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because they didnt seem good enough at the time
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if you could go back in time would you not squander them?
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>tfw could've lost my virginity to a 4/10 chubby girl
>turned her down because I thought I could do better and couldn't be bothered with the daddy issues
that and
>you will never be able to do it anyway

does r9k shower in the morning or in the evening
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haven't took a shower in a month
Night. I don't have a job so i just shower before sleep when it's necessary.
Morning. It helps me keep my hair in order

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So why didn't you get a summer job?
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I moved cities in July and I can't work a manual labor job due to an operation on my foot, so I just made my _____gf pay for my rent and food.
>practice gf
They told me to leave four days into training because they felt I was too much of a sperg to manage rowdy kids.

I hate trying
I just don't try with women anymore because of the dumb shit that comes out of my mouth. Then I feel bad for the rest of the week, cause I remember that I suck. Fuuuuuck
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I was looking forward to floating since the start of summer with some friends. We are finally going this weekend and now I don't even feel like it, I'm so fucking bad.
post more, and how old are you?
Just end me, originally

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Why isn't your body this cute, females of /r9k/?
All you have to do is eat less.
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Is she bald under you wigs? Not that I care, she's so prefect
Anzu has a cute face but she should not be showing off her body. She looks like shit.
Her body is sexy as fuck i have masturbated to anzu so many times

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You really think you'll ever find that cute, pure girl who's never even laid her eyes on another man before?
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we must create them in laboratories
the perfect waifu
Not really, but I'm not willing to settle for less so it doesn't matter either way.
>tfw no Riko gf
>tfw never kabedon her to make her fall for you

asian qt general

this is a new general where we post qt asian girls and talk about how much better asian girls are than non asian girls.
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Race mixing are degenerate
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Only beta faggots dates Gook and Chink
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a nice piece of art

I walked along the avenue
I never thought i'd meet a
girl like you;
a girl like youuu.
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I want to like the song and I love the part with words but the beginning part before the singing starts just sounds terrible.
WRONG! its With auburn hair and tawny eyes
The kind of eyes that hypnotize me through
You hypnotize me through

and ats the best part the tune in the beginning but at least you knew the song
have a another 80's classic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdqoNKCCt7A
>He doesnt like the first part
Pathetic desu famalam

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>going out to eat with friends (so long as no social pressure to drink/hooters style degeneracy)
>Halo 1-3
>Fallout 1-NV

>inb4 having a gf/sex
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Fallout New Vegas was the best game out of all the fallout games
Also hyped for The Frontier
I heard that frontier only lets you side with the NCR. And its still in development.

Trying to be optimistic but I have a gut feeling it will be a disappointment.
Fallout New Vegas is not normie i think. Everyone that i know in the internet (only people i know) that still play the game is a robot. For the normies this game is just a memory.

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Why don't you have a girlfriend, anon?
Loneliness is bad for your health. Everyone needs affection.
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Why did you make this thread asshole. Just to watch robots cry?
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Because she doesn't want to be my girlfriend. She would rather be alone than with me.
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Not interested in having one and never have been


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Cheeky little wank in the bathroom edition
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Alright lads, first
first xDDDDDDDDD ebin

I'm having microwave curry, what you lads having?

Dunno lad probably carbonara

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My mom told me she loved me and without thinking I instinctively said, "I know you're lying to me."
She didn't respond. Now she's in her bedroom crying.

What did I do wrong?
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She was lying and thought you couldnt tell obviously.

The next step is simple: Take off your clothes, go in there and try to have sex with her, she will refuse but you have to insist.
She probably loves you dude. Even if she doesn't do a good job of it.
>What did I do wrong?

You doubted her love for you. It's like you rejected her. Of course it's going to hurt. Go apologise.

...Unless there's a deeper story to this. Why do you think she's lying to you?

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are flip flops autistic?
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they are an autism multiplier

normies don't become more autistic-looking with them

cargo-shorts/anime t-shirt wearing autists do
Flip flops with the divider in the middle can look autsitic if worn away from beaches/with socks.

Slides style flip flops are fine, with or without socks.
Hell, I've seen plenty of Chads wearing socks with sandals, and they even pull it off. I always thought that was an unforgivable fashion mistake that one must NEVER EVER do.

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Quitting Dota soon after all those wasted hours, what's a good game that can fill the void?
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As someone who loves dota I am disapointed anon.
While it's another game type altogether PUBG is a good game.
Gaming might be fun, but it's no job, champ. So now to fill that void you go out there, find the manager, stand straight while looking him in the eyes and give him a firm handshake. That's all it takes, champ.
I have 400 MMR anon, if I haven't git gud by now, then its just not happening.

What has happened to sci fi?
It all seems like dumb action movie shit now days.
No more cool premise and dialogue.
What I really cant bear is the SJW messages so often present now.
I have stayed away for the past few years are there any cool shows or movies that I have missed?
Not interested in comic book style stuff
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What has happened to <genre of thing I like>?
It all seems like <generic "popular"> shit now days.
No more cool premise and <media specific mechanic>.
What I really cant bear is the <fad of the decade> messages so often present now.
I have stayed away for the past few years are there any cool <media> or <other media?> that I have missed?
Not interested in <popular> style stuff

You can now paste this for LITERALLY every generation about LITERALLY every other generation. It could describe the "moral decay" of literature, or rock n roll, or vidya shit.
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Shit I'm inclined to agree, the last relatively decent scifi film I can remember seeing was The Martian in 2015, and Interstellar before that in 2014 (inb4 h8), there was Star Trek last year but as you mentioned that was pretty much a vanilla action film that lacked any of the substance of the series (the 2009 was ok I thought, Khan 2.0 not so much but it was at least dazzling to watch). The Expanse on Netflix is worth watching however, the premise and general aesthetic is rather interesting though I must admit the plot falls just a bit short as it goes on but it's only had one season so we'll see.
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i am writing a scifi book in the moment
> year 2400
> its like robinson crusoe
> but main charachackter wants to be on another plante
> frontier scifi book
> also kind of rags to riches story
> also a love story with weired girl from hippie communist plante
you think its some good basic idea ? would you buy my book for 2,99 or 0,99 dollar anons ?
i really like my story but i am scared to get blamed for my gramar

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