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What're some things i can tell normies to piss them off or make them insecure
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Tell a female she is a bad mother.
I've seen hard drug users flip the fuck out when you say they are bad moms.
Tell me my life has meaning and that i am not just mooching off my parents. that would make me livid.
Anon, he said normies!

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Reminder that if you don't want to work thrice as hard as your parents and grandparents to enjoy a comparable lifestyle, you're a lazy entitled snowflake.
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>being grateful u spawned in u.s.a. out of all better places
I'll work twice as hard as my mother ever has and I'll live with her forever.
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nANCY anD I fullxy suppprt this motion!!! ThE demoCRAPS wamt to destroy AMERICA!!!
Just walK into tHe store and say "I want to talk to the manager!" its so EASY to get a job!!

Are yop triggered SNOWFLAKES????

OK thats all Nancy anf I habe to go to bEd now praise JESUS and G_D bless AMERICA

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>want to start collecting ww2 relics
>notice how fucking expensive people sell these for
>can't really afford to pursuit this hobby
>even if I save up money I'm probably just gonna afford one thing before I have to start saving the small amount of money I'll get
>and by that time the valvue of that item would have gone up
>every year those relics get older and more expensive
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History is gay anyways senpai
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but the nazi's were so cool and I want to preserve their stuff
Yeah well that's what you just have to accept if you want to collect anything worthwhile.

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>Tfw you realize you're just an A. I. experiment in some computer and the while world is a simulation to test you
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>tfw you realise that if your life was a Truman style tv show it would have been cancelled years ago
desu I'm sometimes afraid that is the case, it's a trial to see if I'm actually a serial killer or something
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>tfw I can't use any cheat codes to become ultra chad

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>27 and single
>friends starting to get married and have kids
>friends in secret tell me theyre kind of jealous of my freedom
>have no money to enjoy this freedom
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What does money have to do with enjoying freedom?
my friends act like i could do shit like spontaneously fly to europe or something.
>want to enjoy freedom
>fly to europe
I still don't understand.

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>can feel myself deep down very slowly developing a cuck fetish due to the way porn, this site and society in general is rewiring my brain
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its that simple
>tfw you want to get cucked
>tfw you want your future gf to sit on your face and tell you about fucking Chad
>tfw you want to watch your future gf get a facial from another man
This needs to stop RIGHT NOW.
Same desu. At this point I just am a lost cause. I want my future girlfriend to cheat on me behind my back till I find out about it, and then to put me into chastity and fuck chad.

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would any fembot here ever date a 24 year old neet robot?
im cute and ill love you 5ever
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what kind do you want?
also posting it if zero responses would b dumb
Email, discord, or kik would b ok

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>he doesn't dab

What a pleb...
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Good thread, guess what I put in the options field?
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File: 1501368448662.png (52KB, 554x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What might that be Mr. Pleb?

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>ate my blackheads again
Nothing better than a freshly squeezed blackhead
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Describe taste you selfish bastard
>>ate my blackheads again

How gross.
It's doesn't have a taste mostly. I guess sometimes it can be salty but that's probably just sweat. Maybe I just don't get enough at one time to get a taste

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>get hired at a store 2 weeks ago
>second week at my job, I get hungry and shoplift a $1 item to eat
>Two days later, I work again and take another $1 item to eat
>I get this message today (pic related)
>on both weeks, the manager takes a picture of a week-long schedule and sends them to employees by mass picture message on an early Friday and early Saturday
>it's late Saturday and I haven't gotten a message
>I really don't know my other coworkers so I can't verify if they got the schedule

What are the chances of me getting fired tomorrow? I thought I stuffed this shit in my pockets with no cameras watching me but I probably fucked up.
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you're going to get fired 99% sure

Youre already fired. If they want you coming without your uniform youre done.
You're fired mate

Fucking dipshit

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>smell the string
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This is so weird
I do the same thing every time I floss
Starting to smell like my grandmas bad breath
Like decay of bone
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>fell for the flossing meme
>try it for first time
>part of my tooth falls off on the string
was probably tooth plaque

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>When you realize that:




>All had wives

>You are literally less desirable than the worst people in human history

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They were successful (up to a point) and had strong personalities and convictions. Why wouldn't they have wives?
Girls like bad boys.
Can't be more of a bad boy than those guys.
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>Killed millions of people


>Starved children


>Wives knew this

>Still stayed

This is the point I'm trying to make anon

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How has being an unattractive (male) negatively affected your life?

And, how do you plan to get back at life
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>How has being an unattractive (male) negatively affected your life?
Always felt insecure around people who I found better looking than I was.
>how do you plan to get back at life
I can't its too late, I just want to make peace with myself and never look back at my desperate self that tried so hard to be good looking when I never had a chance in the first place. God, when I look back at me trying so hard I just feel ashamed.
I've had to work 2x as hard as everyone else for even basic shit, and compete with the other uggos who all hate eachother

my solution is to blow my brains out
by ruining it
>how do you plan to get back at life
you cant

btw heads up if you werent born inheritly ugly you only have a limited amount of time to get healthy to preserve it, eventually our lifestyles will have us looking haggard as fuck

t. fag who was slightly above average thats below average now because bad health gave me an old sickly face
once your face starts sagging youre fucked

Have you ever been attracted to your mother's feet before, anon?
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>oily feet
This could have been a cool thread. You had to make it weird.
As a kid my mom would constantly ask me to rub her feet, not in a sexual context though, but I'm pretty sure rubbing her feet a lot growing up is why I have this fuckin foot fetish. Which is weird considering her feet are gross

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>playing video game
>start talking to myself pretending I'm talking to my stream watchers
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>spend thirty minutes explaining something to my "audience"
I'm just too scared that some one will find my info and send me too many pizza's
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>regularly pause the video while I'm watching anime and pretend my sister or my mother are watching too
>I explain to them who the different characters are and the general plot

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