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>tfw never been in love with anyone
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Sorry for you anon have a you
yea I don't get it
>they all call themselves robots
>constantly bitch about oneitis and how nice and caring they are but they never got a chance to be in love and hold hands and shit
Most robots are Normies, mostly Normies on here

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Have you ever smoked PCP?

I just smoked a dipper and it is honestly a lot of fun.

On another note, I wonder what type of drugs President Trump is on today
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This is the one drug besides DMT thay I havent done. Friends did it once. Its the same class as ketamine from what I heard its more of body dissociative than a head one. They said they could run really fast, they were skateboarding and said it didnt hurt when they fell.
>Have you ever smoked PCP?
No, I like not having holes in my brain.
I'll stick to opiates.
Opiates rewire your brain dude. So long as your not getting sick they are pretty harmless, but long term use will take awhile to undo

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>am asexual but can still fall in love
>cant keep it up, ever
>girls will never stay with me because they need vitamin d in order to be happy
>too much pride to allow them to fuck other guys

All I want is a qt to kiss and cuddle and have good conversations with
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>wants to kiss and cuddle
>calls himself asexual

This is a meme.
Kissing and cuddling are not sexual. Just romantic.
Kys faggot


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>normies admit life is just about getting your dick wet
>born to this vast and wonderful universe just to jump through hoops for stacy to cast another progeny of bastard spawn
Oh yeah I'm so pathetic for being a virgin. All that time you wasted just to get your dick wet while I just conquered my biological urges just fapping a couple times a day.
Oh yeah go back to another day of swiping to tinder and getting a biohazard to wrapped around your dick for your hard efforts. I think I'll make a sonata on some notation paper about my life, or draw some surrealist art, so much to do today, think I'll cook myself a healthy homemade meal because I had the time to read some cooking recipe hard to believe ontop of the other stuff I know. Maybe I'll sink countless hours in my fave video games or maybe I'll try making my own lol, it's not like I have my day not to myself because I have some complex about proving my worth the only way I know how, waging and fucking. Yet they are always coming here to call us pathetic because we take control of our own lives not let biological urges and brain chemicals decide our fate. Kind of sad the lives normies lead. Go to school, get a wagie, shit out another normies wagie then wait to die. That sounds so fulfilling mmmmmmm just spending literally 10 years of my life at work and commuting sounds like a great way to spend the one life I get in this universe why can't you dumb neets be useless feeder cattle like us MOOOOOOOOOOO.
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Oh yeah if I wanted normies to read my post should have made it like 3 lines. They don't have the time to read
>lol a paragraph I'm not reading that. Good Thing our NEETkin have the time to read it and won't need to look up the words longer than 5 letters in a dictionary
I read your post and wont argue its validity. A lot of people are out of touch and there isn't much purpose in existing. I try to better myself even though i know it doesn't matter much in the scheme of things.
It's kind of sad you had to type all that just to make yourself feel good about being a jobless virgin.

Why aren't you shoplifting right now?

>order high-powered magnet off ali-express
>hit up expensive clothing stores, remove security tags with said magnet
>sell online through grailed, ebay

It's basically free money. Do this a couple times a month and you're set for rent/food
How do you guys criminally sustain the NEET lifestyle?
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Link to magnet, you LARPer?
just search security magnet on ali it's not that hard
i feel like many of us robots would have become criminals in older days. But today its such so difficult to get away with it. I could see myself being a 1940s bank robber.

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Cats! The Musical edition
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First to spite that other anon
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Second for Cutie Police Laddies
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Do you have Fordyce spots on your dick?
Do girls care about them?
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Idk Anon I'm a KV.
If your girlfriend cares about something as petty as that you might as well dump her because she'll do even worse things.
Does it matter? Being a KV is my destiny

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Two teenage girls eyefucked and took pics of me, they kept biting their lips while checking me out.


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fuck off normie

oregano insulting with a side of chick peas
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>girl kisses me on the cheek and hugs me as a greeting

what did she mean by this?
Role-play can be healthy. Good on you OP.

Does anyone want to see the pilot of my webcomic series I was thinking of making? Positive criticism please.

pic unrelated
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I'd be glad to take a look.
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yeah lets see it.
Interesting initiative anon but hard to pull off
of course it's russians

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tru truuu.jpg
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Why haven't you embraced Islam, robots? It would solve all your problems.
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>female prisoners

Sounds unattractive.
this is indeed a rational argument
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I should start my own religion that has all of this,
but without the whole blowing yourself up, prayer, fasting and all that shit I don't care about.
I'll call it True Islam, that way it'll get free advertising from people who say 'true Islamist aren't like that' and can siphon some of old Islams success.

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does anyone want to be my friend? im so lonely. i can pay you 25 cents per message. double if you're a qt girl(female).
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Me. I would.
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Sign me up fampai you'll never be lonely again.
Sure dude I'll be your friend for free

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I'd like to conduct a "representative" survey.
I often discuss what is the best sitcom with a classmate who thinks two and a half men was stupid. He likes modern family or married... with children and I hate it. Maybe it is funny but the characters are such fucking normies! It's the same with two broke girls, friends, himym and all that shit! Damn I hate it! They are so unnatural and contrived!
What is your favourite or do you like both or nothing?
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They're all fucking awful, especially The Big Bang Theory
I watch 2 and a half man 2h every day.
He is right, it is shit but I still like it.
All of them are shit op, even in tv, 2D>3D

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Why do women think they deserve equal rights so bad? Do women have any reasonable purpose, besides being fleshy fuck sleeves or breeding machines?
I honestly can't think of any, men can just do everything better.
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What about animals? Most of them don't have any reasonable purpose either, why should they deserve any rights?
>why should they deserve any rights?
That's the thing, they don't..
>Most of them don't have any reasonable purpose either
you actually think that? sad that youre so uneducated.

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I just realized I'm a complete douche bag. I always thought I was being funny but my friend said that people were all cringing at me and I wasn't funny in the slightest. I'd do things like get really drunk and yell at the top of my lungs at strangers thinking it was funny for some reason and just make everyone involved uncomfortable. I would call random girls in the streets cunts and bitches really aggressively and then laugh as they walk away angry. Anyway I want to change and stop being a douche. I'm gonna quit drinking and stop trying to be funny because I realize I'm just embarrassing and hard to be around. How long before my reputation would recover or is the damage done? I feel like this is probably why I'm a virgin at 21 as well.
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I've been where you are anon. In this day and age you really can't stay where you are and recover. They will never let it go. You have to move to a different town and cut all ties with your old life. That's the only way I got out.
Fuck I figured as much. I'm stuck here for at least two more years. How did you deal with the shame of knowing everyone thought you were a peice of shit before you moved?
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Just stop drinking. It's the alcohol , it basically ruins you and nothing else.

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Is it really that common for men to compare dicks with each other?
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I like the idea of comparing dicks with a guy much bigger than me. Idk why.
I'll give you a tip

you're a cuck
i did it with my cousin back when i was like 5

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