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>marry a 9/10 blue eyed blonde aryan sweetheart in 2008
>have crazy sex for an entire year
>it eventually starts to get boring
>9 years later
>the wife has gained over 60 POUNDS
>NEVER does any exercise
>is now a 4/10
>6/10 with makeup maybe

Who else fell for the marriage meme?
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>he didn't plan ahead and do exercise with his wife to prevent this scenario

what a pleb
Women are a depreciating asset. Why are you even here? Seriously, just leave man.

Please get >>>/out/
I totally understand your plight, anon. You're totally NOT a faggot who should kill himself.

How does a NEET grill find a bf?
I have social anxiety and I'm tired of being KV
I just want a wealthy bf to take care of me.
I grew up on a farm in Mexico so I've never been spoiled.

I like video games and anime
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do you know where you need to go?
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If you're skinny and not insane it shouldn't be hard desu
>Hello I'm a degenerate who likes anime and video games can some rich person take care of me and love me
>Also i am mentally ill

What do you even offer? You have to work for the things you want.

I come to you in search for advice and maybe other experiences.
I have a medical condition called Paruresis. I just can't pee when other people are around me. no matter if they can see or hear me.

Don't get me wrong I don't have a problem with getting my dick out and everything.
Not only once I tried to pee with a really filled bladder at a festival to the point where it hurt.
But I just stood there for like 15 minutes trying to pee. I only could pee when I went to a stall (is this the right word?). It also doesn't work when I'm with friends.
It was not from birth on but from somewhere in secondary school on. There was no traumatic experience I think.

This is really becoming a torture. I can't drink anything when I'm going out with other people because there is always one of the group coming along when I go to the toilets.
When I am in university I always sneak off and go to an unoccupied toilet. (Luckily there always is one in my university).
When I was in the military I also somehow managed to only pee when I was alone.

Please some med students, I need help. How can I overcome this? I really try and I take my time people come and go and I'm just standing there for 15 or more minutes....
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I have this too, fuck.
This happened to me in highschool, around 10th grade. Not sure how it started, but it did.
Luckily, I got a girlfriend a few years back and eventually, got comfortable enough to pee near her, but she couldn't directly look until I had started. After that it was fine.
I can't START to pee with people nearby, but mid-pee I can. I don't get it. I don't see the fucking reason.
Have this too. I can get it to a trickle before it completely squeezes shut again.

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women are shit.png
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Why do all women deeply crave to be abused and degraded?

Why are they completely unable to admit this true desire?

Why are women completely and utterly unable to forgive any kind of emotional warmth, or weakness, from men?

Let's hear some non-meme opinions in this thread.
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idk but I hope it's actually true I really want to abuse and degrade women, khv though unfortunately
not all women want the same things

there are men who want to be abused and degraded just like women who want to be abused and degraded

Different people have different tastes. Autism prevents you from understanding this.

Because naturally it should be the male that is dominant in the relationship.
The whole male attractivness thing is based on how masculine/able he looks, if he is a twink then no woman will go for him but if he is 6ft tall and has massive muscles women are going to go for him.

On the female attraction spectrum skellies are at the very bottom and fat lards are just above them because they're more likely to win a fight against anyone than a skelly. And muscular males are at the top and men with muscular bodies AND muscular faces are at the very top.

Your personality doesn't matter to women, your masculinity does.

Anyone doing this?
How's progress coming along?
What device are you using, if any?
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I'll bump you op, I'm curious to know about foreskin restoration too
Can't really be done unless someone figured out how to regrow nerves using stem cells.
It is too late, anon. Your glans are already dried out. You will never have a beautiful uncircumcised penis. You got cucked by the jews

show me your cum stains
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Youre a cum stain
>that means remove yourself from existencion.
>fucking normie reee
dumb namefag

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What's your favorite fast food sandwich to fuck? For me it's the McChicken.
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This is some top quality shilling, finally a shill who understands us
McFuck your self
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also obligatory pic related

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So, what do you friend think ?

Is it better to love or lose or to not love at all ?
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Its better to have loved and lost than never loved at all. It hurts more than the sense of brooding isolation that accompanies the alternative when you do lose it, but that only makes the good times of the past stronger.

We all deserve a little peace in this life, but you have to understand that even if you find it you'll eventually lose it. That's why you've got to appreciate shit and actively pursue a better life. Avoiding the entire process is tragic because you've spared a temporary biting pain for a constant dulling pain. You deserve better.
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It has been a year now, more than a year, and I still doubt if it's better to love and lose than to not love at all.

