girl who took your virginity. I'll start with mine, pic related.
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I was 13 at the time. I don't even remember her name
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Fucking go the fuck away
>sex at 13
gtfo Chad

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Name one thing more scummy and Jewish than parents who charge their kids rent.
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>tfw that is my exact situation
>wahh wahh I can't be neet like my retard friends

consider it a blessing op
>Name one thing more scummy and Jewish than parents who charge their kids rent.
Actual Jews

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Are thier any tall fembots? How tall are you and how does it make you feel?
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I want to fuck that cow.
5'11", feels good man. easier to stay skinny and my children have less chance of being manlets

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Is it possible to become a Chad through hard work and dedication?
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I dunno, but great fuckin video!

After 20 successful covert ejaculations in roastie territory you're eligible to apply for Chad status with a recommendation from a CO (chad officer)
>think these vids are legit
>try it out
>get charged for sexual assault

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>be me
>lead normie-style life
>be crypto r9k next level autist however
>have been watching Seinfeld episodes exclusively for the past eight ywars.
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how old are you and have you ever had a gf
do you even still like seinfeld or just watch it to make the voices go away?
This is a lot like me but replace Seinfeld with King of the Hill.
It's on as background noise constantly when I'm home.
Gun to your head, what are your three favorite Seinfeld episodes?

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So I got invited to go hiking with a qt3.14 and her friends after she announced on Facebook that she's recently single (I wasn't even aware she had a boyfriend). We've only met a handful of times prior to this, but details:

>met at a club on campus and exchanged facebooks
>one of the nicest people you'll meet
>friendly, warm, and inviting
>also serene, laid back, and unassuming
>easy to talk to
>gets along well with me
>asian (because that sadly matters to some of you)
>no interest in politics or anything of the such (tl;dr: no feminism, libshit, conservative, or even alt-right or libertarian leanings)
>surprising sense of humour, considering how quiet and docile she is until you talk to her

So I guess my question is: give up now?
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It's too bad Alina Li realized shee was too hot for porn
>announces break up on Facebook

Run. Run far away. She is a valid attention whore.
ask her if shes into kinky stuff

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Anyone else here in medschool?
>haha dude you'll make 300k starting!
>aw man I'm making 600k annually!
I'm already $240k in debt. I can't believe I have to wait 11 years to become a surgeon. All the trash are making big money as electricians and welders right out of highschool while I'm stuck as a slave to the government and stuck paying loans.
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at least you love medicine and helping people r-right anon?
Faggot why did you fall for Doc meme
>going into medicine for money
This is how you identify who is not going to make it through medschool.

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I just bought this new microphone and really wanted to show it off by making a vocaroo thread!

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A few years ago some fembot posted herself singing a song she wrote. She had this beautiful voice and though I don't really remember the lyrics I rember the tune and I remember how if you listened close you could hear a dog walking in the background. It was one of the nicest things I've ever heard, I even saved it on my ipod so I could listen to it but some nigger mugged me at gunpoint on the subway. All I want is to hear that song again but I know I probably never will. Why even live?
Oh yeah I remember that. I actually wrote like the first few lyrics down.

They were DES PA CITO
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We will never be loved anon

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>be me
>very intelligent and young lad
>waste 4 years to have IT technician grade
>while in school play league, hit chall
>was so good i considered going pro
>wake up with a unconfortable wrist pain
>almost 2 years later pain is still there
>docs said i have fucked up upper spine and i have to deal with this pain till the rest of my life
>ruined both chances to be IT technician / league pro ( or even boost since im chall and live in polan so even 1k monthly is a good pay)

Any ideas what could i study? im really like mensa level, 130 iq+ even tho i was doing nothng for over a year and kinda feel like a brainlet. Any job that i wouldnt need to use my hands?
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>very intellgient
>IT technician
yeah nah
What do you mean? I dont know how its like in other countries but in polen after IT technician degree you can be a web dev which i wanted to be, good pay.
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commit suicide.jpg
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>Any ideas what could i study? im really like mensa level, 130 iq+ even tho i was doing nothng for over a year and kinda feel like a brainlet. Any job that i wouldnt need to use my hands?
Try suicide

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>NEET since 5 years
>tried to went college
>got ADHD can't shit focus

i changed three faculty never got graduated.worked at burger king while doing this.

now, i am fucking 25 years old and unemployment.family cut down my money drain and says "go take care yourself you are dishonour of our family."

>all my childhood friends got succeed.
>now all have qt girl friend and job

i am now first class of electrical engineering.people see me weirdo.because they are 17-18 years old while i am fucking 25 years old.that weirdness makes my depression worse.

how fucked am i /pol/ ? i even considering suicide with mass massacre.
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Oregano and gay mister fagbotto.
You're not even close to screwed, m8 as long as you finish the EE program.
Looks like you're gonna make it if you just push through. You can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I'm 20 and it's just getting worse and worse.

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>everything I make is ugly and basic
>no one cares about what I make
>every programming suggestion feels useless or asks me to reinvent the wheel
>I get OCD when I'm trying to read carefully
>I can't even kill myself over something so trivial

Will it get better if I keep toughing it out? The feelings just got worse every year in my CS degree. Now I'm going to graduate school and my perfectionism is suffocating me. pic related is cancer because everything about this industry is cancer
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my degree is from a shitty university and everyone thinks they know how to program when they don't. they think recursion is mind-boggling
Develop some creativity and come up with good ideas yourself. Mod games, mod other programs, experiment and tinker with shit just for fun and you'll get better. Not entirely sure what's even wrong though desu.

Also the industry is cancer I agree.
I know that feel lol. Hillarious to watch them spend nights on simple programs and feel like they actually accomplished something the next day.

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Who else /afraidofabandonment/

>be me
>actually have friends
>have severe fear of being forgotten and abandoned
>am only happy when I'm around them
>get super depressed when I spend more than a few days at home
>ask if they want to do something "sorry anon, I'm busy with this other thing"
>slip into depressive episode and have constant anxiety about being abandoned
>stay that way until I see them again

Why am I like this?
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I don't know why you like this.
But I had a girlfriend like that and it was one of the reasons I broke up with her. Fund other meaning in life
I know that feel anon. Sometimes it gets so bad that I start believing they're conspiring against and will end up ignoring them for days at a time out of false anger.
It kills me
Adding on to this we have a group chat where sometimes I'll say something and it gets completely ignored, so I start keeping track of how many of my messages are acknowledged and ignored and how much that happens to the other people in the chat

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