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Do you guys know any places I could apply for a job that don't require references? Every single place I've tried has it as a required field and I haven't been able to complete a single application. I literally have no one I can put on there.
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You could put me on their OP, if you want you can message me on Kik
I just fill it in with 'N/A' or whatever is suitable. Then I just close it down and look back on my years in brit college and wish that I wasn't a cunt to the tutors.

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nothing sucks the life out of you more than depression am i right dudes?
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Off the top of my head. Real, non-fictional illnesses that actually suck the life out of you. Like, you will /actually/ die from them, guaranteed, or your money back.
Existence is pain. If you don't realize this, then you're just as normal as the rest of the cunts that occupy this shit hole of a planet. Go die.

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When one of your beta orbiters says (or stutters) that he's "in love" with you
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Does anybody ever feel like they're living a lie? Like, they wish they could take their facade down, but it's not that simple? Why can't you say what you really mean?
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>tfw lived the lie so long I forgot the truth

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Listen up ye motherfarkin' schitkarnts, I am a farken' 4chan EXPERT and me is farken' sick of yer bloody booshit fargetry cloggin' up muh board. It's booshit I tell yer, farken' BOOSHIT! Get yer farken' transfag buttboy nigger ass normie cancer off muh FAHCKING board before I chuck me booze at yer n' torch yer farken' libtard party n' make yall real roasties haHaHAHOho, I swear to da fucken' devil ye need a retard leash put on y'all n' why don't ye make yerselves useful n' fucken' hang yerselves on it cus yer good for nothin' fuckass NORMIES, F ALL Y'ALL OFF MY BOARD NORMIES, I will fucken' put muh cigar out in yer bloody eye sockets if ye dare come back 'ere. Abandon all hope fer this ship. RRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
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My papules are on flaring again
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Reply with a video of u spreading that open, i'm long due for a good cringe
What the fuuuuck

I'm gonna pet my dick now. Thank god it isn't like that

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i have an uncontrollable fetish about nylons.

whenever i see them on a womans leg, i tremble with the urge to touch them

i seem to have some kind of control over it but barely.

Do you guys have fetishes like that? how do you control it?
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Is it just me or are traps just wannabe roasties? They're so ugly too, fucking sad actually since they probably can't trap in the end of all this..
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Traps are just mentally ill freaks,and should be let to rot in their own delusions
Nah its just you
Ugly oozing vag

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Would you pick never having a girlfriend, or never being able to play an MMORPG again?
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No gf desu
No gf
I play some form of mmo almost every day but I haven't had a gf in five years
Never having a gf i guess. I want to play full dive vrmmos when they come out.

The problem is does "no gf" apply to androids and ai.

Maybe I should pick no mmos and be content with ai populated single player games. I think I'll do that.

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If our brains are comprised of physical/chemical processes are we just organic robots? What could possibly guide the brain that isn't chalked up to the physical laws of nature.
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>feeling depressed for years
>no energy, constant mood swings, problems with sleeping
>finally go to psychiatrist
>answer questions
>nothing really comes out of it
>she said you might be schizofrenic
>need to do many medical examinations
>get refered to psychologist
>answer random questions
>she asked you ever had a gf (answer is "no")
>tell her same things you said to psychiatrist
>tell her that you want to quit job very soon
>tell her about planned suicide when she asks about future with no job
>she starts talking about people that care about me (literally no one)
>this is the part when you realized that you are wasting your time here
>she tells you bullshit like "try something new, go on a trip, try to find new friends"
>remind her that you don't feel like doing anything at all, and that you literally had no friends since you were a child
>"Remember to get an appointment for next week. Thank you." (it's covered by healthcare so it's free)
>she basically told you to leave
>get up, power walk manually out
>don't get another appointment
All those years while struggling with my mind i was reading and looking for help on the internet and literally everyone said that you should never go to psychiatrist. Good thing it was free because i would kill someone if i had to pay for this bullshit. All they want you to do is buy pills from mister Shekelmann and keep eating them. I wish i was american. You can't go on a rampage with no guns.
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Watch people react to the things you like on Youtube. Not like those fine bros, but those people that watch the whole video and only have a few thousand views per video. Genuine people are the ones with low view rates.

I've been watching people react to one punch man recently.

Try the first 3 minutes.

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bmw is just a big meme senpai
anyone can buy/lease one nowadays, it has nothing to do with class
3 5 or 7? i'm in germany and a 3 bmw is seen as a poser car
and he went to that one movie premiere.

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I know I look attractive to women, I even get approached sometimes

The problem is they clock on in a matter of seconds that I'm a simpering weakling beta and they instantly get turned off. All my encounters end with super polite friendzoning, without exception

Is there a fix for this or am I fucked?
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Can't you just, you know, act differently? I never realized what people found so hard about straight up changing the way they act. I know it's doesn't sound easy for a sperg, but what is stopping you from just not acting like a beta?
Stop being a beta fag and man up, be confident.
>Is there a fix for this

Yeah it's called stop being a beta faggot.

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Just dawned on me that all my clothes are from 2004

I have been wearing the same clothes for 13 years
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Buy new clothes
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at what age are you expected to wear just shirt/trousers?
If it make you happy, I'm still wearing the same boxers since 2006

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Are robots and incels the same thing? Do yiu guys lift or try to improve yourself or are you happy with the self pity?
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bump drtfrtf ftgfg fgfg f
Incense is alright

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