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>tfw you dont want to kill yourself
>tfw you wsnt to make something of life and enjoy it
>tfw you know that will never happen and the cycle will comstantly repeat itself
>tfw suicide is the only way to break that cycle

Im doing it this year lads, dont know exactly when, but its going to happen. Im not gonna beat around the bush and fuck around with this shit anymore.

I have my plan all laid out, just need to set it in motion by quitting my job, currently typing up my suicide&goodbye notes. After thats done i and quit my job, all thats left is an hour or 2 of getting things ready and ill do it that same night.

I suggest everyone thats been thinking about it, that if your gonna do it, dont beat around the bush, just fucking do it.

Im going to sleep rn so i wont respond until i wake up if this thread is still up.
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>tfw you dont want to kill yourself
>tfw you want to make something of life and enjoy it
>tfw you know that will never happen and the cycle will comstantly repeat itself
>tfw suicide is the only way to break that cycle
I know this feeling all too well. I've tried and tried again to get my life "started", but it's never going to happen.
Got diagnosed with mental illness, there is no light at the end of the tunnel anymore. I just don't know how to do it. I'm afraid I'll fuck up and survive. Thinking about buying sleeping pills to od. I'll just fall asleep and never wake up, r-right?
Do it on september 10th thats the national suicide prevention day

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>5'2 sister dating a 6'2 chad
>tfw 5'6 and kv
really makes me think

life is ok if u are a short female but it's not ok if u are a short male
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I knew a guy who was 5'3 and pulled pussy like crazy. Like 7-8 girls a semester usually. It's not cause you are short. It's because you are fucking loser. Well probably ugly too.
Males are supposed to be tall, Females are supposed to be short.

Can we really blame other people for our own genetic problems?

t. 5'7
Short girls are nasty as hell for me. I don't get it why everybody is ok with them.

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Well? You're all being very selfish by not manning up. Why don't you think of women for once? It's not like our patriarchal society thinks of them!!!
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>maxresdefault (3).jpg
fuck off
>Robots claim they want to fix women
>They want women to act like house wives of the 50s
>Robots also don't want to get a job or sort them selves out.
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Define good men?

Is it something like this
>must be chad
>must have muscled up athletic male model body
>must have house, car, ridiculously high income

Literally barely 5% of population.

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Good night, /r9k/

Now for my favourite part of the week - fantasising about cuddling with my imaginary loli gf and falling asleep together
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Too bad this normal day board can't relate
is it bad that i am 28 and i want to impregnate a girl her age?


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>have to wagecuck for 12 hours today
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Here have this rare one for motivation
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Work hard, honey. Daddy needs his NEETbux from the taxes.
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Stay strong and don't try to kill yourself

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>drink cold medicine
>still have a cold
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Suck a cock op. That might cure your cold
this actually would help if you swallowed the sperm
warm it up first if it is cold, and check your digits

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>tfw you realize you're worse than 90% of the posters on the board
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This seems very difficult. Can you give us a quick run down? Just the fact you are self aware of your failings means you should be better than the bottom 10% of this board who are mostly mentally ill delusional hikki NEETs who tend towards degeneracy on a regular basis
>nobody at college knows my name
>go days at a time without speaking words out loud
>dodge any social situations from the serious to the mundane
>can't go to the university dining hall alone (so I just don't go)
>can't make eye contact
>embodiment of the virgin walk
>don't have any hobbies or interests
>hate working of any kind, can't think of anything I could do as a career
>can barely get out of bed
>can't drive
>resort to sarcasm and insincerity because attaching myself to a group or an identity is terrifying
>don't know how to have a conversation
>have never won anything in my life
>too self-conscious to do public speaking, take photos of myself, or use a microphone
>physically hideous
>picky eater
Think I'm almost everything you posted except for the university part. Just fucking end me.

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J U S T.jpg
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What's the best, most guaranteed way to JUST my life up worse than it is now?
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Becoming a tranny is usually a good way to do it
breaking a leg/arm
getting in a car crash etc
after the mental damage comes the physical damage
give yourself diabetes?

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Why don't you lift, anons? Women love that.
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I do lift. Not for women or men anyways. Just for the adrenaline rushesh from going apeshit on the weights.
>lifting is the secret XD!!!!!!!!

I've been lifting for 6+ years.

Started at 23.5.

I'm turning 30 soon, still a loser, still a NEET, still a shut-in aspie.

If lifting actually helped anyone in other aspects of their life it means they were a normie all along.
Yay, i'm a normie.

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Daily reminder that Kpop is cancer in music form
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kpop stars are fucking pathetic

Every girl who "likes" them only likes them in the way a girl likes her younger brother

Korean betas are the scum of the earth lmao
At least show some respect of Korean tax dollars spent to good use via the ministry of culture. It's a business, let's have no illusions here. I equate it to professional wrestling given the visuals and hyper-reality the genre tends to bring

It's also my favorite non-white activity of the week.
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I'm 99% sure people no one this 4chan actually listen to the kpop. It's pretty clear by the /mu/ threads don't. They only care about hot girls people cute. It also explains why despite being contrarian no one on /tv/ watches Korean dramas.

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What's her name, Anon?

I doubt she comes on here anymore and I hope she doesn't, it's a shithole. I miss you.
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she can get fucked though
>her parents named her Beverlee
>they fucking spelled it bever-lee
Jesus shit, does she play the most beautiful washboard you've ever heard, anon? No wonder she didn't end up with you- she's probably got plenty of cousins for that.
>she can get fucked though
Why's that?

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>decide to find out for myself the nature of women
>catfish on every app and website I can think of
>80% of the time I can convince women to send nudes because they think I'm a Chad
>even the most conservative, religious girls will end up sending me nudes after just a few days of talking
>Even "pure and innocent" girls do it
>ALL women will fuck chad within a few days of meeting him

I've given up on women now. It's become painfully clear to me that they're all sluts deep down.

Yes even YOU fembots who are reading this, and you know it.
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I think it matters if they're single or not.
Obviously if you're tempting women with partners already then they are total scum.
I'd expect every single woman to absolutely throw herself and any reasonably attractive and clever man she encounters because the current media message is something like
Post those nudes you got
This, send the noods.

I like huggles!



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cancer faggot
*hugglomps u* xDD
dear god its the retard that uses those ":3" kinds of faces. fuck off from this board.

What did she mean by this?

How do I proceed from here?
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Man I can't understand anything she says. Guess I'm actually fucking braindead.
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abby shower.png
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what it do my boiiis?

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I feel my life fundamentally changing right now and I just want to have a thread about it

Suddenly and for the first time ever I feel that I want to be a father one day. And like an affectionate, new age hippy father with lots of hugging saying i love you.

Right up until yesterday I was always 100% sure I wanted to die childless. End my family name, disperse my estate to the community, help depopulate the planet and all that. I felt no hesitation at all.

I felt that having kids would just be one gigantic, ultimately pointless hassle. Now I actually want to go through the bad early years to get to a close adult relationship. Something better than the adult relationship I have with my traditional, conservative distant father.

Definitely not right now, but definitely at some point. I guess this is maturing? I can literally feel myself getting older, crossing the threshold of a new life stage, it's joyful but also scary.
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Congratulations man, these transitions are ambiguous and diffuse for men. There are no rituals for becoming "a man", but we do transition. These changes are terrifying in a way, but I'm glad you can find the joy in them. Genuinely proud of you here anon.
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thanks have another cool room photo
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i might just dump a few of the best to celebrate, love this folder

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