She was my first proper love. First girl that made me feel like love is something that actually exists.

Never before have I met somebody that felt so selflessly about me.

She was my little wonder, and all that is fucking gone.

I miss being in her room, sitting on her bed with my back against the wall, her legs around my waist, and we'd just make stupid noises at eachother, I'd kiss her forehead and she'd trace her fingers through my hair, rain outside on a chilly September evening, the mix cds we made for eachother when we were just friends, softly playing in the background.

Never again will I be able to smell her on my clothes after meeting her, for days, that weird mix of grass, fresh laundry and something peppery and spicy. Never again I'll feel her cuddle up against me on those nights we slept naked, never again will she tell me "you feel like home, *anon*". Never again will we bake together. Never again will I have my best friend back.

I miss her, lad. I miss how I had a plan, a goal, when I was with her. I miss how I knew that we'll make things work, no matter what. I miss feeling like somebody out there has your back. I miss how she was the first person I could be myself around. I miss how I was the only one she ever felt comfortable around with sex stuff. I miss how soft her body, I miss her hair and her eyes and her hands, and her back, and her neck and her nose and the triangle beauty spots on her left cheek, and and her smile and the way her breathing got heavier and heavier when I started running my hand all over her. I miss rainy afternoons, sunny mornings, snowy nights with her.

I miss my best friend.

I got so fucked up after all this shit that after a couple of months I got a tattoo of a soundwave of a voice message from her.

*good night, qt, I love you*
what happened?

you're making me feel feels I didn't know existed

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Why does this girl have bags under her eyes?
Does she have some kind of disease?
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lots of people have them, maybe from lack of sleep or allergies. also I haven't seen her posted here in a while
She's a Jew. She have to count all her shekels all night she earned during the day. She's veeeery tired
Because she's Jewish. Almost all Jewish women have eyebags, it's hereditary

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I've only every met 3 girls that were willing to go on dates with me, and given my introverted behavior it is incredibly difficult to meet woman. Recently I met someone who i really liked and we went on some dates a couple of months ago

Heres the issue:
firstly, she's still attending university and has a year left to go (i graduated last year). secondarily, after hardcore social media stalking its appears as though she is a major sjw. Thirdly, she's by far the most attractive girl who has ever had any interest in me and is genuinely very pretty, but I question the quality of character because she can dress pretty slutty on occasion

the thing is we get along really well and actually have similar interests. It also helps that she's moderately intelligent. I kinda already called things off for the time being a couple months ago, but I really cant stop thinking about her. Im worried that I've squandered an opportunity and desperately want to continue going on dates.

should I try and continue to keep things going with her?
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go for it anon. some women just pretend to be sjws for social acceptance.
>major sjw
Nope, I wouldn't. No matter how beautiful, no dice.
don't do it anon, one day you'll walk in on her sucking Jamal amd she'll tell you to not slutshame her

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/chadfishing thread/

Should I just completely ignore her or insult her in 5 words?
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Fuck you you roastie bitch.
Dont chadfish guys. I've been in love for over two years now because I was chadfishing
Fuck me in the ass


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cant stop it.jpg
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>WW3 is about to start
>tfw I supported Donald because I didn't want WW3
>tfw it didn't matter

You know, I kinda feel an extreme sadness that no matter what, you're fucked. Anyone else feel the same? It's not even the betrayal anymore, it's just that this sense that there really was nothing we could do.

Damn, I just didn't want it to end, ya know? I still wanna play my vidya games.
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>implying our generation will fight to die for our politicians , even under the threat of draft and incarceration

No man i was expecting ww3 it was coming for a long time.. sometimes shit must hit the fan..
you underestimate the gullibility of the right wing

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Another day, another roachie that falls right under my thumb.
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That is pretty rude desu
Tell me what you did, OP.
oregano mamano

What's for dinner robots 04/10
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Ma's making tacos
dat giant burrito

anyway dunno what are you shilling 4loko or albertos food
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Ramen Noodles and Beach Cliff sardines
>tfw living the minimalist life

File: 1491849292367.png (345KB, 645x911px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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tfw no pacific northwest bf
Come on I know one of you gays must live around here
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hmu bae l4g famalam
Perfect taste
Marry me
Drop some info desu yo

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